Shanghai centenarians students 10 years of funding

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Shanghai centenarians students 10 years of funding

Postby wonn7foiy » Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:58 pm

Nan reported
Evening News reporter rattled the floor, walls mottled gray, dusty stairwell parked bicycles. After years of ups and downs, at the junction of Maoming South Road, Nanchang, Shearer has become outdated dilapidated apartment, pushed open the heavy iron gate, however, can still see it extraordinary - this is a unique style with modern western-style buildings .
down the wide staircase climb the stairs, the hero of this article is the 201 rooms - 103-year-old Tang Li wins the elderly at home, Ronny five children all born here, grew up. Difficult to put such a retirement income of more than 2,000 yuan only 10 years old man with funding 1600 students 'feat' link. He was like, like this old-fashioned apartment, simple rather than obvious.
Recently, the old 103-year-old Tom died of illness, has been funded for many years students and parents bid farewell to the old spontaneously rushed to the soup will be. Old Tom is gone, but his $ 150,000 donation to his wife, named
the couple separated 24 years

soup is old young students with good academic performance. Reporters learned from the Luwan District Education Foundation, Tom Li wins 1931 after graduating from the Beijing College of tax, customs, first in Shanghai, then in Shanghai, Qinhuangdao, Guangzhou Customs office.
1949 in March as one of three representatives of the Chinese customs, Tom Li wins to go to France to participate in China's accession to the GATT negotiations, is a senior expert of China's customs tax area. In September, Tom Li wins back to Customs headquarters in Guangzhou report. Liberation former Deputy Commissioner of Customs in Guangzhou, Guangdong's foreign trade after the teacher cadre office until retirement in 1972 to settle back to Shanghai.
Tang Li wins foreign language well, and his wife even better. In 1936, Tom Li Heng Sheng and Shen were married. After the war, Shen Heng was the work of the United Nations Office in Shanghai, Shanghai was the only United Nations official staff of the Chinese nationality. The 1940s, professional women should not have more. SHEN Xian Heng English proficiency, work neat, very popular person in charge appreciated. Soon, the United Nations agencies in Shanghai to cancel. Shen Heng was ordered to be transferred to New Delhi, India.
Childhood memories is my grandmother looked after five siblings grew up. Father alone in Guangzhou, her mother because the working relationship and, after Pakistan, Gaza, Tanzania and other places.
Tang Li wins in the bedroom bed, two yellow compelling portrait painting: 30-year-old wearing a dark suit and Tom Li Sheng, hair pattern silk chaos, British Gas break out. Heng Shen was young wearing a pale dress, short hair showing her age a unique style. Tom Park said that the two paintings is the father left my mother asked people to draw, consolation miss the pain, did not think her mother subsequently cut off the audio. They were married half a century, parting there twenty-four years, four sons and one woman all missed the wedding. Until both retired, two people in the early 1970s returned to Shanghai after an absence of long.
donate large sums of money commemorate lovers

together with her husband was Heng Shen, apartment in Shearer spent his last 12 years. In 1986, her sick leave.
the provisions of the United Nations, after the death of employees, their spouses monthly pensions. The money, the old soup in the United States commissioned by relatives in the bank, has not been fixed. In 1997, the money has accumulated to $ 150,000.
15 million dollars, according to the prevailing exchange rate of nearly 1.3 million yuan! This soup Li wins than the wages for decades much more. But his decision not to stay one point, all donations to go out, so the child can miss the book to study.
! Reporters looked around the floor of the old apartment badly worn, cracks appeared on walls, curtains and some black color, home furniture, cabinets, beds are very old. A door, two beds side by side almost took up half the room area, was 130 million can buy several sets of good family houses to improve the living environment; donations of time, Tom has been 88 years old and old, should be Please help take care of a nanny; Tom flies the old mouth,
sufficient reason to stay, and his wife had a will, pensions equally by the husband and children. However, in a simple family meeting, with the consent consent of the owner, Tang Li wins the money transferred to the Luwan District Education Foundation, and the name of his wife set up a students.
Reporters learned from the Luwan District Education Foundation, 14 years, more than 1,600 students funded by him. Hundred years ago, each made money, soup and old will be present; hundred years later, due to health reasons, use video instead of a way to attend. Memorial service in the elderly, Oscar promised a wish:
Old Tom once said, a child home, no money, he read the church's free primary and secondary schools. Once, he saw the ad in the newspaper, the Beijing College of strokes tax free life, he was then apply for admission. In order for him to go to college, and grandmother to his home in the French Consulate staff wages saved the child's care, to finance his travel and living expenses.
Tang Sheng Li knew the anguish of money to go to school, he decided to donate $ 150,000 to education, and who have been his students will also be funded through the kindness in mind. Many students later admitted to the university, the old man often communicate with the soup, every Dragon Boat Festival,ugg udsalg, as well as parents to pack up after the soup dumplings in the home.
old home in the soup, there are many students who were collection letters. These vibrant young people,ugg st?vler, and slowly became a friend of the old man. Xiao Wu graduated from high school students to the next, with honors admitted to the China University of Geosciences. In the letter she wrote: hard to read good books, I can do in the future the way back to society. In the letter he wrote: themselves 70 years ago, almost the same age you, test to a university in Beijing, then reading is not easy. just leave the house will have many aspects are not used, it will slowly adapt. Your letter is written very detailed, very real, I, as an old man, after reading a few ideas to talk about, for reference: First, a person, a family, they usually encounter difficulties in point, frustration, something goes wrong, then to a little more open-minded and tenacity. Second, you learn foreign languages ​​very seriously, which is good, hope you listen to, say, reading and writing. Third, learn to rely on conscious strenuously, especially in college even more so. China's Mao scientists to rise once said, the mother of success is hard work, hope you remember. about 100 students to scholarships. According to elementary, junior high, high school or vocational school is uneven, and the maximum amount of scholarships for 2000-3000 yuan.
generosity of others, caring for themselves and their families, Father was a bit harsh and Tang Li wins big and small daughter daughter recalls, Tom Li speaks four siblings, are longevity. Ten years ago the old youngest brother Tom is also over 80. One day we meet in the revival of the park, the soup to eat the old proposes to Nanjing Road, the four eighty-nine-year-old elderly, is not willing to take a taxi, a bus to go. Little daughter said, the elderly continue to wear socks with holes, and never willing to take a taxi, and if the hospital, so his family sent with the cart, not car.
10 years after the donation, the soup won several reasons to add this fund. In the soup the old home, the reporter saw the This is actually the grandson of
2000, the grandson of Tang Xiaoying admitted to the university, when the family had just spent a sum of money, 10,000 yuan of tuition fees for Tang Xiaoying guilty of worry, he had to speak to the grandfather. Old Tom said, money can give, but to write IOUs Zhang, working with the conditions required to be shown later return. In October 2005, one year after the Tang Xiaoying work shown with the money back to his grandfather, and Tom will win the money manager added to the
this seemingly Tom Park said the old soup in the family education has always stressed that all living life on your own, do a responsible person, to stand.
happiness from love

although done so much for the student, Tang Li wins for the elderly at home but rarely mention it, usually do is sing his favorite.
, in the air feet! , the first song is the Beijing Olympics theme song
little daughter said, is confined to bed last year, often humming the old soup. Previously, this home is the community choir of the
reporter noted that in addition to a number of popular songs and revolutionary songs, a lot of English songs.
book there is an old-fashioned flower table, soup family memories, it was Heng Qin Shen retired from the United Nations brought back. When he was young, Ms. Tang Laohu love to sing, in chorus at the two of them is met. Today, the keys have been broken, the old man or the piano on the side, could not bear to discard.
at Ronny's wall, hangs a huge family portrait, four generations, the old dress festive soup; in over a hundred birthday,ugg hjemmesko, the soup old also wore a specially large red Christmas hats.
soup was particularly fond of the old man wins photo manager, photo album has a thick dozens. love and love of people, perhaps it is a source of pleasure.
an ordinary old man across the century, let us have a deeper sentiment of love.
welcome to comment to comment
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