contenders struck a hawkish tone. They condemned

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contenders struck a hawkish tone. They condemned

Postby greup351 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:52 am

Throughout a forum held in one of the most conservative areas of the country, the GOP contenders struck a hawkish tone. They condemned President Obama's leadership across a wide range of areas, including the Middle East, Afghanistanand relations with China.
The candidates also differed sharply at times, over foreign aid, how to handle Pakistan and whether the interrogation technique known as waterboarding is torture.
But a more compelling human drama was also playing out: Texas Gov. Rick Perry's return to the debate stage three days after committing an unforgettable memory lapse that may go down as one of the worst debate blunders of the television age.
The good news for Perry was that the sequel did not feature anything like his futile fumble for the name of a federal agency he wanted to close.
The governor delivered a forceful defense of "enhanced interrogation tactics," which the Obama administration has suspended, as acceptable when U.S. forces are engaged in conflict.
"For us not to have the ability to extract information to save our young people's lives is a travesty. This is war," Perry said, his voice rising, adding that he would favor such tactics "until I die."
Though the Texan did not appear entirely comfortable with all of the subject matter at the debate, he delivered a solid performance and managed to get off a good line or two about his gaffe.
Moderator Scott Pelley of CBS News, prefacing a question to Perry about nuclear weapons, noted that the governor had advocated eliminating the Department of Energy.
"Glad you remembered it," Perry remarked.Replied Pelley: "I've had some time to think about it, sir.""Me too," the governor shot back, to laughter from the audience.
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