China Android tablet pc

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China Android tablet pc

Postby nali123 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:12 am

China Android tablet pc
IDC is expected in the fourth quarter of this year will be the best selling tablet pc a quarter, tablet pc shipments will reach 23.6 million, more than 25% of the Ramos W13 tablet PC shipments this quarter, and at the same time, more than 2010 years of about 18 million Taiwan tablet pc total shipment.IDC has two consecutive quarters raised year 2011 Aocos N19 tablet pc shipments of expectations, from previous 53.5 million sets rise to 62.5 million sets, and now it has once again raised to 63.3 million units. However, the third quarter of the tablet pc shipments a prior estimate of 19.2 million sets IDC low 5%.The third quarter, all the Android superpad3 flytouch x220 tablet pc manufacturers are poor performance. Samsung electronic market share is 5.6%, shipments of about 1 million units. HP market share for 5% of the tablet pc, shipments for 903000 sets. RIM's PlayBook tablet pc shipments for 199000 sets, the market share of 1.1%. The other 5 million sets of Android tablet pc shipments from many other manufacturers.In the wheat said: "I expect that to the fourth quarter, apple will set a new track record."In the wheat and that, 2012 cube 10gt2 tablet pc market will change greatly, and the iPad will face new competition situation. He said: "we will see, apple products are not accept consumer market, especially in the enterprise and the education market."starzmart
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