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Postby chouq662 » Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:27 pm

Today, Kim's son Kim Jong-un as the third generation of Korean leaders promoted 27 .9 Korean People's Army generals, 28, was elected vice chairman of the Korean Central Military Commission.
Kim Jong-un date of birth: 1983 January 8 of identity: the third son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. Title: North Korea of ​​the WPK Central Military Commission Vice Chairman. rank: Korean People's Army generals.
was studying at Harvard University,UGGs Sale Clearance, now of Northeast Asia situation in the Korean scholar Li Chengxian said,UGGs For Cheap Online, Japan's private sushi chef Kenji Fujimoto,UGGs For Cheap Online, disclose, Kim Jong-un like driving a modified Mercedes - Benz rides close to home, he likes to eat Chinese food and sushi,UGGs Canada online, especially squid and tuna sushi. Kim Jong-un is a sports fan when studying, like the NBA, worship of Michael Jordan, his game is not bad.
can see, Kim Jong-un utterly and other Korean young, westernized life,UGG 5825 Classic Short, but Kenji Fujimoto,UGG Australia, have long predicted that: three sons came good, but childhood can see, Kim Jong-un is most likely to inherit his father's job as North Korea's the body.
according to Confucian tradition, Kim Jong-un should be at his brother Kim, Jong-chol after,UGGs For Cheap Online, but due to historical reasons, Kim has never been favored by Kim Jong Il U.S. Kim's second son Jong-chol lack of courage and determination, too weak, like a girl, and Kim Jong-un is soft on the outside the inside of a person, character relatively strong, is a person who does not easily admit defeat. This is Like his father,UGG 5825 Classic Short, Kim,UGG 5815-5819-5919-5854, so Kim Jong-un to be the best choice.
or young Kim Jong-un has extraordinary physical, often playing basketball with friends, he was responsible for training his teammates,UGGs Canada, after all every game carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages, such as basketball end of the game, Kim Jong-un's brother Kim will encourage all the players say,UGG 5825 Classic Short, period and dribble with the deviation of the way. see his great attention to detail, he also actively participated in the discussion of political issues,UGGs Sale Clearance, shows he has leadership qualities, which by the likes of Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong-un,UGGs Sale, Learning West Berne in Switzerland International College educated in the West to study,UGGs Sale Clearance, like Western entertainment stars,UGG Australia Outlet, is fluent in French and English,UGGs Canada online, etc. These are very rare in North Korea closed, and help him deal with foreign leaders, to understand the West, to avoid occlusion.
Kim Jong-un Resembling his father,UGGs Sale Clearance, especially his grandfather Kim Il Sung,UGG 5815 Classic Tall, which is full of nostalgic feelings will increase the goodwill of the people of North Korea intimacy.
confidant of Kim Jong Il will love the Korean Ministry of Defense Pak general Beijing has promised the Korean people's Army loyal to Supreme Leader of the protection Mangyongdae (Kim home) and lashihai (Korean origin), loyal to our supreme leader. Associated Press interview, said: We are very proud people, to the great President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il, the great leader,UGG 5119 Boots, and now we are very proud to have been the leadership of general Kim Jong-un.
To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Workers' Party Pyongyang 8 evening fireworks display, and Kim Il Sung Square, No. 10,UGG 5825 Classic Short, held a grand parade will be the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un which the young are well known to the world. (Wang Jinsi)
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