but I hope not blindly seek foreign

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but I hope not blindly seek foreign

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Hotel industry gave birth to the fierce market competition, the hotel management system development and management changes under management, brand management, franchising and other models appear to achieve the separation of management and ownership, to promote state-owned hotel is no longer confined to state-owned, private Hotel reduced the shackles of family management, the nature of hotel business have gradually come to the market at the same time, the international brand hotel management groups are able inroads into the Chinese market. It can be felt, the hotel management is gradually to the market, international, multiple directions, the tuition fees. or not to hire a professional hotel management company? which hotel or at what stage of cooperation with the management company? not to bring in international brand management group? if introduced, should have what conditions? owners how to avoid the risk or good cooperation with the management side? how to maximize the role of the management company? hh these questions are worthy of our in-depth analysis in this paper on the following aspects were discussed.
A professional hotel management company output management Features
If hotel owners discretionary professional hotel management companies, the relationship between them both the management, there is a relationship between management and managed the same time, they have been hired with employment relations, these relations , more of interest. bilateral cooperation has the following characteristics:
(1) brand influence is essential. a hotel management company's brand strength is the output of a brand hotel with its management,Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags, you can quickly open up the market enhance the visibility it has proven experience and professional management team, accept the management of natural and other hotels there as it's only when there is some management projects move to its professional managers, which is the team get closer, there is no professionalism at all.
(2) The company sent managers to manage projects directly affect the success or failure. there is nothing, management ability of the company sent executives how, experience how the strength of its management team and structure directly related to the success of the project and if it is sent by a qualified person only department manager, the manager may lack the comprehensive management; if the manager is sent just switched from other hotel management companies, then there may be the phenomenon. opened at the beginning, in order to expand their business, the management company will send a strong management team, but to manage the late straighten out the relationship between hotel management companies in order to save costs, personnel change after another was sent to a new project , while leaving only a general manager at the same time, more project management companies, big stall, and sometimes difficult to send the best of a project manager.
Thus, the management company is not a big Project management will definitely succeed the project success factors in addition to what the management company sent managers, there are a matter of great importance to the project the international brand hotel management company is also roughly the same, the face of rapid development of the domestic hotel industry to send to understand Chinese culture, familiar with the characteristics of Chinese managers restaurant business is often very little.
(3) is the primary measure of operating efficiency. hotel management companies, if continued loss, or benefit is not obvious, it may seriously affect their cooperation. efficiency is the basis for poor performance, the owners will ask, ) also affects the strength of the owners manage the project implementation. management is a cost, which requires the owners to bear; the same time, the operator returns generally take a long time, so if there are no other primary industries, hotels and in bank loans The main building, the landlord may bear management costs. On the contrary, some group owners and strength, did not care how many hotels can earn, and requires only a brand or loss on the line, for example, some real estate wealth, can pay big bucks to hire foreign big management companies. Clearly, the management company is also very willing to cooperate with such owners.
(5) management project management company with headquarters in the city where the factor is the distance between this problem seems small, but because of the cost of management and sending personnel involved in the stability, so the distance will produce completely different results.
Second, the professional hotel management company to hire the timing and conditions for operation and management options
needs according to , hotel owners or the board to hire a professional management company involved in business or discretionary management, general objectives, tasks and be based on environmental conditions, at the right time to make a choice.
1, according to different periods for different choices
(1) during the planning stage to the opening of one or two years, hire a professional hotel management company is necessary because the opening, many restaurant owners do not understand for the preparation of the hotel's target market, building structure and functional layout, interior design, etc. need to locate, require professional design and planning the same time, build hotels need to purchase a large number of facilities, equipment, management company early intervention, can draw on their expertise and experience to help owners solve these problems, detours, for future business lay a good foundation. In addition, after the opening of new hotels need to run-in period.
for new hotels, if they manage, you need to train managers and their teams, and explore the establishment of management models and systems, their own brand. Obviously, this approach takes a long time, can not quickly open market from outside the hotel to hire a professional management company or brand franchise, in addition to the introduction of professional management in the business, the owners also can take advantage of the rapid expansion of its brand awareness, bringing brand. In addition, the use of the management company's marketing network can also attract some tourists.
(2) years after the opening of some hotel, business management, he also encountered many problems, would like to use outside the hotel management to further enhance the management level, this according to the needs and circumstances, do a decision, for example in the second transformation, or to star ratings, the need to enhance the management level, may decide to introduce professional management, the introduction of advanced management concepts, to establish scientific and standardized management model.
2, depending on the conditions make different choices
(1) whether to hire professional management companies, owners must consider whether the conditions restaurants, mainly restaurants where the city's market conditions, if competitive market, prices do not increase, or the market is small, local consumption is low, turnover is limited, then the owners will be difficult to afford the overhead, because the management company's annual turnover and operating profit from the extract a certain percentage of management fees, management salaries, and benefits also will increase operating costs.
(2) If a hotel is no shortage of professional talent, management, not a very big scale, and have a good location, good operating conditions, the owner or not to hire a professional management company if the owners do not have power to hire professional management company , you can use other methods.
first hotel to hire professionals to manage, that contract owners and professional managers by professional managers to form a cabinet, the establishment of a management team for hotel management, is also very common, this mode low overhead, great flexibility, but this way the manager's personal qualities are higher, and can hire a good manager is the key to the same time, due to lack of system support, management may not be systematic, more appropriate for a small hotel. In addition, because both parties in the selection, good managers will quit, some owners were often multiple choice, only to find the favorite manager.
second collaboration with the same grade hotel. This cooperation mode, the model can have a direct reference, there are ready-made base can be trained to achieve resource sharing, cooperation, management costs are more flexible.
Third, should choose what kind of cooperation and partnership
on cooperation and collaboration management company, in addition to discretionary management, you can also consider the selection of consultants management, consulting management, brand chain, investment management or franchise in different ways. certain angle, hire hotel Choose a professional management company is operating partner or strategic partner.
if large-scale investment in new hotels, its own limited financial resources, you can choose to carry out the management of investment management companies with funds to implement the management, profit-sharing. so, you can increase the management side of operating pressure and responsibility, risks are worried. Similarly, if the hotel building to half of the shortage of funds, you can also choose this way.
span if the industry, the owners fully understand their hotel management, business strategy need some advice, you can choose regular or consultant management consulting management. This approach provides flexibility.
many group owners have a strong power, but they do not want to get involved in specific energy management hotel management did not want to someone to help daily operations, so off came to improve the main business, or to powerful combination, with brands to create social, image, etc., these can be considered discretionary brand management.
increase in the face of new projects, new of market development, major business strategy adjustment can also be entrusted to the management consulting companies designed to manage.
as the owners belong to the hotel industry, but (at the project site) the influence of the smaller brands, in order to rapidly expand the market, improve awareness, through the calculation, you can pay the fee to use the brand to join a hotel brand, the implementation of brand chain management.
on partners in the hotel industry, any hotel can have the ability to output management, as not to manage the company's economy, the French Sofitel Accor Group have to ibis and other 15 brands, Starwood has nine, there are nine Hilton Obviously, only the clear characteristics of the selected brand and positioning, in order to achieve effective cooperation.
in the choice of management partner, you have chosen a brand of a group's decision to introduce the management of your grade and characteristics, because each brand's core values ​​and management requirements, quality of service is completely different. A few years ago, the domestic high-end individual luxury hotel is built, has also hired a group of international brand management, but used the Group's third-rate brand, star rating in the country thus, it encountered to the foreign judges insist on low-end brand of domestic high-star awkward questions.
hotel owners through the practice of cooperation, often will find much to be desired, then replace the management company, and some even changed several , and each time the cooperation is not long. either because managers are not satisfied, some believe that operational efficiency is not satisfactory, and some companies do not find hired professional, etc. which for many reasons, the most important owners or management company in the choice of the stage there is blindness.
which, for the hotel group's brand philosophy and values ​​are recognized and accepted that the owners need to seriously consider one of the factors. The key must seriously consider, see if you can accept this philosophy, and not wait until after disagreements affect the hotel business.
side management concept for the hotel development; the same time, the management also has the same type of restaurant management experience, both have the ability to achieve the stated objectives; management side of the brand positioning, business positioning accuracy, business strategy for the market environment; property owners afford the associated costs.
Therefore, in determining the co-operation before the hotel owners to cooperate fully understand their own and understand each other. Select Management Partners, the owner may wish to go about the management company has worked with restaurants, such as breaking up reasons, the current situation, the management company's background characteristics and long term, with or without a good management team, etc. At the same time, owners should also be aware of the management company's values, brand culture, including the geographical and cultural background; In addition, owners also to define their need to solve the problem, he is a careful analysis of what kind of business, what kind of owners are, with what kind of market environment, in order to determine in what way and which co-partners the best.
example, in remote town of Grand Hotel, in addition to low levels of consumption, limited market size, the bigger problem is difficult to retain good management talent, if the owners want to introduce this high-end brand management company must be careful. another example, some Hotel is located in the tourist areas,Coach Rings, have introduced the brand's hotel management business, is clearly not appropriate in these circumstances, even if the owners and then strong capital strength, further encouraging the local government, property owners should also be carefully considered.
In addition, select Management Partners is a mutual selection process. the owners spend lots of money is not always the good management of the company, please come because good management company is not necessarily interested in some cooperation projects, some of the hotel market and profit ability to reach its requirements, or it has a better selection of objects.
4, for the introduction of international brand hotel management should have a correct understanding of
1, to reduce blindness.
introduced international brand hotel management can bring brand, source efficiency, which in a higher degree of internationalization, market environment a good first-tier cities or cities with independent planning, capital cities as well as economic and trade development of the city is particularly evident. access to advanced management concepts useful for standard management, but the owners must market according to their ability to accept other circumstances to be weighed.
many local governments as to whether the introduction of international brands to improve the investment environment or the local building a major tourist destination indicators; the same time, a phenomenon exists in the industry, some owners, especially real estate in the pipeline built hotel, regardless of market conditions and geographical location, must be seems alone could reflect the international, professional, brand, can be regarded as first class in fact, employ foreign hotel management is not without risk.
reasons contributing to this phenomenon may have two, one national brand of domestic Hotel Management Group is still relatively weak, there is no strong influence. Second, the existence of domestic hotel owner blindness (which is the main reason). In recent years, the international top 10 hotel groups have many big names have successfully entered the economically developed provinces in China. Why, because Qian Haozhuan of course, they make money, we pay his tuition, nothing wrong, but I hope not blindly seek foreign, but also hope that our national brand to grow up early, it can take the country!
2, the international brand hotel group in China is making any money?
ask, why is the international brand hotel group in China, almost all direct wholly-owned hotel built it? in addition to other Shangri-La Hotel Group, the acquisition or construction of hotel investment in the Shares The Hotel Group are very few and they mostly just output management. Do they not optimistic about the hotel industry in China market? is that they have no confidence in the Chinese market? Yes or no money to invest in strong management ability is not it? they do not want When the owner? maybe not. The most important reason is because only the output of operational risk management is not able to take money! they really understands how to avoid the risk, make the easiest money! brand is their most important magic weapon.
3, the international brand hotel group most worthy of our study areas
foreign brand management group there are many things worth learning, learn from one of the most worthy is its advanced management concepts, including philosophy, the service concept; Second, they attach great importance to brand building and the use of brand culture; third is the rigor of their work, such as standards development, market analysis, strictly regulated process, pay attention to the number of words, etc. In addition, foreign management does not take into account the human and interpersonal not involved in personnel confused things.
4, bilateral cooperation to overcome the cultural differences
to accept foreign management is the most important issues to consider cultural differences, for example, foreign marriage in the church,Designer Handbags On Sale, and Chinese people in the canteen where the marriage is, so will attention auspicious wedding behind the huge business opportunities for the hotel is very important; Similarly, if do not understand for the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake will be difficult to understand the culture of public relations etiquette role, it is impossible to use a network of channels to create a huge moon cake sales.
following is a co-cultural differences in both common examples:
(1) In addition to focusing on institutional management, hotel pay more attention to foreign human-oriented management, and we may be mixed in many human-oriented things, for example, foreign general manager is generally not carrying his glass into the box for you to engage in public relations; foreign management staff canteen is often still cola, fruit juice, etc. drinks provided, and so on, the cultural differences between Chinese and foreign parties will lead to many management problems.
(2) Foreign managers often ignore the quality of hotel staff or guests and foreign differences, or lack of knowledge of this difference , so its management is often unrealistic for example, a hotel manager to cancel the foreign relatives of employees to temporary staff quarters, provision must be charged as a result, this was a lot of friends as the hotel staff, did not find a job in Prior to live here, this very idea of ​​the owners, so a contradiction.
(3) In many cases, the foreign general manager will often proposal, because he must perform our brand standards.
(4) When the hotel needs with local police, fire, environmental protection, price, street departments when dealing with foreign general manager of communication is generally difficult to come forward, which must still be vice president or by the Chinese side on behalf of hotel owners to be responsible for, the owners need to understand this point.
(5), general manager of the foreign language tend to attach importance to good management personnel to use those, because it is easy to communicate, and communication to produce more trust, thus, may ignore other foreign language a little less, but the hotel management is very capable people.
(6) general manager for foreign participation in domestic rating star hotel is basically not interested, because they think they already have a set of brand management services specifications and standards, there is no need to introduce domestic star service standards and requirements.
5, the introduction of international brands to consider cost
foreign hotel management companies generally use hotel Industry uniform accounting system (currently updated to the tenth edition), which is generally a certain percentage of revenue by extracting the basic management fee, and under the operating margin (GOP) to extract a certain percentage of management incentive fees, but exclude depreciation expense is not The gross operating income or operating beyond this point is different from the national accounting standards in this case, even if hotel does not have any profit, the owners have to pay the basic management fee, so many owners may not understand their own hard-earned hotel the profits have not paid the bank interest, not to mention depreciation, have a part to the management side points.
Another important point is the continue to package their own, need to upgrade or maintain the brand, its brand more valuable, so natural to increase the expenses, the owners want to save the money he is willing, no one knows as effective as incandescent, five thousand dollars more than a two thousand comfortable mattress, daily change of bed linen per passenger than to replace the warm hh > Again, according to the domestic industry practices, the management company sent executives are considered employees of the owners, the owners should pay the salary costs associated Generally presence of an international brand hotel group general manager of the year the wages are 30 times more than ordinary people, annual wage of a foreign manager can support more than 10 front-line employees. the introduction of international brand owners need to consider all aspects of the cost.
the same time, the signing of the contract, the foreign management company's contract will come up with a lot of foreign language file to be recognized by the owners, very detailed and complicated, if the owners do not pay attention may suffer, so the owners hire a professional with experience in the hotel industry lawyer to review.
five, how to be a good owner to hire a professional hotel management in
the company's cooperation, there is a problem of how to be a good owner, because cooperation is a mutual thing, the owner is often a mistake is not assured, arbitrary intervention, does not endorse, operate heavy and light management.
The following are the owners should pay attention to several aspects:
(1) to a correct understanding of the conflict management and managed. managers must exercise their rights, because management is often a kind of control or restraint. owners to position itself when the hotel has owners of multiple shareholders, in addition to major decisions, the owners generally do not interfere with management.
(2) know how to monitor the management side in the signing of the management contract to develop a reasonable, specific operational indicators and management indicators, assessment of the management side, to know how to encounter, such as, property owners retain the right to approve the appointment of general manager and owner representative of the power of appointment, the annual operating budget of the right of approval, the approval of large payments the right to specific issues such as the right, the other issues due possible decision-making and implementation by the Management Company the owner can also hire on behalf of the owners to help manage side management.
(3) a reasonable dispute settlement mechanism. When there is doubt the owners of the management proposal, but that does not allow the other party at the mercy When can the experts, peer consultation and diagnosis.
(4) When confronted with hotels do not make money, do not completely negate the management side, because the operating results are affected by many factors when poor performance, they do not reject the necessary investment management fees, because management needs cost effective management can create the potential benefits.
(5) should employers do not doubt. are mostly dominated by the owners to arrange their own friends procurement, financial power, nothing wrong, but some owners also often direct unbalanced manager of the problem, unauthorized overrun in hearings, affecting the general manager of the functions of play.
(6) have a withdrawal mechanism, such as the management company can not achieve the assessment objectives in the short term can not be corrected, the owner may pass through the appropriate procedures for dismissal of general manager or even lift the company's cooperation with management.
In short, the professional hotel management company for the hotel industry group, brand, professional development played a bridge role management companies and owners to encounter the actual problem is the rapid development of the domestic hotel industry to mature through the inevitable hope these issues can be the concern of industry peers and in-depth research to promote the healthy development of the hotel industry. (Tourism Industry Management Department, Zhejiang Province, Wang Xiaobo)
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