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China Online Shop michael kors bags cheap sale (6)

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Sandy Alderson needs to do his due diligence and at least listen to offers for franchise third baseman David Wright. Ron Antonelli/New York Daily News Sandy Alderson needs to do his due diligence and at least listen to offers for franchise third baseman David Wright.Related Stories NY Mets All-Time Team: Keith Hernandez leads an infield that also includes David Wright, Jose Reyes and Edgardo Alfonzo NY Mets' David Wright welcomes leather tote for women old friend Jose Reyes back to Citi Field with Miami Marlins Pelfrey gets laugh out of Wilpon Harper: Sandy must be on the money Take our Poll Mets' to-do list What do the Mets need to do this offseason to improve? Jose Reyes, Jose Reyes, Jose Reyes. They've got to bring him back Get Bobby Parnell straightened out Listen to trade offers for David Wright Get creative with the starting rotation and hope Johan Santana comes back Pray How do you attempt to improve a 77-win team, while cutting payroll by about $30 million? Well, uh, we don’t know, because the Mets’ offseason hasn’t really started. Yeah, Sandy Alderson and his men have engaged in discussions with agents and rival teams, but they have not yet acquired any major Radley Brown Purse league players.That follows last year’s pattern, when the Mets made their initial acquisitions at the winter meetings. So by Thursday, when baseball clears out of Dallas, the 2012 Mets roster will probably be a little fuller than it is right now. And who knows ― Jose Reyes might have a new team. Wouldn’t that stink for the Amazin’s?The above sentence was a question. We are trying to come up with five more relating to the Mets and the winter meetings, which begin Monday morning. There isn’t much happening with the club (so best cheap bags it goes, during a winter of transition and belt-tightening) so it is a tough assignment, but here goes:1. Stone Crab, Zabar’s or neither?The Miami Marlins courted Reyes earlier this month by taking him to Joe’s Stone Crab, a trendy restaurant on South Beach. Mmmmm. Will the Miami lifestyle, and dollars created by a new stadium, be enough to lure the longtime Mets shortstop to South Florida? Or will he experience a last-minute pang of loyalty to NYC? Or will a mystery team emerge to taunt Reyes with its own culinary delights?Reyes has to sign sometime, and maybe it will happen this week.2. Is there a closer in the house?The Mets need someone to pitch the ninth inning. Someone to pitch the eighth inning, too, actually. Jonathan Papelbon’s four year, $50 million deal with the Phillies emboldened agents to ask too much for their short-relieving clients. But there are more available closers than teams seeking one, so something’s gotta give. Don’t be surprised if it gives at the meetings, and the Mets head home with at least the beginnings of a bullpen.They have already passed on Joe Nathan (signed with Rangers) and Jonathan Broxton (Royals), but many, many options remain. Those include Online Ladies Handbags Brad Best Online Bag Shopping Lidge, Frank Francisco, Jon Rauch and Matt Capps.3. How about the bench?Yeah, we’re at number three, and we’re already wondering if it will be Endy Chavez, Rick Ankiel, Kelly Shoppach, Scott Hairston, Willie Harris, or others. It’s that kind of offseason for the Metsies.Basically, there is a game of musical chairs every winter, played by bench guys looking for one-year deals. The music begins to slow at the meetings, but it often doesn’t stop until January. So while the Mets could very well sign a vet or two to play the outfield, or catch, or backup whoever next year’s shortstop, they will likely just begin their search.4. Trade David Wright???Just kidding. They’re not doing that. But what they might do is chat with teams about Wright to gently gauge who likes him, and what they might give up. Because ― as we reported at the beginning of the offseason ― the third baseman might become trade bait this summer. The Mets would have to be out of contention, and Wright would have to be enjoying a dynamic enough season to provoke a contender to part with a Zack Wheeler-type prospect for a rental bat. But it wouldn’t hurt for the Mets to lay a little groundwork this week.5. The rest of the roster?There are several smaller matters to attend to. The Mets could Michael Purse look for starting pitching depth, as Chris Capuano agreed to 2-year $10 million deal to play for the Dodgers Friday. The market for bargain-basement starters is unlikely to develop in December ― it’s usually more of a post-New Year’s thing ― but they Mets can touch base with many agents, and begin the process.The team could also continue to search for an alternative to Angel Pagan, and if they decide to tender him a contract, they could still seek to trade him. Center field is far from settled. Second base also awaits resolution (Daniel Murphy? Ruben Tejada?), but Reyes must make his decision before the Mets can address the middle infield.

michael kors bags cheap sale (6)
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