A woman suffer from anorexia who is light than her

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A woman suffer from anorexia who is light than her

Postby bluestone185 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 8:45 am

Can share with daughter clothes is the dream of many young mother. Manchester, England's a mother can not only put on her daughter's skirt, even more than 7 year old daughter lighter. retro jordan shoes sale,However, it has become her nightmare, because, this is all along with her more than 10 years of anorexia gave. At present, engaged in medical secretary job Rebecca with all sorts of soup, toast and functional drinks for a living, although doctors more than once warned she could for lack of nutrition were killed, she still can't eat any other things. Anorexia is to point to a relatively long period of anorexia or disappear symptoms. There are two major kinds of pathological physiological factors: a for local or systemic diseases affect the digestive function, make gastrointestinal smooth muscle tension is low, the digestive liquid secretion decline, of the enzyme activity reduced; The other is the central nervous system by the influence of the external and internal environment stimulate human body, make the adjustment on the digestive function off balance. Anorexia is mental disease, mainly in children to 30 years old of young women, but also has about one over ten of the patients for boys and young men.
Rebecca height 1.55 meters, than his daughter 20 centimeters high, she said: "with Michael west put on the same clothes to bring me the feeling of pride. I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it makes me feel good. I also don't feel thin, total feel more and more fat instead." Rebecca introduced said, her parents divorced when she was eleven, she just from the start after eating disorders. Due to eat excessively to ease to his parents divorced of depression, Rebecca weight inside short time rose to 190 pounds. She said that when she was every day in the school scoff, do not have completely confident, therefore decided to begin to reduce weight. nba jordan shoes online,To 13 years old, she has basically what all don't eat. After the weight plunged, friends start praise her slender figure, and his family did not detect any danger. Rebecca said: "my mother just thought I removed the baby fat. At that time, I was even very happy." In two years, her weight fell to 102 jins, normal physiological cycle was completely disrupted, Rebecca said: "at that time, I was very weak, and is not weakened bed......." 19, Rebecca met are studying at the university of Manchester, the boyfriend, is Michael west's father. Before she always thought that I could not give birth to anorexia and because, until one day, she feel belly someone kicked her feet, inspection results show that, when Rebecca is pregnant 26 weeks. Rebecca said: "I was no way, I am still very thin, weight increased not up, my stomach absorption not anything."nike jordan shoes store, After pregnancy, the doctor forced Rebecca eat chicken to supplement nutrition, also asked her to take vitamin pills, but her stomach seems to be what also absorb. Finally, Rebecca in pregnant with bread and beets compensatory nutrition, weight only long 6 jins. Even so, she was smooth the daughter Michael west real estate, weight of less than 5 pounds.
In the west and Michael dad after break up, Rebecca weight to fall again. At that time, she only a vitamin drink, weight dropped to the current 64 catties. Now, love to eat the cake, potato chips and pizza daughter weight have more than Rebecca. To this, Rebecca said: "I like the daughter to eat the cake, I told her daughter I have diet aspects of the problem, so she know like me are not healthy. I'll never stop her something to eat." A few months ago, medical doctors tell Rebecca, her lack of the content of potassium in the body, it will lead to muscle weakness. The doctor warned her don't increase weight will be a sudden heart attack may. Many British people said, she is a poor mother, people should think of a way to help her, and not just think of her as a legendary vision of the newspaper.
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