Thanksgiving will be held in 2000 primary educatio

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Thanksgiving will be held in 2000 primary educatio

Postby wonn7foiy » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:00 am

Pictured: The picture shows the family at the moment even more profound: the students Ku Cheng tears (correspondent correspondent Cheng Shuxiong Raochun Wu Tang Jiang Pingshe)
Chutianjinbao (Reporter correspondent Cheng Shuxiong Raochun Wu, Tang Jiangping) students crying, parents crying, teacher cried. March 10, Xinzhou Zhu Shing Centre, primary education report at the meeting held on Thanksgiving,Moncler Men Jackets, more than 2,000 students and parents and teachers were moved to tears.
10 report at the meeting in Beijing, Zhang happy mother studio speaker cited a large number of self-moving case, to clarify who should be grateful, gratitude,Moncler Coats, love, life, return the benefactor.
for example, out, parents, grandparents, your hard work, thank you!
live more than two thousand parents and children to listen to the report, fifth-grade students thought of her mother Liu anemia, frequent dizziness, also working from dawn to dusk every day, breadwinner, suddenly one flew into her arms, burst into tears.
more than two thousand students have been clinging to the side of my parents or grandparents, .
when more than fifty teachers coming to the fore, students bow to accept the greetings,
sixth-grade students Miao Tingting repeatedly broke down in tears, she said: Mother to fight it, now think of it, too ashamed, and later, have to respect the love them, but also studied hard,Moncler Women Jackets, return them. home baby, home and give them too much, through education, let them know how grateful and enhance a sense of responsibility, will better contribute to society, help others, to study, to better their future success. : SN002)

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