Kim Min allies and enemies will be able to do a de

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Kim Min allies and enemies will be able to do a de

Postby niu4s29ob » Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:12 am

Kim's character is the smell, never in contact with condolences to Kim Dae-jung Kim South Korea's death. and Korean diplomatic envoys have also mourning grief by knocking the door of a local Korean Embassy.
according to Yonhap news agency, North Korean diplomats recent spate of overseas visit to South Korea Embassy, ​​to Set in the museum hall of Kim Dae-jung had to offer condolences. First, the DPRK ambassador to Britain, Chi Cheng called 21 South, expressed willingness to visit the Korean Embassy, ​​to offer condolences, and a suite with access to a condolence. Tsz Ambassador condolence book wrote, to the hall in the museum had to offer condolences. An Hee Korean ambassador to South Africa is on the 21st visit to China in the local embassy, ​​the museum's hall for the condolence. Hee wrote on the condolence book is news of the death of former President Kim Dae-jung the occasion, and survivors in this condolences to the enemy. Although the enemy has died, but his national reconciliation and reunification to establish the merits, so that we never will be unforgettable. , Laoqin that the Korean version of the poem Lu Xun should be changed to the asphalt rubble on the ground, with open arms embraced the Korean leader Kim Jong Il, the excitement of the U.S. media played on television his words: words instead of with a huge heart. That year, Kim has 76 years of age, his
Subsequently, the two sides have held a ministerial-level talks, talks with Secretary of Defense, Red Cross talks, economic cooperation and military talks,hair weaving, and in August and November that year for a continuous inter-Korean separated family reunion visits in the same year on September 15,best hair extensions, the two Koreas also jointly attended the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games. tension on the Korean peninsula, so there has been unprecedented ease, Kim also won that year's Nobel Peace Prize.
undeniable,celebrity hair extensions, Kim Dae-jung administration in five years, the North-South relations have made remarkable improvement and development, both sides have strengthened contacts and exchanges,hair extension supplies, but also in economic cooperation has taken solid steps. History will record, for the Kim Dae-jung inter-Korean relations have made indelible contributions.
why Kim Dae-jung won the Nobel Peace Prize Laoqin summed up, he is the Korean peninsula none other than medium and large.
more if Kim Dae-jung's eulogy to sum up in place, probably should read: Kim Dae-jung's life in the struggle with dictatorship and tyranny, committed to the democratization process in the Korean Peninsula, he was brave champion of democracy and human rights fighters, although Kim repeated the threat posed to the persecution and even death, but he always like the exactly 30 years, ending South Korea's authoritarian system, to achieve a Korean political democratization. Is this all is not Kim Dae-jung's annexation, not military provocation, the pursuit of peaceful coexistence, which is not policy is a long-term persistence of the DPRK's money, not spend a son of a bitch, do not take no gray, just do not change color.
Kim, what is this attitude? a word, everything left to history to answer it, we're old does not matter, I do not believe you Kim can be quite 30 years does not change color.
just by chance saw the May 25, 2009 Kim notes.
Korea's second nuclear test has been very mixed feelings.
absolute tolerate such acts.
but the attitude of President Barack Obama is a great pity.
different expectations with North Korea, he has been released in the policy toward the DPRK without delay.
he has been very concerned about Afghanistan , Pakistan, and expressed the hope that with Iran, Syria, Cuba to improve relations between Russia and the idea, but it happens no mention of North Korea.
this immature approach led to North Korea's nuclear test force to attract the attention of the United States
Through this diary, we see Kim Dae-jung is not Obama's rebuke of the United States: Although you are a U.S. president, but how the DPRK ; is a long-term project,hair extension glue, not instant success, but can not rely on speculation, to put long-term suspended fish.
had a dream last night, dream of Kim Dae-jung is on the phone warning do not think I can die in exchange for peace in the Korean peninsula,hair extensions for short hair, which is impossible, because the Related articles:

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