we found him very early to join the CPC GHD Sale

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we found him very early to join the CPC GHD Sale

Postby x6moncler » Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:17 pm

The third group: lesson we learned, but the bees.
we have seen the first group of problems, suddenly Xiaofan days. ; former mainland people are calling each other comrade, is said to be called a revolution. advantage is that you can use when the projector, you can record things written down.
. They litchi honey, bees have been written, the result becomes the most impressed by the things written out; such as this has always been about the author's style? such as hh you say busy,discount nfl jerseys, I smile to listen, to be honest, I really did not question thought A student suggested: best to ask him to tell us their best. time, we can immediately go read this writer's article.
less than a minute,GHD Sale, one after another voice rang, He wrote it? group and the fourth group of problems are related. After reading your prose to find the Yang Shuo, you can cross-group discussion to see if they can find a common place, and guess what the author really want to say I to 25 minutes to you. br> years of happy life! This class of prose and a lesson you do not say these do? things, not boring you? that allow you to analyze it? Why? Students did not follow the original group, but a bunch of east, west pile together, heated debate, I sit a while in each group,reebok nfl jerseys, and occasionally express their opinions:
? what basis? I want you inside or from the text inside to find the author's other works to support your point of view based on. provides other people reported the views of other groups can not be repeated,nfl jerseys 2012, so each group is trying to find a few more worthy of report findings.
Group report:
our main question is: what authors want to litchi honey to express feelings through what we study several sites on the analysis of this essay, the mainland hopes to find students to master the standard answer (on the basis of several language textbooks, reference materials or reference sites that are the same, so we suspect that this is the standard answer). The answer,nfl jerseys 2012, although they say is not clear, but our conclusion is: litchi honey is a symbol, a symbol of life as sweet as honey using because of litchi fruit lychee is a rare (for Yang Shuo is because he is from Shandong, there is no lychee), while the sweet life needs like a bee hard-working people to create, or brewing, so the author is a tribute to the creation of litchi honey to honey workers,New ghd IV Styler, like life, including a tribute to the character of workers (labor-ray evidence of bees do not ask reward; encounter enemies unanimously; would rather die in the outside is not soiled their own nest, etc.) with other Yang Shuo prose, the last has turned a deaf ear to the article: He saw the peasants working in the field inside, people naturally think of the bees. Finally,New ghd IV Styler, he even dream of turning into a bee, deeper turned a deaf ear. not The reason is because the author is celebrating a new life, honey; bees just a means to implement a new life.
second set of reports:
we want to solve the question: what exactly is the center of the article, we consider The author would like to through this article, ironically,New ghd IV Styler, the government of the Government to do nothing like Royal Jelly,GHD Sale, the worker bees who so desperately to her work, but also for the poor worker bees who do not believe that unpaid work is to create a lychee honey m good life must sacrifice we can see that in the final text, the author intends to invest in the lens of paddy planting in the spring of farmers: the surface is that they are very hard, in fact, people who have lived in Guangdong know when the spring planting paddy water is very,UGG Bailey Button 5803 UGG Boots, very cold, hard fact is that farmers are very miserable,GHD Hair, but the author can not be clearly shown, only implied by this.
third group of Report:
We have a great discovery: the time of this writing the author in 1961, according to our side just to find information online, China was hit by natural disasters, farmers generally lived a very poor life, so-called like a paradise, why would this? the author's life according to our analysis, we found him very early to join the CPC, and the Party School in Yan'an had been a war correspondent. We believe that praise the leadership of the party,UGGs Boots for Cheap, commended the Government The correct policy, has become a part of his career,discount nfl jerseys, he will not and can not reflect the dark side of society,GHD Hair, therefore, we believe that Yang Shuo wrote prose in this period, are false, not true The laid-back, but intends to praise the government's leadership,New ghd IV Styler, which with Lin Yutang, Liang they kind of relaxed, comfortable, Petty-style prose style is completely different.
fourth group report:
our findings is an online comparison of Yang Shuo made after several prose: his prose writing method is relatively stereotyped, nothing changes. you always see a scene,reebok nfl jerseys, and then managed to get into this scene, and in-depth understanding of the story behind the scenery , the last lyric, by the way turned a deaf ear, and that the result is always turned a deaf ear to praise life, ordinary people praise, praise the good leadership of the party. are written in accordance with the format, compared with the mainland writer, Jia's prose changes on a lot more, writing is not as monotonous, but we also want, is not the author intended to write,discount nfl jerseys, so that everyone can see his unique style? such as we learned in Europe. Henry's novel, the end of all his novels is a style,New ghd IV Styler, and no one said he was dull,New ghd IV Styler, boring ah,UGG Classic Short 5825 UGG Boots!
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