As good as gold stuck in the seventies of last

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As good as gold stuck in the seventies of last

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Wed May 22, 2013 5:17 am

 "As good as gold": stay in the seventies of the last century, before the creation of strokes
Wen / Ma Qingyun
movie "as good as gold" Hebei and other cities of the cinema release, the film tells the story of Hebei Agricultural University graduates helped the dead classmates maintenance their parents things. Screenwriter Zhan Wenguan, Hebei Shijiazhuang, a city with me, but never masked. It is said that the film "screenwriter center" system, in other words, screenwriter government contacts, resources, able to obtain the financial support of the Government. Government money to shoot films it has been common. But this time, the screenplay of Zhan Wenguan the "good as gold" not for the government to sing any hymn, but good deeds instead danced the "loyalty dance". Watching the movie,Insanity Workout, I would like to ask the sentence is government investment as the main theme of the film, when a pair of living alone is already dead son's classmates care set Yousi the civil affairs departments where? This is perhaps not the embarrassing part of this main theme of the film.
drama shot in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Normal University and stone house in the village, so many election scene, the key scenes in the stone village. Rocks village views of the village for the movie point to see, particularly in the rain as the most beautiful mountain village after the rain. Shooting season and catch up with the fall in 11 years, everything slightly withered without falling, can be described as the right place at the right time. In the other hand,Insanity Workout, the film, right place, but the lack of human resources.
 director of the
"as good as gold," The Jockey Club Lei. From the play reflected the view of the problems, the Jockey Club Lei director of the film narrative rhythm ability to control the poor. Sensational start is the students sitting on the grass for several minutes, before entering the relative state of tension, the male lead fall to the hospital. Up to the diagnosis of an incurable disease, the death of the male lead has become the foreseeable future, in the process of waiting for the death of the male lead, unlimited large area sensational play is a direct result of the loss of moviegoers expect real good changes to "go die quickly, hurry to the next plot" to complain. - This phenomenon, not the audience without conscience, but the director used the camera to an abuse of lyrical, should this audience to understanding, to the director to express. For example, the male lead is home to die left Hebei Normal University East Campus for some, I saw that opened a full version of the car more than a minute, pro, you this is a TV series?
director serious problems in the scheduling of the lens. In addition to the abuse lyrical Another big problem is to complete the film shooting, shooting style drama. The movie, too much emphasis on the lines of dialogue, and few characters of the play, basically all the scenes are done through the lines, put aside the image, just look at the lines, the audience can reveal an "I sentence you" scenes. Director of the lens scheduling is dull and even messy, no aura. And even, this is an affliction piece (film side located affliction), director of the empty mirror actually did not see the love and bitter, the lens does not lyrical, weeping and noisy remaining characters to pretend lyric . Lens become a dead thing, the characters become alive, but the lack of "affliction" soul dead. In the the lens push and pull between the pan, can be issued to the feelings, the director of the language of the camera passes understand these.
say that the actor's speech. Cast the bad, or the director. "As good as gold," All the actors are put, but Shoubu Zhu, not acting freely. Like a hard to force a race, are put, but fully liberalized, they also lose the power of affliction, they will become a farce. For example, students find a crush on the girl that period for the death of the male lead, forced a bitter look, let the audience feel a bunch of God nerves. Group of young performers, in fact, the rest of freak to the back lines, they are not acting, but crying recite the text. It touches the mother of the male lead good scenes, but there is no tension because the story itself, which leads to the mother put too open, it is absent-minded. Mother played by too liberalized, resulting in this role seems there is no meaning, the lack of the spiritual world even more memorable. But on the whole, or scheduling problems, I always thought, no not the actor, not the director.
camera teachers really do not want to say he. Said one, my personal viewing experience - not to the lens.
But we have to see, "as good as gold" is actually is a screenwriter Center movie, the film quality is good or bad, to close full responsibility screenwriter Zhanwen Guan to negative. Directed by scheduling not, why use? The camera can not give up, why please? Instead we think, the failure of the director of the camera, to a large extent caused by the weakness of the script. In other words, the erection of the story itself, there is no tension.
1, old-fashioned storytelling way.
is classifying method itself is not the problem, but "as good as gold", screenwriter build script, without regard to the story transforms, anywhere, think we can cry for a nose, immediately Laxialianlai, everyone went with weeping and the. Poor grasp of the story rhythm, and even pre-bedding is too long, and behind spent force. This old-fashioned account of the way, resulting in the whole story is just a running account. Running account of their personal feelings, the play but he must have since significantly wise to join a variety of emotional catharsis, eventually leading to feelings bursting point, the blasting, actors with tears dip off the fuse.
no power lines for plays.
dialogue of the movie, it is the largest flawed. According to the TV series "flowers" (seemingly called "warm spring") dialogue. The screenwriter lack their own language features. Even, the screenwriter is in an awkward position on an own language. Another point, the various lines of dialogue winded, can say and an engaging absolutely say to thirty-five parties feel clever, in fact, only the old lady's long-winded like Mendun. Different characters, there should be a different language styles. But the screenwriter's grasp clearly insufficient. All bets are forced to suffer the bitter language to force the character, there is no difference, there is no any a bright spot.
superficial character build.
screenwriter when writing scripts, the lack of a deeper understanding of the story characters, in other words, not into the spiritual world of the characters, whimsical composition, leading to play all the characters are superficial, boiled water, and even more dead than alive and back lines. Explore the character of the spiritual world, the script of the movie is going to overcome first. Not do the work, or do not get this work, a direct result of the peace on the script, the characters are not alive, dead fish state. The male lead, is completely dead fish status, The argumentative the deathbed Guzuogaoshen a few words on the life and death of the person, but the lack of screenwriter stories ability, with to speak truths keen pout. Screenwriter suitable to open the Congress, rather than engage in script writing, from that point on.
4, the overall pace of the overall story out of control.
"as good as gold" gave me the feeling, the screenwriter for this good deeds to write poetry of praise, think of what to write where, did not focus on how much ink this, that part of how much ink. Do not know how the scheduling of ink, you can not generate the overall rhythm of the story. The film, in front of blunt forced lengthy behind this should be all-round display CAU how the student support for the elderly 10 years of things, but not what story to tell. The short a lot, this can be a long. This is not a story, this is a funny play limericks.
5, the proliferation of catharsis.
true suffered movie, is not so much a freak hanging ingesting pesticide. Silent is sound. "Schindler's List" is a good example. "As good as gold,Insanity Dvd," died, in order to render, rendering son not survive, covered with a tearful voice. This is the the screenwriter personal lack of capacity. Do not know how to find among the silent power of sound. This writing style reminds me of those hymns to shine as the Quartet, Golden Hill of Beijing, Chairman Mao is the golden sun - you are so straightforward praise good deeds, the audience will feel your own "good deeds" sycophant doubt on the motive of praise? - For example, to write good deeds really think it is worth learning it, or to sell a script fee? Too straightforward, often do not take the audience into the story, but directly to the audience to question the motives.
wiseacre plot add a lot of.
drama will be a big problem is that writer's try to be smart, come up with a lot of feel great but the audience think it is a very low-level plot. For example, the male lead home to recuperate and wait for death, the stone village spontaneous sprinkle on the road grain for some writers try to be smart and come up with a village sing River drum commentary and so on, is superfluous. Another example, the village committee director bet River drum artists, godson whether they can adhere to the 15 years it seems to contrast with the side of the pen writer, in fact, just the last story of screenwriter no material performance. Plus a River drum artists to join is entirely flaw, All the River drum aria, is the audience the play, the audience play, how can you take it followed the film's emotional beats?
script of the movie, as the Academy of Film Screenwriting error correction problem master, even every word, every plot placement, are worthy of scrutiny just the right again. Screenwriter, I would venture to speculate, is likely to be reading such as "Song of Youth", "Snowy Forest", "Yanshanyehua bibliographies grew up, language routines old, thought banal, boring creative approach. So I said, "as good as gold" is a stay of the things written in the seventies of the last century the creation of strokes. The brushwork, really the main theme, However, in addition to the main theme, what is left of it?
 Department of the author,
movies a week intoxicated show host, leave a program film exchange group: 233,760,395
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