for we are long cord teamghd NZ

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for we are long cord teamghd NZ

Postby chouq662 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:35 am

clear up this morn, I opened my eyes the first object, second thing is to dress raiment, the first three things is to look by my factories did not grow up alternatively grow up, I look closely, and thought: Even the shadow of a paperback are not. my mom took me to the third floor books, to the third floor,ghd new zealand, I was shocked! full of books and papers. I base a very agreeable book, shrieked I want to purchase, but there are two conditions; to peruse, we ought introduce this book to others, I now admitted. In truth, my mother like this book! hee hee!
< 3> Saturday, October 15
clear today, the path to school, I saw two curious things! first strange thing, I see it from the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, fly, and I look closely , Oh! is a small dark and yellow striped bee! I do not read, they proceed to shake along in a fruitful leaves of camphor tree and stopped,Moncler Jackets UK, I found on the branches of a team of green stuff I would like to bumper it, suddenly it shake a little, I thought, it is not a caterpillar? I was fearful because I was afraid worms! I kept analytic, I almost forgot to put the material to educate today to see small insects really more!
====================================== ============ ==============
16 Chang-Wei
<1> 10 Monday 17
clear today, and I long rope team classmates in the playground hop long rope, North,ghd NZ, because we are long rope team, we ambition to partake in the emulation, so we train every daytime, but I I do not calculate is the maximum difficult. The most difficult is the refusal of the rope, because they give us not only to melodrama tempo,UGG boot store, but likewise refusal rope, truly hard ah! we ambition with fuel!
<2> 10 Wednesday, January 26
clear today, and I long rope group of students led at volunteer parents, playground set in the North, we began a long rope jumping! long cable, when the first bound, you jump bad team favor the S-shaped, it namely laborious to look! but immediately we are very straight straight! And we ambition not stop it! an minute it can jump 167!
our team really long rope mighty!
========================================== ======== =============
17 Ge are glad
unforgettable fall camp today I got up early, because the educator had to take us to fall camp. to the school, I found namely many students have not come anyhow, the incipient is too excited to early. After a baby, starting a bus we sit I ascertain that we take the automobile like I accustom to take the 303 bus by the way, we are very cheerful, looking forward to obtain there early. the road is blocked is blocked, waiting in a long queue of conveyances, such for a large Long, I think we must walk faster than it.
in the car beneath a bridge, either sides of the wilin the absnece of the wind flying, as if in salute our arrival, we went to the Xiling Indian society, on the first floor, I saw a lot of seals, and a lot of sunny red, like strange stone. tour navigate told us aunt called Many paintings, entire with cilia strokes, and those talents it is too many from the Xiling out, we went to the secluded mound, where there is a huge lawn, and a lake. The teacher said the period to dine, students very happy, because our abdomen already peckish. students fast come up with edible to share, some with a shrimp, and some with the fowl feet, some with the taro, and I had duck feet with you to try I taste,ghd iv mini, I taste you, was so delicious! I also saw in the lake a beautiful pearly swan white swan, some flying, some recess stops on the lake, as well as I do not understand doing.

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