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The impact road traffic accidents can have on young people has been highlighted by new research from the AA.
road traffic accident girl
A survey by the firm revealed that 67 per cent of those aged 16 and 17 know someone who has been injured or killed in an RTA.
Furthermore, 22 per cent of those asked said they knew three or more people who had been involved in such an accident. By the time they reach 18, there is a one in ten chance someone will have been involved in a crash which led to injury or The Sweets Life Does Appetizers PDF death.
However, the study also found that young people are aware they need to take action to reduce the risk of them becoming involved in a RTA or road traffic accident. It revealed at 69 per cent of 16-25 Cakes & Pastries Market in Slovakia to 2014 (Bakery and Cereals) PDF year olds agree they have the biggest role to play when it comes to improving their safety on the roads.
Additionally, 37 per cent of respondents thought additional training on things like wet weather, night and motorway driving would help cut the number of road traffic accidents, while 30 per cent wanted to see road safety Bakery Products - World Summary PDF on the national curriculum.
Simon Douglas, the director of the AA's Driving School, called on new drivers to Farmhouse Fare Case Study: creating opportunities in the premium chilled dessert category PDF ensure they act on these good intentions.
''Road tragedies have hit young social networks right across the country. These same networks influence attitudes and behaviour, which are the true causes of many crashes involving young drivers," he said.
''Young people are clear that it's up to them to act and that better learning is key. A test Bakery and Cereals in Taiwan to 2011 PDF pass in itself does not guarantee a safe attitude behind the wheel."
He suggested that post-test qualifications should be completed by more young drivers as this should help reduce the number of crashes.
However, if young people are involved in a RTA that wasn't their fault, then they have every right to seek compensation regardless of how much experience they have behind the wheel. In order to best whether they have a claim, anyone who has been in a crash should consult a specialist solicitor who will be able to tell them if they can seek compensation for damage to their vehicle and/or personal injury.
The solicitor will then be able to guide the claimant through the process and ensure they receive 100 per cent of the compensation Bakery and Cereals Market in Greece to 2014 PDF due to them.
Learn more for further information RTA's Survey
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