Restaurant owner was killed four years later crack

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Restaurant owner was killed four years later crack

Postby wonn7foiy » Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:27 am

A suspect was arrested and brought to justice in Europe correspondent Lijun photo

(Reporter Zhou Xuelian) 4 years ago, the restaurant owners were three men murdered the couple, shocked Bishan county; April 30,
witnesses and suspects pass

2005 年 5 月 19 morning 2 o'clock, on Zhongshan South Road, Bishan County, a music cafe boss Zhang Li (pseudonym) to next door,ugg udsalg,
Subsequently, the three men were quickly pulled from the inside shutter door, sprang to disappear in the night. Zhang Li feeling strange, cross-kick into it, but scared immediately back out: There are two people lying on the bathroom,ugg st?vler, covered in blood, motionless. Bishan rapid intervention police investigation found they had died, the deceased was the owner of this restaurant a couple music. Police learned the visit, three suspects left the scene by taxi, and soon the taxi drivers in the news, Aoki off in the direction of the three ring road out of the car.
Bishan County Police organized a large number of police in the only way out of the city armed Bishan card inventory is located, in particular, to increase the inventory of vehicles in direction Aoki. Also visited in large-scale bi city, road and off Shapingba Aoki, home town and other places had spread rapidly. Police for more than 110 suspects were reviewed one by one, but the case has not been able to achieve a breakthrough.
suspects have been brought to justice one of them in prison

the police This man and the town of Chen, Lee close ties in the May 19, 2005 after the incident has haunted the Bi City area. April 28, the same day, the secret to the criminal investigation unit investigators have Shapingba home town, to Europe and a suspect arrested. In the face of overwhelming evidence, confessed Europe a bow May 19, 2005 together with Chen, Lee in the Same morning, another group of investigators to Yuzhou prison will put the case back to the suspect Chen Bishan trial, Chen confessed to their crime. April 30, Lee is also the case the last one suspect was arrested.

to check out the location in Bishan music cafe

killing couple stole 500 yuan

It is accountable, three suspects Department of Shapingba per capita was home town, of which Europe has a home town has been opened in the music cafe, music cafe business, income, a better understanding of work and rest, and decided to rob Bishan peers.
2005 年 5 月 18 afternoon, three of them fled to line city streets bi Bishan County, check out the location after the
10 three-night cafes into the music, singing and fun, the next day at 1 o'clock, when completed all other customers, the EU and others with a dagger and prepared to break the wine bottle, will strongly resist the boss Zhou, Humou brutal murder, stole more than 500 RMB yuan. In order to avoid the police hunt,ugg hjemmesko, the three sneaked into the ring road along the mountain road and crosses back to the town was home.
Currently, three suspects have been XingJu.

Sike seal clerk embezzled two million arrested

Rob workers jailed for three and a half years 20 y

Security to sell stolen wedding ring leader have b
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