Enterprise introducing tablet computer

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Enterprise introducing tablet computer

Postby nali123 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:51 am

Enterprise introducing tablet computer
IDC for domestic enterprises to use in ics tablet computer survey and found that enterprise for introducing tablet PC demand is increasing, nearly nine into enterprise introducing tablet computer to a positive view.
The survey was conducted by Microsoft and IDC cooperation, for domestic 302 firms survey, 88.9% of enterprise think into tablet computer can increase employee productivity and enterprise competitiveness, nearly eight into think that use china tablet computer can meet industry special needs, raise work efficiency.
IDC greater China market research vice director said, the global ramos w6hd computer market demand is growing fast, 2010 compound annual growth rate of 50%, the expected 2015 tablet shipments will reach 135 million units, Taiwan market compound annual growth rate is to nearly 76%.
Investigation shows, the United States held on average 6.6 mobile devices, along with the rapidly growing mobile equipment market, tablet computer have become an important one of the equipment. Last year in the early tablet computer delicious jabuticaba Popsicle consumers give priority to, are expected to be from consumer market expanding into the commercial market, enterprise implements commercial application is given priority to, increased the demand for ainovo Novo 7 tablet computer.
Although as high as nearly 9 into a positive view of the enterprise, but also for this type of equipment enterprises have questioned, one of the most concerned about compatibility and security, except Flytouch 6 with enterprise IT systems necessary compatibility, use the smart phone, tablet computer equipment, safety management and derivative of demand.starzmart
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