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badly now hospitality, match with towards taking photo Casque Beats By Dre also really, want to call first to herd a Casque Dr Dre people to fasten fierce sheep dog while just walking up a tent, so as not to the occurrence is dangerous.
2, if Er cover day and night the difference in temperature is big:The daytime is 10-15 Celsius degrees, nighttime below zero more than 10 degrees, and specially damp.Should put shoes under the sheet while camping, will knot 1 F ice inside the shoe while otherwise getting up on the second day;Take enough to keep cold material from having much of a necessity.
3, is traveling over time for around 3 hourses of partridge mountain, will have high mountain reaction(anoxia status), had better prepare a then the hold type oxygen bottle(the medical apparatus market having has been already sold, an enough one person use) to have urgent use.
4, because of elevation Gao, the weather difference is big, catch a cold most easily and unwell, and hide type food with cold mostly, therefore should take a cold medicine and eliminate to eat medicine and red view a sky to contain the type of slice drugs, in addition chew chewing gum to be also contribute Beats By Dre to alleviating high mountain reaction.
5, the sunshine of plateau is very strong, easily burn a skin, the lady had better take to up hide a sun hat and hide parasol and sun block.
6, everyplace that on Casque Beats By Dre Studio the way leads, the highland barley wine is very tasty, but delay effect very big, absolutely not to Beats Dr Dre be greedy for a cup.
Stop for the night:
Yellow river nine songs one gulf view the area and tile slice to all have tent guest house, 50-60 dollars/person, there is electric blanket, the visitor can also choose Tang Ke Xiang Zi Di's accommodation that leaves view area 8 kilometers.If the Er covers of the accommodation isn't expensive, generally is 30-40 a persons.If the Er covers county city to contain a few guest house with better conditionses, the recommendation goes into if the Er covers guest house and fragrant Ba La's guest house.
If the Er covers a county joss-stick Ba La's guest house, the mark is 288 dollars/person, is if the Er covers the best tour to concern foreign affairs one of the guest houses and has the hide type of tunnel the food and tasty Szechwan cuisine.Telephone:0837-2291666.
P3 indeed Er radicle temple
Indeed the Er radicle temple starts to set up in 1378 and feels the bag sending the three greatest templeses lord temple.Each temple all collects as treasure to have a dollar, clear, pure, the in great quantities precious cultural object of republic period.Hide through more than 30,000 books, collect as treasure method machines, such as Buddha tower, bodhisattva and censer...etc. and fiesta thing more than 1000 pieces, Tang Ka's more than 200s.Feel bag religious section after more than 800 years of the history baptizes and years savings, form special but abundantly feel bag culture.One is construct culture.(good luck several towers)
P5 monastery monk
Feel building culture of bag parties More articles:

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