circulator pump, Cleaning staff apt work family ap

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circulator pump, Cleaning staff apt work family ap

Postby lpype106 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:33 am

Licheng Han

undergoing from leukemia, Shimonoseki district cleaner neither a aid to the community, with no relatives to borrow money. He chose the access it seems a bit extreme: go home noiselessly waiting.
bothering thing namely that agreeable folk sent to the Internet. Forum, there has been a The caption of this shocking caused concern of many users
waste collection Wang made a post

Come Help the cleaning staff conversation of the town?
Posted along demanding apt receive waste for a alive always daytime with the cleaning staff have to knob with. Just ahead that, waste collection,avenue while he inadvertently academic good-looking terms with his chat of the town of cleaning staff suffering from leukemia, suddenly anxious, Internet for assistance This gives us a better environment sanitation workers wish Nanjing Sanitation Bureau as assistance we put this attach as a lifetime of hard work people pluck backward from death's you have to support him. He namely a customary waste collection Rehe Road zone,approach the cleaning staff are quite versed with him. So much cleaner, the chat of the town namely one of his maximum willing to knob with.
friendship of two men,ceiling fan capacitor,, had to begin with from the beginning of last daily At that duration the old village Rehe Gang to do cleaning, there happens to be Amy's Usual,picked up the carton, Shuiping Zi up all chat of the town, from period apt period Wang ambition be apt take away. One to two to the two on the familiar
Li is readily took the money, plus a These are let into the line for much years Amy felt very moved
along with Wang as anxious dwellers of New River Village.always their duties,easy Oh. The eggs can not bear apt eat

hear his full nominate Licheng Han, this annual it was 47 years old kin surrounded rustic Hubei Huanggang City. Before that, he managed with his wife, Hayward has been depending aboard farming as a living With two sons born surrounded succession, the family daytime passes are likewise more plus more complicated they either came apt Nanjing. They have done disinfection protection workers, porters, finally coming off the streets off the foot region Rehe, as here, the cleaning staff. The dry, that is 7 years.
Lao Li's home: 4 square meters of free basement

chat of the town with his wife lived within Qingjiang Xiyuan of a basement. This house only four square meters large that namely their family Bed occupied half the apartment plus a cabinet a preside put this house mattered full apt the brink - this is residential property plus give cleaner free living residence Despite the poor condition of Old Lee feel Henzhi Zu.
because surrounded recent years, two sons,one then another went apt academy chat of the town's burden is even greater. So he made the request,compression fitting,, a person's job apt stir up two folk New River Village is responsible for more than 30 blocks of residential buildings and surrounding open space of the cleaning cleanup. This can get twice wages, a total of an,700 yuan.4 am each day he got up apt begin the.
immediately,chat of the town's oldest son just graduated from academy never apt find a job; small son was a freshman.
talk of the town of Disease: a terminal illness only a nine-day hospital linger

base sick alternatively something last October. At that period he thought it was guilty of the old paunch they bought some inexpensive abdomen Unexpectedly apt the annihilate of December, the condition actually worsened plus began dizziness,brass check valves,,thighs face still swollen. Can go to the hospital he insisted, until persuaded by the community adviser understand the talk of the town's situation, January 16,chat of the town and finally to the hospital as a detailed inspection. When the with easy luggage retarded into the hospital. Can only live for nine days, he insisted the hospital: eggs

hospitalized nine days, spent a perfect of more than 2700 yuan of money. Indeed,chat of the town to cost the money,2 corner of eggs. His wife said that since the ailment has been chat of the town, eat by kin as usual cabbage,clutch disc,, radish, .
as her husband's She murmured: tissue donation. However, several hundred thousand greenbacks for the cost of the treatment of leukemia, the strength of a community is quite finite If you are willing,circulator pump,,beguile help the helpless father.
Readers,whether you are willing apt help conversation of the town,acquaint donations apt the emulating account; In addition, you can call the hotline 96060 Express. We discern forward apt your assistance
Name: Nanjing Red Cross

account: 4301010809001059519

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank into Yin Street branch

reminder: Remittances can be handled amid any bank. The list namely a public list of the Nanjing Red Cross,please remittance,to the bank, ask as Express correspondent Shen Xiaowei txt / photo
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