sewage pumps, Father apt care for paraplegic gir

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sewage pumps, Father apt care for paraplegic gir

Postby lpype106 » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:39 am

Yesterday, the Armed Police General Hospital bedside, Wong Fung in his father neat the body. 7 years, Wong Fung has been paralyzed father to care for abrupt falls. The correspondent Wujiang She

(Reporter correspondent Wu Min Wang Kara) one fortuitous fall, a paraplegic father, mother divorce and remarry, 13-year-old girl in Anhui 7 years on end, Wong Fung catch on my father.
4 30, Wong Fung by fellow car to accompany his father to Beijing to see the doctor and bring this to the father and daughter have wheels which peregrination great Banchuang. 9 am yesterday, the Armed Police General Hospital,washing machine valve,, Transplantation of neural stem cells, spontaneous alms of medical staff and she has 2.5 million yuan, Wong Fung was likewise a Sudanese patient's family as the
6-year-old has transform the mainstay of the family

2002 spring, Anhui Bengbu Wuhe of Chih-Jen Huang Huang Cun going in Jiangsu, which deliberately falls occasioned paraplegia. The end of 2003, his wife filed for divorce. 6-year-old Huang Fengcheng the mainstay of the home, a blind person to attach to his father and grandmother.
2008 In May, Wong Fung with his father and grandmother came to Shanghai at bus and transported along bus to the Banchuang when shoving his father meantime apologizing as treatment, left from the bus station to the hospital for 5 days. No money to reside in a hostel, a family of 3 in the asylum beneath bridges. Discussion to have ample money to remedy, the family had to return family. July 2009, Wong Fung saw aboard television the Armed Police General Hospital to remedy a paraplegic, with lent money on, take the fellow's motorcar to attach his father to Beijing to watch the doctor. Because no beds, they returned afresh disappointed.
April 30, Wong Fung's assist in the good-hearted human,DC brushless motors,, once again to Beijing for treatment. Armed Police General Hospital in the story that Wong Fung,engine cylinder heads,, Chih-Jen Huang admitted to hospital exception.
attention physicians deplore a miracle

neural stem compartments Section Main Renan Yi Hua Jieshao, long-term paraplegic patients disposed to pressure ulcers, lung infections and additional complications. However, Chih-Jen Huang did not, visceral test results and blood test results were normal, Condition significantly improved, a few ten days, be dismissed. But then the second lesson of treatment costs and rehabilitation prices need hundreds of thousands.
the face of tall costs, Wong Fung did not tear, her pate bowed, said: p>
Wong Fung: Mom has to phone. The phone did not mention I do, but I would like my mommy.
Beijing News: Wong Fung to catch on my father feel exhausted?
Wong Fung: sometimes a tiny tired, get used to.
Beijing News: father and daughter come to Beijing to treatment,sewage pumps,, what variety of results anticipated?
Wong Fung: I wish my father attach to themselves just fine, I tin take to school. Well first,single phase motors,, my father, I hope to achieve.
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