The Man Who Lives With Bears

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The Man Who Lives With Bears

Postby fghjj4gd8 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:18 am

The Man Who Lives With Bears
are you crazy, there is no way a bear can act like that, the only way to treat a bear like a pet or a best friend is when they are babies. i want to tell you a story of the SCORPION and the TURTLE. once upon a time there was a lake in the forrest,cheap Nike Free 3.0 V2, and the scorpion wanted to cross the other side of the lake, but the problem was he can't swim. so he ask his friend the turtle that was going to cross the lake if he can get a ride from him, he wanted to go on the other side of the lake, the turtle said okay hop on i will take you, but suddenly something went wrong, the scorpion sting the turtle,cheap Nike Free Run 2013, and the turtle asked, why did you do that!! the scorpion said because that is what i do. that is my nature. at the end the turtle died from the poison of the scorpion. the point is no matter what we try to do for the bear. he have his own nature. he will strike back like there is no tomorrow. but that is the morro of the story. so good luck!!
Bears are awesome creature I have seen many in the wild great respect for them I also have a grizz rug and plan on a nice black bear this spring the meat is not bad eating either but my main meat diet is moose and caribou unit 13 and 16 have a very high bear pop,Cheap Nike Free Run 3 For Sale. and it has had a major impact on the moose and caribou it's time to harvest a few bears. (born and raised in AK,Nike Free 5.0 V4 Deconstruct.) If you are and import or a vegian you do not know the subsitance life of consumption The Fish and game managment is poor in the state and needs improvement let's manage for abundance not lack of resources. Alaska has millions of acres of habitat and a poor number of fish and wildlife,Cheap Nike Free Run 3 Australia.

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