he makes his own way

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he makes his own way

Postby jacky8554 » Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:36 am

On so many big-name DJ from the UK to visit the Shanghai mm
Hugo that the new field constantly opening and continued to visit the big natural with a certain causal relationship is more important is that Shanghai's rapid economic growth will bring more opportunities will inevitably promote Shanghai to become the focus of world attention. Of course, China's party culture for the standard model of Western culture for the party, still in its infancy stage, but due to the international environment, have developed rapidly. Naturally, this has become DJ for many big foreign club culture of curiosity and China eager to come into the reasons. However, many in the entertainment and nightlife like a big fuss about the investors, only to look on the introduction of foreign investment in big DJ on an attempt to stand our ground in the bar industry made rapid development, but did not take into account these are invited to the club DJ is consistent with your culture. At this point,Moncler Jackets, Hugo is not very much agree.
on it number of new store openings mm
That is because many people see China's rapid economic development and opportunities brought about money, but Hugo says, is not difficult in Shanghai to open a club, but how to run a club. all these years Hugo has been working to address how the rapid development of the bar, he believed that, in all cities, Shanghai's market is very complex and many new clubs opening is a good thing, because making the party animals have more selection and place, while Hugo is more concerned with these new clubs operating as music director, he was planning his own club music style, consistently adhere to their own choice, must be around the impact of popular fashion.
Hugo selection criteria mm
Needless DJ doubt, the quality of music is preferred, whether it is House, Techno or Electro genre, Hugo the primary criterion for selection is the DJ, the DJ professional. Hugo many years in this industry, has long been the industry's most well-known DJ,Coach Outlet, but when he need to ask them to DJ, he will still listen to their latest version of the disc, to see whether their current style of music is the type of immediate need. Hugo is doing their own work was very fortunate, because he loves electronic music, working every day so they can come into contact with the music, so his work is always maintained an unparalleled passion and vitality.
DJMag Hugo's world rankings for what it means mm
Hugo that comes to DJ music, must not fail to mention the British DJMag. the authority of this famous DJ will be named the world's DJ magazine's annual ranking, which DJ's DJ industry has also been recognized as Since the end of each of the one hundred largest UK DJMag voted DJ Top, directly making electronic music for everyone to become more easily accepted by the mainstream music and cognition, but the so-called vote, with a total of only 200,000 votes, really have the right to vote only a small number of world club culture-loving people (do not represent the will of most of the world) for a lot of DJ who can enter the DJMag hundred big DJ got voted Top DJ circles as the Gold Cup the same. into the DJMag voted DJ Top of Baida, which means a DJ industry Investors bar DJ's standards just because a number of votes than the other DJ's DJ DJ is to identify how absurd in Shanghai, can achieve a real sense of the public vote were a minority and if you visit a website called Myspace view network version of the DJ list, you will find if you have thousands of knowledge, very few people will now have to determine the blind according to DJ a list, though I will participate in an annual ranking of Baida DJ poll voting, but in my personal a ranking among the one hundred great DJ,Buberry Handbags Outlet, but needless to say that the top ten.
big club DJ is a recipe for success do mm
Hugo definite answer, of course not. Only those who do not know how the club culture of the people think that DJ is a big club success. a club really needs is vitality, is to have its own characteristics, style in order to create a real sense of the good clubs, need all the efforts, rather than one DJ.
save big DJ fatigued patients mm
Hugo never big-name DJ with a passion to mobilize the party animal, he makes his own way, he will invite various styles of DJ over, and even some potential newcomers, with their diversity and high quality music for the club to build a brand culture, inject fresh blood, and in order to mobilize the party animal passion and he is now doing for their own pride, in the future, Hugo DJ will introduce more of the world to Shanghai in the past. we'll see.
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