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The July diary left, right, wander blog Tianya Com

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Thu May 16, 2013 8:05 am

 The 2012.7.7 Saturday Xiaoshu sun
with eggs and I said this summer I have not eaten ice cream.
eggs looked the cold voice hoarse speechless, plus tears can fall at any time, so a bit pathetic. Nodded his head.
I say I want a few do? A too little, after all, is not very good, so they are three now. Okay? Alright.
Hey, you did the right. Eggs are helpless, but do nothing.
I say, eat ice cream, again tomorrow like sun.
greedy child in one hand and a cream cones, side to concentrate on the eating still side to worry about the bag inside the ice cream. Do not know the reasons not because of cold, the taste of ice cream in addition to sweet, and then can not remember the other.
sun, ice cream tears.
2012.7.8 Sunday continues to Clear
vacation last to leave school earliest to arrive. This seems to have become a habit.
I insist Lai to quarters closed. Empty quarters of a man guarding a few days, a person watching movies, a person to sleep a daze at the screen, a man hungry, one instant noodles plus ice cream, a man listening to music, a pack things.
a person carrying a heavy suitcase, looking, waiting,Longchamp Bags UK, and walked away.
taxi driver to help put luggage, asked how such a heavy box, boyfriend?
silly I laugh at him, which is filled with books.
then looked to one side, watching out the window the sun is so bright, so I closed my eyes.
men, so they need to live like a man.
2012.7.11 Wednesday, can not remember the weather
Angels children here four days already. But out still some find the North.
mainly because her school is too large The secondary reason is the a Luchi level of my five stars. But I always believe that, since the Earth is round, so whether do I go, as long as I want, I can find my way home.
listening to Angels children said their school a dozen fruit. I only see the tree, and did not see the fruit. Not myopia deepened?
quarters no water, either no answer either shutdown phoned bottled water place. Played phone me to play in this day and bottled water also ground than call 10086.
2012.7.12 Thursday overcast drizzle
fifth day. Get up after the power outage.
out foraging. Oh, come here for five days, almost hungry in the past, can not eat a meal.
kung pao chicken fried rice, I get that the fish-flavored taste. Pork fried rice rice half cooked, are now even white rice drive from the fashionable inflicted medium rare. As for the broth, fried rice, in fact, completely fried rice with chili sauce no difference, but I said the chili sauce replaced Laoganma I can accept. Delicious potatoes, pepper chicken bibimbap inside is just as much a misnomer, private thought if called the pepper chicken skin bibimbap will be more apt ...
always not hungry,Birkenstock Sandals, every meal only eat up to half, while cursing their waste, while side miss meat ah meat. And I want to say is, I actually do not really picky eaters, really.
some cool drizzle 2012.7.13 Friday
sitting on a street bench above, blankly drinking matcha smoothies. The sky suddenly began to rain, but I do not want to leave.
loneliness and helplessness seems to turn into rain, icy cold hit in the body, this July, in Chongqing, and I actually felt cold. Have been sweet, but strange Matcha sweet little too far. From the mouth to the throat and finally to the stomach, as if my stomach is cold trembling.
passers-by, watching the comings and goings of the moment, I really want individuals to pick up my pocket and then take me home.
rain thee umbrella propped up?
2012.7,Longchamp UK.14 Saturday Partly it
I found the cafeteria and eat these days I'm most satisfied with a meal. My mood is so complex, the excitement touched meet happiness and all commendatory. I told the Angels children that I fell in love with your canteen. She can not understand.
I began to understand that our school canteen how good that teach Japanese old man has been said to us.
of canteen interested, Do I taste really a problem?
2012.7.15 Sunday, forget the weather
I Linxing and pet dozen books piled up next to me. Some of them are indifferent and some arrogant some enthusiasm and some charming and some serious. I opened all the distorted letters either Flurry Debating else in the Spring and Autumn. Mercy on me time and energy are really limited, hey ... the slow progress, lethargy difficult to wake up, sad.
2012.7.16 Monday suddenly clear suddenly rain
evening return to the road, street lights on time and the sun shifts. Looks like a the fruit sugar childhood. Sinking far of sugar, around Indus infected with a layer of sweet, confused I hit it hit it under the mouth, aftertaste under my childhood.
those insects and moths probably, and I like the idea, or how do you explain them to old to turn around the street lamps. The attitude of want to taste sinking sugar is so obvious, Oh, how I would see through.
turned over a week.
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