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space to undertake: Today after school hours, there is a girl suddenly hugged me [seven]

beggars Dayton the Dayton, picked up on the ground of money. But the heart is good. Two years. Every time she saw me I will give alms to the point. But a few days, I really do not know why. Always angry for no reason. Spleen

air is very bad. Eh. But also by what may be stimulated. Them at that time, gluey. Who seem inseparable from who. Every go to Internet cafes,

can always see the two of them cling to each other's presence. Since you had two years ago in Internet fraud too? I have been begging in the cafe more than two years.

Although some well-meaning people saw I was not deaf. But every time I do not point to wear. Said the girl in front of it. I see her boyfriend is a fraud. Not only does not expose me and gave me 50 to fill my stomach.

Her boyfriend? ! This point you can be assured. She has previously

boyfriend. But the individual has gone. So. Since then, the girl became crazy. Specifically, I'm not sure. Anyway, about a year and a half before the bar. The cafe had a very bloody mass brawl. Said. . The woman's ex-boyfriend, the object is to be gang fights. But he has always insisted that

protect girls. Finally. . Seems to have been hit badly. The day I heard the ambulance stopped. Since that day, I have not seen them two up. Has been a month later. The girl cried every day to the cafe. I saw how the eye

then cooked it. Strange, like she's all changed. She became very decadent, and sit in cafes all day. Sometimes a man burst into tears. What could be stimulated by it. Since then, every day to find her in the cafe.

Point I really wonder how her parents whether she. Ah, now the education ah. But also sad. Their children suffering from this disease. . Although it looks so naughty and cute. she's heart.. maybe I laughed at her while. but in the blood does..

pulling out the phone, I called to Alexandra Tel that side after a long no one take. I want to end the call on when the other side came a very deep voice.

This is a very long story.

tell the story with grief and despair.

can use laughter to disguise the tears it?

or, already doomed to blindly adhere to the tragedy created a starting point.

Susan's ex-boyfriend called Chen.

he and Alexandra are a class of students, was a wealthy young master every day will bring constant surprise and pleasure Shan. plumage of the skin like he led a very can discuss the girls favor. like his girls at his side around a lot more, but what

girls, but he does not mind, he chose his own seeking. do not know Why, from the first day of school, Alexandra is on the left a special impression. Alexandra always figure to emerge in his mind he knew like the Shan. Shan is a very naughty

girls. Chen Shan school day is always followed his heart to want to protect her. all the way to school, came to the cafe along Alexandra A wealthy young master actually went to this place? Oh, to their favorite people, what do not to it.

Chen smiled. with the inside. cafe air is very muddy, his wealthy background. suddenly there is a feeling unbearable depression. He Shan sat down beside the seat. first time ever they began to talk, and since then they talk

very speculative. Since then, every school will see the emergence of two Internet cafes in a frequent visitor. cafes have become their dating sites every day, perhaps because of Alexandra's fun and naughty. every time to play around with Chen, but Chen will always laugh every time

laugh, then gently on the forehead in the Shan place about . one pair of first love Valentine's small, do not know how high the day, to how wide, but they know that in each other's heart, always living with a person he (she) wore days, he (she) marching to. not

minutes day and night to guard their own until one day, her patron saint disappeared. vanished forever. that day, as if the day has collapsed. to have jumped. end of the world. let her never found himself.

day, Chen and Shan went to Internet cafes as usual, but never thought a few bad elements already eyeing the rich kids of the young master came. First robbing , was actually also to the hands and feet of coral. Chen apart from anything else, and they scuffle

directly up due to weak. Chen a person is not their natural rivals. give them a bully Chen on the move from a chair hit to the head. never imagined, actually impartial chair legs hit the Chen's eyes when

blood flow immediately into the river. a gripping her e eyes. is to be scared a few bullies. Shan and Chen have dropped the fled.

Shan squatting down. tightly holding up crying Chen. chen hand over his eyes, one hand live coral. Do not be afraid. Nothing. , cry into tears. day. Shan's parents also came to the hospital and they have to bring his son to blame the unfortunate Alexandra. chen though invisible, but he always has been holding Susan's hand.

to guard his heart with his own beloved people. Chen's parents as very distressed that their son to see his son so in love with Shan in the sake, not too much to blame the last Shan, but the retina was broken at Chen the. the need for surgery.

Chen's parents think twice, decided to send abroad Chen surgery. First, in order to stay away from Shan Chen. Second, the smaller the risk of surgery abroad. Chen in Before leaving China to leave Alexandra and a letter is a song The song is the end of the world.

Chen childhood love cool music playing and singing is his good in Chen departure. Alexandra facing every day MP3 daze, listening to the inside of the single cycle. if Chen can feel the tenderness.

contents of the letter is as follows:

when you see this letter, I no longer can not be at your side to protect you. goes on familiar smiling face, I will always in my heart. do not know the passage of time, you will not want me to promise me, you find a person who can really guard. as,

so I could see this world. will have a new beginning. no longer worried about the left, although now see the light, but close your eyes. was able to see you and you smile or kind of familiar. leave here, I think I will bring

your breath you naughty, I would like to once again memorable, but unfortunately, they have vanished. disappear why so fast I not even a little preparation. so I have not had time to see your face carefully you from my sight but never disappeared

I desperately use your own brain to remember my good Payouyitian will forget you and this should always guard me heartache and tears of the princess. goodbye. If there is afterlife, please let me hold your hand, then see you once again

guard your life. see see if the sound, then she will find. had I been fit you.

other Shan read this letter, she seems to not know at this time have been aboard the flight Chen Los Angeles flights to the United States, she cried and ran to Chen's home. Along the way, how many pedestrians looked at her with strange is estimated that some people have been treating her like a madman

. in Chen Shan pressed the door bell, but the empty house but has become an empty shell. there were no angry, but they never let Shan shaken Shan Chen innocently at the door of the garden and sat down. order, just to see Chen a

she was asked not many. just to say thank you personally and Chen. Xiexie Chen guarded day and night to me, as she will be satisfied until the day are black, coral, or hard to comfort themselves.

Chen is the mother and father out.'ll be back soon. the day, Susan had already been exhausted and tired body overload, but this seems to have been the paralysis of grief and look forward to. Alexandra has been innocently, etc. She has been looking forward to, sight, there will be that familiar


dark, the ground rose like have withered it

wind, and cheeks the tears are dried up it seems to be

you gone do.

lost if your eyes are bright,

can use your heart to find my shadow.

Shan smiled looking at the stars.

she knew, perhaps, in a corner of Chen.

Perhaps this time he was sad to listen to the voice.

if the stars can convey the dream.

then please allow me to.

use my voice to convey His desire to please.

I only luxury one can wish him happiness.

I pray only one wish.

soon as his eyes could see the world.

I.. I hope.. he had the pleasure..

Shan toward the stars, leaving a long fast Kugan tears.

hands together she silently closed her eyes, became a prayer-like.

Chen. you must be happy!

you must use your eyes to find it worthy of your personal life guard

I have one last wish.

luxury when is okay.

then you do not see again until,

please do not forget my way .

let me in your heart, make one last guardian Okay.

remember when you regain the light when the.

is to forget the world time.

because. is the patron saint of you have gone.

you will have a new world. It is not sorrow and sadness of the world.

there. always have a guardian to guard you and your life is worth the goddess.

coral necklace off his neck in the lips gently touch the next, and then hang it in front of the Chen family villa .

Stars, please you. What is your deeper understanding, or so some of his more painful it.

Shan's story is very, very long.

I suddenly some to accept, on the surface naughty cute She,

can not imagine how, for some it was sad.

Since then, Alexandra cafe every day to a day school will pass the Chen family villa,

will be entered, and overlooks a day she has been looking forward to e able to see again. can no longer see him again.

but everything backfired. Love God tend to make fun of ordinary people.

Shan parents living abroad long-term, her grandmother lived in peacetime and cafes nearby..

since Chen left, Alexandra has a habit of.

she go to Internet cafes every day, until the morning before leave.

which became her every day to do.

she may be feeling the breath of Chen. chen miss the taste.

Perhaps it is the coral has been waiting for e mail.

perhaps, this is the fate of the doomed.

destined to a new encounter.

is comfort, but also to listen, to I completely understand and Alexandra familiar.

more than an hour after the call, her mood has basically stabilized.

poor is my point charges. touch pocket money, but also running out.

but this call has been Alexandra's forgiveness. have a heart for me unlock the secret.

general, or very values.

just my fear. Alexandra is not to me as a shadow of Chen?

Oh. think about also.

my people and no advantages when you first met, Alexandra on how I might look?

should only happen.

a familiar end of the world, she saw the shadow of Chen.

shadow, always just a shadow.

often a trophy is always behind the decorations.

head end of the world also think back to the melody.

pace has been did not stop. has been its fit to accompany the sinking of the heart.

until the evening sunset from the sky into the dark.

when it come to the door,

vague saw two familiar figure in the conversation.

approached some.

two profiles become more familiar with.

I rub the rub the eye.

sure he did wrong.

but I have the courage to face the front of two people.

heart of a panic, next door to the alley to a channeling .

just stuck a head.

want to hear what they say.

but also how to hear.

but do not know why,

suddenly emerges out of a very strange feeling.

feeling.. seems to be separated. but seems to be farewell.

clean and talk to his father for a long time,

every minute,

followed my curiosity on the increase. really want to know what they are talking.

but the courage to ask out a what can only be in the corner anxious.

carefully watching their conversation,

I found my father's face a little embarrassment, embarrassment from time to time and startled look.

clean face still so strong, but her mouth from time to time Niutou Zhao alley look,Luxury Handbags,

seems to be afraid like I suddenly came back, obviously, they do not want the dialogue to let me know.

But why go to clean my father do?

clean without telling me what things to do?

but since they do not want to let me know, they must have their reasons.

thought, temporary or not to expose their good. to know it as nothing.

been watching them in the corner of the dialogue,

Finally, clean to my father a check for something similar.

then turned to leave.

see her walking toward my side,

I quickly ran into a family bike library.

then ... KB happened.

when I squatted on the garage silently waiting for her when passing from the mouth of the alley,

her footsteps suddenly stopped, (my father's family is one of the most inside alley. about five alley next door, but clean after the first four alley at the time, and no hesitation, why I went to hide the alley, she stopped


Does she find?! a sudden my heart was in his throat eyes.

was sense told me to calm.

I did not say anything, did not move, but could not help but have been trembling at the feet.

At this time, I clearly see the cleaning head turned to me.

her body did not move, only turning his head over.

moonlight reflected on the white bi flawless skin.

her mouth slightly drawn up out of a range.

this expression pause 2 seconds,

Then she turned away. calmly left.

I left in situ as if the moment there is no effort.

this... she.. smile.. why it is so supernatural.. all this look, just like the KB films are in the story.

What she found me?

not ... ... ... ... I am sure she should not see me.

Is What happened ... ...

before I return to God,

heart suddenly felt a burst of inexplicable pain.

eyes suddenly dizzy.

left hand pressed on the concrete floor, desperately supporting the body.

continued for a long time before they feel somewhat better.

but my mind has been surfaced with clean just that strange smile.

the picture, usually has no clean pure and noble look.


clean face pale and trembling, can not say the taste has a sneer.

This is the first time I felt a strange fear.

stumbled step into the house.

father had in the living room as if waiting for me, I have something to say to you. Why. . Father may have to travel to the field for some time. .. I say. . Do not want to go back. through her heart had.

Oh. Speaking of mother and sad, which I think ya a little bit.

a long time and did not contact her, and she had no idea how to.

in the life of all right.

elegant home away from home and his mother's pretty close.

free time to really look at the pumping them up .

I have been contacted and your mother had. You live in this for some time. Mother miss you. When you go back and look. Is it clean and relevant to the dialogue?! clean in the end, and my father said something.

Why should I live back to the mother's house suddenly?

all this.. let me some scratching mind.

Starting early in the morning tomorrow. do not know how to do the next step.

father in my mind, though not very large,

but he will satisfy my desire to one another a little, I promise to bring Many more happy.

I know with a kind of father would smile to my child's body mass temper and ideas.

rather than the current unfeeling and cold.

I do not want to do something difficult and,

I know this is not the father will be made.

Moreover, this actually is no reason to put me away from home .

Obviously, all this clean masterpiece.

she in the end Why do this?!

me from my father's house out for the what is it?

just thought of this, the mouth of a sudden a little sweet.

with, is the cry severe cough.

one blood spit in the living room coffee table on.

I suddenly covered his mouth,

other hand is firmly grasped his chest.

I bet to the wearer's mouth .

is also not releasing.

fearing that they will like the movie, like,

from the mouth spit blood and soul to fly to heaven.

I quickly stood up and rushed into the toilet.

wake up with cold water under their own,

spent a great of difficulty that dry the blood.

look good I feel decadent.

hair is a mess.

actually face sallow sallow,

mirror, as is already looking before his death to his own way.

grooming is finished, passing his father's room, tell him I want to go to the original condition,

then think about or forget. just some of the things, I am a little disappointed with his father.

back to his room after,

heavily down on the bed,

I felt my body become a good light good light .

Perhaps his life really to the end of time.

I seem to see a doomsday scenario.

everything turned gray.

safest place is bed.

but everyone was dying,

not all lying on the bed, then gradually warm the large unconscious Why?

Is this the end of life do I have?

moonlight spilled through the window and impartial in the drawer,

strenuous efforts to open the drawer only,

presented in front of my painting for the clean end of the world, as well as Susan sent me this wind-color four-leaf clover.

placed on them that the bread is left clean.

I looked with dismay, then shut the drawer.

eyelids feel more and more heavy,

dawn light, you smile.

again reflected in my eyes on.

At this point I suddenly feel kind of relieved.

Shan like dandelions in the sky beckoning to me, was she invited me to accompany Why walk?

looking forward to my mother like the mid-triumphant return home, her son is married and looking forward to what?

elegant figure appeared in the school classroom, is waiting for I again return to school what?

philosophy, or as quietly playing his piano, is what tells his sad?

Kay's smile is still as strong, is for cheer me what?

father stroked my head, is what I boast?

clean in the day when I cling to the scene once again surfaced in my eyes, I was recollection of What?

everything is so familiar.

everything is so warm.

sight has become increasingly blurred,

Until I can not see them.

front of all, was finally swallowed by darkness.

black infected with a serene sky.

dolphin stars like another to tell a story.

moon shrouded by the remnants of iris flowers of sadness.

Dawn has never seen the light.

your smile has disappeared.

light gray, reflecting the end of your face.

ashes of candlelight, emerged out of the way I am dying.

If we say that You look like my last miss.

Well, I would like to plead that they can use the last bit of time to personally describe your look.

Shan, Where are you now, you can see my dying.

clean, you are angry with it? If tonight is my last night, you will forgive me for what?

my world to be destroyed what?

why until the last,

I was alone with no one snuggle?


world gray,

until I can not see.

I did not forget who you are.


heart broken,

until I lose consciousness,

I still do not find you snuggle.

closed his eyes, still remained the warmth of your body in tears from the eyes stayed, dripping in pillow.

I do not know how long slumber drowsily.

so I woke up, first thing the eye is a white ceiling.

Looking around the next four weeks, found himself lying on the bed., also the name of hands drip.

is sent to the hospital my father do?

This is a small ward. except me, is next door to two empty beds.

my bed stood a newspaper yesterday, while his father, also disappeared.

out of boredom I pick up a newspaper rolled.

this does not turn good, they almost doubled my heart bear.

the middle of a newspaper reported almost scared me a half dead.

a BMW at around 5:00 pm ** Location in hit a taxi, the taxi driver was not injured, the most bizarre is sitting in a taxi passengers on a mysterious disappeared. impact statements, according to the driver in his car on the original a girl, that girl in the road

way also nag their might be trouble and the driver that she was a little nervous, nor how to her. just so she can Then, a BMW on the waist hit up the accident after the girls disappeared on the bizarre.

driver thought he hit a ghost, and that girl is in fact to protect themselves. After all, Police inquiries are still being present.

read this story, my hands have no strength to withstand the weight of a share of the newspaper.

newspapers at this time, seems to have become a steel-like.

heavy enough so that I can not afford everything.

calculated according to time and place and I can definitely get on that bike taxi cab is clean!

But, why clean yesterday disappear?! and then my father appeared in the door?!

the most bizarre, why she can find me and that smile.. is my most memorable of..

also predict the future in her car, which all.. in the end is how is it?!

If so ... ...

said. Yesterday,Louis Vuitton Outlet Store, in front of my father's soul is clean?!

so.. She also said that I passed.

to why she had an accident after the body will not see it ?!

No no, I energetically shook his head.

It can not.. how would there be ghosts in this world say.

all.. there must be an explanation..

At this time, the ward door was opened ... ...

with heavy footsteps of his father came, he looked very serious.

health? . What I get sick? > This little move, so I have some feel a little suspicious.

Its a good rest. After a while, your mother will see you. Last night. . You have no dialogue and a girl. You manage yourself. Aware of their health the most important. What clues to get his father, to be impossible.

personally did not think his father will be there for me to hide.

hand as the son really is a failure ah.

but I do not give up.

took out his cell phone, dialed a phone call to clean.

Right on cue, the other is turned off.

seems to want to know everything,

I am afraid to leave only to find my father goes on clean paper.

some kind, I always feel that there is no clean death.

her breath still around me.

in front of all,

seems there is always something wrong, but how could not say.

I do not think, it is too late to visit me and other mothers.

just want to head to quickly unlock all the secrets.

looked at the hands of the bit, I know I have not have the patience to wait for it to drop over. gritted his teeth, mind to pull the needle.

up after the first or feeling a little dizzy.

took a deep breath.

replaced the hospital's patients served,

put on his clothes, ran out.

through the corridor, I was afraid someone would find my escape.
So the way I always head down

until you leave the hospital, I was relieved.

came to the door, gently knock on the door under 2 . has been no response, it appears that the father had went to work.

heart some delighted, open pocket, pulled out the keys, open the door all in my plans for the.

It all started from the truth is getting closer.

although knowing that my father had to go to work, but my mind was still very nervous.

crept to his father opened the room door. home obviously no one, why should this happen,

appears to be a bit of a guilty conscience.

atmosphere became some repressed.

curiosity began to constantly Bay from.

was tense as if his heart can hear a.

strange, I stole their homes have been afraid of things in such a way,

If things are really small like me, secretly, that does not sooner or later become the heart ah.

heart disease?! I have a congenital heart eh, it is genetic.

Is the father had previously been a thief, he was scare of heart disease.

then passed on to me so I will have congenital heart disease?!

What a mess.

YY of how I started..

But having said that, a really long time no YY.

but now I would first find the note goes on to say it.

search through all the drawers,

father finally found a notebook piece of paper goes.

so I found a note, my heart began to shoot up.

trembling open note,

eyes actually only a short period of 14 letters,

bu rong yi de shan

This.. is what..


with phonetic spell out.

actually is.. not easy to Alexandra?!


if I remember correctly.. I did not tell the name of Jie Shan ah.

but also to a non-easy easy Well I do!


This is totally me bewildered.

Is this all a relationship, and Susan?!

but if I remember correctly.

time the accident pushed me to clean after about 25 minutes by taxi.

logically speaking.. I was, and Alexandra was the name of phone ah..

Do I have to tell Jie Shan to murder her?!

it can not.. how do you know Shan Jie's whereabouts.. somewhat YY was a..

also want to head pain .. but how could not think of a reasonable answer.

seems to know it all.. must go to Alexandra the first.

do not know what she would bring me kind of clue.

I kept thinking, I went to Internet cafes have been caught.

Along the way, his head has been emerging out of the 14 English letters.

came to the cafe door, the pace suddenly hesitated.

Shan.. I hurt..

finished yesterday finally appease her..

I now do we need to to ask the whereabouts of her clean?!

This is not to expose her scars Well..

but now.. may Shan to tell me all the answers..

gritted his teeth, or straight to the last row of cafes walked.

However.. the last row of cafes even empty.. no one there..

was suddenly lost the mood down.

remembered.. Today is Monday.. Shan school days..

helpless sigh,

dragging The body has taken a heavy Internet.

now? Where do I go ...

begins to lose pace, I began to unconsciously random walk.

Had I do not promote the clean bike taxi..

probably nothing will happen..

Had I not so anxious to go to protect the coral..

may cleaning will not be missing..

Wait a minute!

If cleaning is missing?! that her father what will happen?!

to his father's status and rights .. will be sent for fishes..

case.. I gave him his father's information.. may be helpful..

thought here, I immediately turn around, jump on a taxi.

Along the way, I never thought to enjoy the scenery.

head is still thinking that the 14 letters.

cold after my windows are blown clear.

reality is reality..

this world.. there is no ghost is said.

behind all of the unknown, are hidden a truth.

father's company came to the door.

previous experience this can clean the atmosphere.

but now.. but can only feel the tension and horror atmosphere.

having said that, now do not know how Kay had it.

for me he had stopped by security..

must.. he will not good results.

Oh.. If he was not stopped by security..

probably will not meet clean-Shan..

Alexandra and I would not quarrel .

it will not happen all the..

br> I subconsciously looked around.. that he was blocking the lane in front of the company.

I hastened towards the car driver hello. turned to the one channel.

people seem to leave the car drove off a few bad language.

eh.. it's really rich people.. not even have a staff car..

this say.. clean the father really did not know how much pomp and power with it.

I was about to enter the company, actually head out of a BMW screen.

clean hit The car is a BMW..

luxury cars such as BMW.. the owner must be a business owner or upstart fishes.

such a large company.. there should be several vehicles it.

this.. will.. and the father of the clean?!

library parking lot looking at the dark mouth,

intuition told me I should go explore the circle.

indeed large companies, car parking lot is to suffer the mountain Sehai.

sight around a few parking lot security,

suddenly kind of insight, the original company's security is a big vegetarian.

actually so easy I got into the parking lot was. if I were the car thieves, it is estimated that the company closed down early.

After being quiet in the YY,

I began to speed quickly search.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Buick cars do not say this.

not even Bentley and Maybach in which to find.

I can not help but be a little shocked to.

but now is not a luxury car exhibition.

I have to collect information on crash clues fishes.

turning two laps around the entire parking lot.

this BMW a total of four.

but each had no impact traces.

but my attention..

is that the empty spaces..

At this point, my damn cell phone in case there is no sign rang.

because the parking lot of echo, very loud ringing sound is put.

Needless to say, this caused the security personnel's attention.

There! parking lot with dim lighting, it was like making Cry film-like.

TMD.. such an important moment.. which damn guy calling..

turn to open phone.. above caller ID.. actually is Alexandra?!!

did not think, I just hit the reject button. intend to wait for the next call to return to her.

close from mobile phones, fearing the attention of the security light will lead to.

people in the dark concept of time is prone to hallucinations.

to mention the fear and tension in spent.

had about half an hour, until the sound of footsteps outside disappear for a long time, I was hysterical Huanhuandicong car climbed out.

looked dusty own,

unconsciously shook his head.

eh, actually get their own so lonely.

a patient, but also to explore another investigation.

I really think of myself as Sherlock Holmes TM had?

changed the channel, finally successfully escaped from the dark parking lot.

just left it a ghost place, I drew a deep breath, suddenly a kind of in a dark dungeon was held for ten years, and now suddenly brought to light the general feeling.

no extra pause and daze, took out his cell phone directly to a phone call playback Shan .

. . Points. . Where? how to become such a character.. so gentle?! It's not like usual,Louis Vuitton Handbags, she ah.

Is not calm down she was feeling it. eh. only now spend more time with her..

how is cafe.. by. that place for me to have cast a shadow on the.

from the appointment time still early.

stomach was already growling began the whole point timekeeping.

dig dig pocket, NND,. how do I always do the financial turmoil.

leaving only pockets of only 15 dollars a
Do let Alexandra
afternoon treat?!

my men do it too failed.

But both Shan Ye Hao, Jie Ye Hao.

family background were all so rich.

look at ourselves, we TM-shabby rags.

two princesses can get so nostalgic about my previous life is a blessing to repair it.

along the way while YY, while looking for their own Shaxian snacks.

I finally found a street in a nondescript Shaxian when discovered the New World should be like excitement.

found a seat and sat down, YY has never stopped.

Shaxian cheap bread snacks ... ... ... ... ... ...

street Oh Accommodation .. like this poor and homeless over the life as a Missy.. probably never experienced it..

Now think about it, was not aware of cleaning the chairman's daughter, and through these, I feel she's just a matter of course.

but now know her identity..

I never felt for her point of view too.

perhaps. small to large.. she never had so much pain it..

blindly suffer with me.. the way she has not complained.. just follow me in silence.. quietly comfort me..

Perhaps this is to meet her, perhaps she was using me.

but these are no longer important.

proved.. clean as I pay and bear.. also a lot of..

but she came with me a poor young man, I am afraid the future will still continue to suffer.

under careful retrospect,

Indeed, we have experienced the ups and downs have been too much.

from the beginning, running away from home, and then to the homeless.

finally found a destination, she was mysteriously missing.

if she was found she will not let me forget.. nothing will not bring all of today's tragedy..

fate really love to tease people. actually let me in the park met her. TM also buy one get 10. ran into her ex-boyfriend and rogue.

so no problem.. This is thought to end up..

did not think she chairman will be the daughter of my father!!

then the philosophy of the coral is.. now fate is unknown..

I said God, ah... this is all too Coincidentally, right..

everything you do.. Well we are breaking up..

actually we do not have fate.. but why let us meet and met it.

why the happiness of every thought will be their own hands again and again broke it.

do want her to stay with me.. What is really so difficult?!

Oh ... ... all it did.. that I really throw in the towel..

forgive me.. when the end of the world, forgive me not with you..

my adhere to relax the..

I can not bring you happiness.. I may be cursed is a poor boy..

clean.. maybe.. we are not in the know.. so .. would not have led to today's situation of..

everything possible is I killed you.

I kept thinking.. tears once again betrayed his own.

In this way, a person buried in the Shaxian snacks in tears.

acquaintance is not my fault.

remorse is not my fault.

fall in love with you may be heaven-sent fate..

guard you may be my lifetime commitment.

think of you.. Maybe the movie of my life.

about you memories, in my mind like a movie theater.

always show the tragedy every day the cinema in tears, I will.

until one day I no longer cry not move..

that day.. The cinema is really closed ----- you.. I really was forgotten.

I remember crying and left the Shaxian snacks, everyone's eyes with a look at me with contempt the way.

came to the cafe when the body left the sheets only $ 10. through the glass reflector can clearly see their eyes swollen.

decadence in the cafe sat on the steps, head against the stairs, the wind brushed my cheek.

I seem to feel the breath of Alexandra.

crying tired may be because the reason.

heavy eyelids become better. weariness began to erode my brain.

until you hear a familiar voice calling his I was drowsily opened his eyes.

, No. . How? Last night did not sleep well? . Yes ah. . How? . That's it and I say ... Wing. . In fact, I want to tell you good news. . You want to tell me the good news. . Why do you call the front inside out so serious ah ... ... Well do not get angry. The good news. . I just found the. > shadow of memories came out. Chen has passed, I now know. Wing, I like you! Since then, I do not find in the Internet cafes Chen's breath. . I just want to be by your side. Good? seems a bit angry.

Are you a pervert I am not prepared to be responsible for the so! . . I tell you why, ah. . Why should we be responsible for ah. . I do not care. I want you to accompany me! But what means do. Alexandra is such a character, and with her, and perhaps long been accustomed to, if she suddenly became as gentle as clean and cool, maybe it will since have not used


with her walking in the street, watching the lights of the city downtown, listening to the corner came the noise of the sky, the mood suddenly become very relaxed. I walked on, suddenly remembered to stay clean under the note goes on to do.

bu rong yi de shan? uh.. Is it a relationship, and Susan?

. I certainly is not easy to friends. Love you this big bad guy, you say I can easily do me. become good.

looking at her cute face, Jue with a small mouth. and my heart suddenly an impulse, hugged her, kissed fiercely down.

She gradually closed her eyes, enjoying the happiness of this moment belongs to us.

enjoyed about 2-3 minutes at the intersection after the sweet,

she began to roll up my hand,

hand may be the reason we did not long,

we regarded each other grip tightly to each other, like two shackles, tied tightly to each other.

afraid if the other party would like to escape at any time.

do not know why, and clean together and I feel somewhat the same coral.

and cleaning is always in danger and horror to find happiness,

and Alexandra, it is to find the joy and unrestrained happiness.

two completely different happiness, always around the staggered around in my mind.

holding Susan's hand, set off in the moonlight, I seemed to see her look full of happiness.

faint smile, simple pleasures, this is the happiness of her doctrine.

together to find four-leaf clover, to complete the most important the little things around us, and this is her dream.

perhaps, in her eyes,

happiness and dreams, is that simple.

is, is my own good.

stood in front of a pure and lovely girls why not cherish it.

specifically chosen to go to a dead end.

that I was in Fanjian Why?

I do still think that I clean with her happiness in what?

simple life I do not want to do?!

me this is how ... ...

Shan and Jie figure in my mind constantly staggered..

until the party gradually disappeared in the darkness.

Oh.. original.. In my own mind..

long been a winner, but I did not dare to face this issue only..

because for me .. They each.. is very important..

who I fit..

Unfortunately, until today..

I give up selfishness, and found this The answer in my heart,

darkness is left is Alexandra lonely figure.

original, in their hearts, Shan has become so important to it.

Oh, I laugh themselves, have done so much. to pay so much and finally the choice, it is not you.

the most inexplicable, in the end, I actually still do not know your whereabouts.

perhaps, between us there will be no chance of.

holding Susan's hand tightly, I do not know why, hearts there is an indescribable sadness, perhaps the reason to give up clean

Shan. . I promise you, since then some good for you! . Susan.. I will take you.

, so that her face becomes flushed.

sunset reason? or does she shy?

This is my first time I saw Susan shy look like.

hold of her was kind of like the impulse.

but in the end, or did not do so.

us hand in hand, walking in the twilight,

our bodies in the gentle, seemed to pass each other.

distance was a touch of mist shrouded,

was setting the sun on our cheeks,

have a unique taste .

happy her name is called you?

shopping aimlessly until we were hungry.

until her hands sweat between us do not have sub- out of you or I had.

but we still feel tired and fatigue.

we willing to walk holding hands with each other last.

To be continued ...

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