Lean on a railing view of the history of 27 , lean

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Lean on a railing view of the history of 27 , lean

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1. Eastern Han Dynasty, northeast China's Liaodong county a Koguryo, Koryo Kingdom, ancient called Liaodong.

2. Sui Dynasty when Emperor Wen, Emperor fourth conquest can not win.

3. Tang Dynasty Xinli, Li Yuan in power Koryo king high Jianwu quickly sent an emissary to fix vassal satisfied for, and are willing to put the Chinese people in the past but also because of the war and exile.

 "Name is required phase Vice
Gaozu Li Yuan disagree. Korea has also expressed willingness to for Sui minister, however, eventually playing with the Emperor battle, how can you count the country's courtiers na? Now we are the most important is reassuring, this is not the first to lay down to say? "After repeated persuasion Minister Wen Yanbo, etc., Li Yuan only reluctantly agreed to fix, but at heart, he is not with east countries put into.

4. Koryo country often and neighboring Luo Baiji States to war, two small countries Zhaojiabuzhu, also came to help. Just when Emperor Taizong still the Turkic combat and north, did not mind Gu Zhu Xi extravagance, to the head, can only send a messenger to go and tried to mediate. To really put the three countries temporarily persuaded to open.

Taizong attack Koryo, said: "Liaodong originally a Chinese place, past the Sui Dynasty fourth conquest can not win. The crusade here, to those of former victims of revenge. Not to mention the world mostly is put down, the rest of the place have not rein,Longchamp UK. I'm gonna have to take before and have not yet completely old, and occupied it together. "Visible Tang Dynasty offensive Korea premeditated planning to long.


one interaction suspicious explore the imperial family, believers into trouble end to kill the king:


5, Tang Dynasty, defeated the Turks, seize the auspicious Khan, national strength is becoming more and more powerful. The Koryo king more worried, rushed groveling offer domain graph closure, which in ancient times is a mean absolute surrender.

6. Li Shimin also did not say anything else, to Korea, to ruin the locals boast of victory with the bones of the Sui people View Beijing (King mound) first sent messengers Sun division.

Note: Beijing concept ", has a view of Beijing's many ancient books records, such as Records Zhangpingzhizhan, Xiang Yu abusing of 200,000 Qin were prisoners of war; Han Wang Mang Kengsha the revolt ; "Three Kingdoms", "Book of Jin", "Song", "History of the Ming Dynasty," and so many.


7. looked at this move of the Tang Dynasty envoy, built the King Wu suspicious aggravated, quietly Fuyu along the northeast to the southwest side of the sea, to prepare for the repair starting thousands of miles Great Wall. Over time, he also sent Prince Huan rights to worship, take a look at the Tang Dynasty in the end Koryo hold what idea.

8. Taizong will be counted on the meter, also called Guangzhou Sima Chen Dade salute, the way spying actual situation.

9. Chen Dade and his men there everywhere bribe Korea officials collected a lot of detailed intelligence, come back to report to Li Shimin, said: "I heard Gaochang also been occupied Korea large Lu (equivalent to China's prime minister) three times ran our envoys stayed greetings na. "

Emperor listened, smiled and said: "Koryo place only four counties, I sent tens of thousands of soldiers to attack Liaodong straight to take the coastal road from Donglai Pyongyang - to exterminate them, too easy. Just, let's just let the national peace that people can not labor. "Will put aside these things.


Korea a big Lu dead, his son springs Gaesomun, in office, looking for the opportunity to kill King Wu Jian, Li Jian Wu Wang brother son hidden for the new king, their monopoly of power.

11. Taizong heard of this thing, sent an emissary to offer condolences, and advised him on this excuse to attack Korea.

 Sun loudly advice: "Gaesomun to know that their crimes are not small, certainly preparedness we forbear first emperor that he felt assured,
Minister. Or let us write a letter to go to soothe the king of the new legislation, people safety first stabilize. This will allow the Koreans to reduce the alert. "Li Shimin think this a good idea, adopted.

12 AD 644, happened to Korea and Baiji unite to attack Silla, occupying several towns, Silla state can not stand, and quickly called messengers to call for help.

Taizong a few ideas for them, he said: "To rescue ye into First I sent forces, joint local Khitan nation military forces to attack Liaodong. The second is to give you some Tang Jun, the military flag uniforms, most of the two countries saw fear, perhaps on the withdrawal of troops. Is let Tangjun Baiji attacked by sea. Well do you think that way? "

Silla messengers secretly whispered, these are far from the water can not put the a nearly fire the way, is we want you to send the army siege we play Korea Na. But do not know how good reply, froze.

So of Li Shimin Mr. Peppers the agricultural prime minister inside the mysterious Award went to mediation, called each retreat back to the pre-war status. But Gaesomun said those who occupied the place originally Korea's territory, how not promised retreat phase inside the mysterious prize can not be helped to return home to report truthfully. The Taizong Seeing opportunity, decide foreign crusades Korea.

II. The proposed military first Solid State Xingyi division as early as shipped forage

13. many courtiers against Emperor the personal expedition Liaodong, think that the emperor troops to attack so far, left such a big empire nobody case northwest of the Turks to attack again, or internal, some people took the opportunity to rebellion bad deal.

Taizong think rational, they left the Prince to guard the rear in Dingzhou, give him accompanied by Ma weeks and several and loyal and resourcefulness Minister and also called Fang Xuanling govern the country to stay in Chang'an, we set off.

autumn July 14 in AD 644, the Emperor commands will make a large prison Yan Lide wait until in Hongzhou, Raozhou, Jiangzhou, shipbuilding four hundred, ready to be used to carry rations. Also sent a battalion State captaincy Jian Zhang with 20,000 people ride the the Liaoning water testing under Korea's strength.

to the edge of the Liaohe, are finding floods, Jian Zhang see half will not cross the river, only to return to Camp State.

Taizong think Jian Zhang timid, not very satisfied. So the Jiangxia Dukes Li Daozong volunteered with one hundred cavalry in the past, deep behind enemy lines, the terrain dangerous narrow study some.

came back, found the Koryo soldiers off to return, and quickly Bypass, finally safely back to the Tang Dynasty. Jian Zhang to Chang'an, the retreat of the specific reasons about to speak, then again the situation of the local mountains, human customs and a detailed explanation of some Taizong was very pleased, still call him with the Yingzhou soldiers served leading.

15. forage, on the north side of Camp State, Tai Changqing Wei Ting responsible for transporting Wei Chong Wei Ting's father, the Sui Dynasty Camp State stab to make, had to follow Suiyangdi attack Liaodong leaving a lot of lessons to future generations. Learn from the lessons of the last Emperor Wei Ting no overland transport forage. But along and State Sanggan northward transport, did not expect the winter, most of the northern river icing, Rocky can not move forward. He had the rice under the southwest LU Si-stage Youzhou going to wait until spring then meters forward transport. Followed by Zhuomang letter to absolve itself from, say, the forage will be shipped to wait until next year army offensive. Emperor looked very happy, the ministers said: "send troops to the day I'm not sure na, how so sure the spring of next year? I intend troops, the forage supply is not on how to do na. ? "Send someone to verify this matter, investigators return Wei Ting did not investigate and Xiujun river on the shipment of the wrong. He was removed from office, find another instead. In fact, Wei Ting know the Liaodong winter cold, muddy land, the army can not fight, judged to be quite accurate, but Taizong unwilling to let others aware of military aircraft, only then he caught up to condemn the Zhengou injustice.
 Ancient adults City
part of the existing east, to the the Taipu Shaoqing, Xiao Rui transit, his responsibility is to be the Henan Road turned over to the rations coastal sent to the battlefield.


 hurriedly sent messengers after
16. Gaesomun aware of the situation, with the gold to the consecration, also sent the domestic nobility fifty to act as a hostage to the court amends. Can Taizong not and will not accept, the messengers, scolded, and then all seize imprisoned.

III. Significant Guowei officers and men courageously, King could maintain people enthusiastically

17,Longchamp Bag UK. the Taizong selected generals: the original captured Turkic Khan Li Jing, who follow Zheng Yuan Suiyangdi crusade Liaodong cast (retired officer) the Shi results, Li Daozong, Xue Wan Che famous.

Longmen Warrior, originally an honest farmer's lad, this time into the army, became generals Zhang Shigui men.

the Datang total levy made sixteen soldiers, the total number of thousands of people. November AD 644, the Emperor ordered the Board of Punishments Book Zhang Liang as Pyongyang Road march the big Explorer, led by the Yangtze River, the Huaihe River, Lingnan, Three Gorges sailors forty thousand, three thousand volunteers recruited in Chang'an and Luoyang by three 100 warships expedition route from Shandong Donglai across the Bohai Sea, toward the Koryo the capital of Pyongyang. To Bingbushangshu the Shi-performance, Jiangxia Dukes Li Daozong for the Liaodong Road and vice march large mains led step cavalry totaling 60,000, mixed with some allegiance to the minorities in the northwest troops along the land and took Liaodong. The two armies at the same time of departure. By the end of November, there are many forces arrived You state, Xingjunzongguan ginger this and less government less prison mound flooded two where Anluo Hill supervision craftsmen to manufacture a variety of siege equipment. This time, there are many Warriors voluntary army, there are many people presented their own invention or collection Siege the Taizong are based on the actual situation need to incorporate using.


In the near, Taizong Zhaogao the world crusade against Korea. In his view, the Emperor conquest Korea had been unsuccessful because of his brutal king Korea generosity. Now, he there are five aspects to ensure that the card victory:

. Big country to attack a small country;
II. Righteous crusade against the insurgency;
III. To attack Sangluan the stability and unity of the country Pradesh;
IV. Enough to wait at Plaza, energy;
five. People willing to follow my resentment Gaesomun.

 Despite his reasons seem sufficient
, but there are still some people against it, a man named Li Daliang courtiers character is very Gengzhi Pro died also released a letter to the emperor, said a lot of practical reason, and resolutely opposed to the expedition can be This is how blocked lives the Emperor Na ambitious.


IV. Korea the domestic soldiers and civilians fear Liaodong City Explorer scared


18. 645 AD, just getting the spring, the Emperor personally led the army northward departure from Luoyang.

summer of AD 645, Shi results troops by road in advance of departure, he pretend from HuaiYuanZhen offensive tide Liaoning water from the north, and then quietly, under came to Xuantu the city. Koryo people frightened, hurried to shrink to their respective city defense.

 , Li Daozong thousands of soldiers and horses
soon attack to Sinshih City, conciliation, Du Wei Cao Sanliang men with only a dozen cavalry rushed cruise under the walls. The Xinshi of many military and civilian terrified, afraid to come out fighting.

Jian Zhang Camp State led forces and the local minority reinforcements pressure from Liaohe to Jian'an City, there to defeat the enemies of the play. The striker is a small victory, of Tangjun encouraging big.

followed the Shi-performance Li Daozong quickly win cover Mou city, captured twenty thousand residents, and access to food for tens of thousands of stone. Then into the Liaodong City, when Emperor Liaodong only came from Peking, the road to over a radius of more than two hundred years, Liao Ze mud all over, for Dajiang Yan Lide in the road structures Dobashi, troops did not suffer any hinder the past a.

army has not arrived yet, the Buji Four people appear in striker sounding of Koryo reinforcements.

the Tang Jun generals mostly recommended first defense, waiting for the arrival of Emperor army battle again. Li Daozong adhere to the attack: "the enemy despite the fatigue of the long journey, With power in numbers, you can beat Let me take the opportunity to severely beat them. Besides, we as a vanguard to as the Cheng Yu came to the road sweeping the enemy Is also reserved for the emperor to play this? "That is to say, the the Shi results also feel justified, will lead the army against the enemy.

 got cold feet when
Guoyi the Commandery Marvin cite shouting: "Do not run into a ferocious enemy, how seem we Zhuang Yong Na. "So the horse threw herself in, red chaos enemy positions, Tang Jun was encouraged together rushed to the and Koryo Army killing one. I did not expect Xingjunzongguan Junyi Zhang afraid of death, war to the halfway retreat. In a crisis, Li Daozong hastily retreating soldiers down, and he found the enemy formation has messed immediately with dozens of cavalry reached the tight encirclement, suddenly left and right. Shi performance homeopathic onslaught, the and finally big break Koryo Army.

fighting just shortly after the end of the emperor to the Liaodong City, he Liaohe River on the bridge removed, no victory is not going home, then the army stationed in the near Liaodong City, Ma first down the mountain. Taizong praised Li Daozong, promoted Marvin cite ZhongLangJiang, located in the funk Junyi Zhang chopped. Then with a few hundred cavalry to the Liaodong City under patrol.


to the city under the Emperor saw soldiers carrying soil to fill nursing moat, also enthusiastically involved to pick more heavy soil to fill. Under learn to follow his example, and rushing to the soil shipped to the city under Soon took care moats filled. The Shi-performance full siege the Liaodong City, twelve days before and after the fighting have been several hundred re-repair of long-Wai, the city under scat and cries ZhenTianDongDe. Then, after a few days, southerly winds, Tang Junshi soldiers posted in the red pole, lit with torches city Southwest floor, the fire spread. The officers and men of the momentum into the Korea soldiers and civilians desperate resistance failed to block. Liaodong city is overcome, the city's army of more than ten thousand people killed, captured more than ten thousand, forty thousand people. Tang Dynasty changed this city Liao state, previously occupied cover Mou city changed Gaizhou.

 the the
occupied the Liaodong City, near the City of White Rock frightened, and quickly and Taizong contact request surrender the get permission halfway Fanhui the. Emperor was furious, Yinbing siege, and Chuanyu whole army: "just win this city full Shanggei officers and men, it will be the city's population items! "At this point, the coastal road starting army also good news.




five. The navy generals no Yong anti wins by land armies trapped war Ann City


19. Suigun sea crossing from Donglai and first attacked Peel shacheng.

Peel sand fortresses surrounded rise steeply towering, only Simon can climb.

in late one night, the Pioneer drive name the vibration led his troops in the immediate concern, its Fu Zongguan Wang is the head entering Dengcheng.

summer, in May, the whole city was broken, captured alive and more than 8,000 soldiers and civilians.

Subsequently, Zhang Liang other severance Explorer Qiu Xiaozhong expand the troops at the Yalu River to deter the Koreans.

July navy marching to Jian'an City, the whole army yet the tree good camp gate the Koryo army suddenly immediate concern.

the big Explorer, Zhang Liang panic, do not know how to deal with scared silly afford to sit on the bed Hu, her eyes looking straight, then forgot to say. Fortunately, Tang Jun, well-trained, the soldiers looked at him like that, and also thought he was fearless, calm as a mountain, actually each calm down, and turned to the enemy. Coronel Mesquita Zhang Jinshu momentum sounding drum launch a counterattack, the officers and men then rush ahead courageously big break strikes the enemy, and win for a while. Moment, Shiraiwa City has long been overcome, the Tang Dynasty army cloud Ji'an City City being strokes to win the Korea National Na.


May Taizong command Zhujiang when offensive Baiyan City, the big Umori General Li Simo (Ashina Simo) his body bolt Taizong personally in the sounding of sucking his blood healing aware of this The officers and men, all of them moved extremely frenzy adding courageously mettle.

 The high the Liwu bone City sent
troop reinforcements Shiraiwa City suffered the Tang generals deed will He force volley, he took eight hundred cavalry, head straight into the enemy positions.

melee, long spear-in waist, enemy soldiers took the opportunity to put his besieged to see Didi live.

is critical, generals Xue Wan prepared Riding Alone rushed into, pull the deed must be any force in the Peoples being.

He believes that such a failure is simply a disgrace, flew in the array will be waist wounds a simple dressing, and turning over Shahui enemy positions, the Koryo army when live where its Tribes brave big defeat, fled dozens , fortunately it grew dark, Tang Jun, no in-depth pursuit, black bone the reinforcements before exempt from capsize.

shortly soldier stabbed the deed must Ho force sudden high Bo was arrested Taizong called any force to handle any force then said: "He rained braved the battlefield to defend their country Feng Di knives and stabbed me, it is the gallant warrior na. Then again, we were strangers, not personal matters, Gan Meyao kill him? "As people will be the high outburst Bo let go.

, the Shiraiwa Santo grandchildren tone see not withstand quietly send hand down contact surrender, consented. The the Emperor called the messenger with Tangjun banner back, plug in the head of the city, city of soldiers and civilians that Tang Jun has been brought into the capital, have put down their arms and surrender.

moment Shi results request Taizong practice promise becomes Bai Yanjun China Tang Jun, the officers and men of the slaves. Taizong listening to this request, but dismount to apologize to him, saying: "practical promise, Akinobu others, you said it right. The indulgence soldiers to the city to kill a prey, so I really can not stand it. , Generals men active, I have to own their own money reward, even if the redemption of this city soldiers and civilians. "The emperor is so large, Shi results also no longer a dispute.

Shiraiwa city of one million people get preservation Shiraiwa city from other places to participate in the Battle of Korea soldiers have also been soothing, and issuing toll, so they returned to the place to go. Cover of Mou city fall when, seven hundred people had from Canadian corpse City into aid Tangjun prisoners. Now see Emperor so magnanimous, deeply touched by voluntary Add Tangjun combat. But the Emperor refused, telling them: "Members of the family are in Canada corpse City have to bring trouble on you fighting for my family and destroy a family, in order to get any one of you, I really can not do their homes. "After a few days, made a toll, to let these people go home.


occupation Shiraiwa, Taizong and Shi results themselves, saying: "I heard Ann City impregnability, and the soldiers are very sophisticated, especially Santo, very talented. Past Gaesomun rebellion, the person refused to accept the Gaesomun how to play no less than this city, and only then, this city gave him possession. I look as good as the first strike Jian'an City, if win Jianan, security surrounded the more easy to handle. Art of War says: City have not offensive, so mean. "Shi results thought replied:" Jian in the south, security in the north, our army food in Liaodong City, and now across the Ann City offensive Jianan, grain Road is off trouble. Not as good as the first strike An City, won this city, Jianan it is not difficult to take. Taizong think it makes sense, says: "Now, I know you as generals, of course, starting your way, but do not delay things better. "So offensive security. Honestly, Shi results meaning did not say it, is that the emperor foreign crusades, really has anything happens, he can not afford, it is better to find the safest nothing combat, just so a lot of good opportunities no.

 the end of June
, the Tang army marching to Ann City Safety City Koryo city, the loss of this city, Pyongyang's door wide open, without insurance, according to the. So Korea country quickly dispatched northern mattress the Bodhisattva high life extension, high benefits spiffy Koryo, family soldiers one hundred and fifty thousand reinforcements Ann City.



VI. Guests boast significant Rengui brave mountain name in clear streets Hutchison feats

20. face of Korea reinforcements army of Emperor that the method can deal with their own high-life extension that side, there are three possibilities:

a. soldiers even Ann City City horns, entrenched alpine insurance plug, army food in town raising interest rates, then people four to snatch the horses and cattle rations, so that the Tangjun attack can not be a short period of time to win, intend to retreat and hindered autumn muddy without a fight and sit back and our military, this is the best way.

b. took the city soldiers and civilians to escape to the Koryo Mainland, which is the second choice.

c. overconfident, and our military exchange that it is an unwise move.

21. really high life extension does not listen to the experienced veteran to discourage, to the battle holding people mention soldiers attack Tangjun. Fraud defeated and fled into place only forty miles off Aberdeen City, Taizong also worried Koryo army halfway changed their mind and sent Samori the Great General with Ashina Toure, two thousand Turks cavalry to lure the enemy, as soon as the warring . All this, see the Koryo people laugh, encourage each other to say: "easy to play ah. "They bang dash forward in the Ann City, southeast of Bali a piedmont array intention of destroying Tangjun.


22. against Korea army. Taizong with hundreds of cavalry, and Sun loudly and courtiers to Peak height lookout, understand the terrain the enemy's situation.

Taizong saw Korea clan soldiers coalition forces array up to forty miles, heart concerns, look melancholy.

the Jiangxia Dukes Li Daozong flight advice: "since the Koryo pour country from Armageddon, Pyongyang's fielding is certainly not strong, His Majesty gave me five thousand crack troops scored piece of the root of the ground, so that the enemy not retreat in front of this hundreds of thousands of heavily certainly without a fight. "

Taizong did not answer, he figured to have enough troops to defeat Korea coalition forces, good and brilliant British skip it.

in order to reduce the morale of the enemy, the Emperor sent an emissary to Mong, life extension, and said: "I asked Gaesomun crimes of murder monarch, and those who fight you, not my intention. To your territory, lack of food, and so won several city taking out the meal. Wait until the Ministry of Korea domestic stability, and you lost a certain return. "

high Yanshou thinking of many people, it seems Taizong we really afraid, you agree to have it, slowly, alert and relaxed.

 see trick succeed
Emperor, and immediate military conference held in the night, command the Shi results with Buji fifteen thousand Xiling array, Sun loudly with elite troops million for Jones disrupt the enemy command of four thousand Buji quietly boarded Kitayama ambush convention armies to hear the the Gujiao sound, go out together Kills.

next day, high-life extension and others found The Shi results troops in the lineup, and quickly rectify forces to prepare for war.

at the moment, Taizong saw Sun loudly Jones have been moving their dust, they ordered its sounded Gujiao, raised the banner of the army roared with red will come out.

 The generals see
Korea the the Tang Jun forceful, and hurried to the headquarters team to divide our forces to meet the enemy, which makes them a confusing array of military. God will catch up when the dark cloud cover the thunder lightning Qi, going to the next point of autumn add to the fun.

enlist in the army of honest farmers Rengui body jacket with a white robe, sporting a white cloth with a portable Hercules, riding a Liema lead reached the Koryo army at the moment.

 dim the sky, lightning cross and swayed, his presence is even more distinct.

Rengui scream and went straight to rush ahead, stop the provision of easily, invincible.

two armies array emergence of such a hero, even the Emperor stared Koryo more thrilling, back up.

Tangjun momentum storm enemy defeated, there are about twenty thousand people were killed.

after the war, Taizong Rengui promoted as a guerrilla generals.

 the collected remnants thirty-six thousand eight hundred people, after
high Yanshou defeated the mountain from the solid.

Tangjun surrounded encirclement Sun loudly encirclement near the bridge return to sever out.

In desperation, the high life extension had to surrender. He went to the emperor at the foot of knees from the Tang camp entrance and request disposal.

 The Emperor Taizong
said laughingly: "Dongyi young people Well, the corner edge of the sea Chengneng also. To really hit the decisive time, knowledgeable man and I do far worse na. Dare to Emperor Battle it? "Korea commanders that lie on the ground the silent verbal exchanges.

Taizong mattress Sa following chiefs three thousand selected out granted to the military, and they migrate to the mainland to go. The rest of the Koryo release also Pyongyang. The captives get this good news, all hands in the air and bowed gratitude, the cheers resounded within a radius of dozens of miles away.

people miserable on them 3,300 were arrested and buried alive, is said to punish them for violations of the Emperor Yu Jia's sake.

war was fifty thousand horses, cattle,lacoste shoes uk, fifty thousand, ten thousand armored collar and other substances abound.

Taizong this war as his life editing software, wrote to the rear of the Prince and the ministers boasted: "When my generals on this, you think? The mountain called ambush ", and named in incurred Hill, as a keepsake. Koreans smell the hearing of this defeat, and do not intend to hang on the city, after the Yellow City, Silver City soldiers and civilians to retreat empty. Congan to Pyongyang, a few hundred miles radius of no human habitation. Ann City insists resist, do not intend to surrender.


VII. The unpreparedness autumn hurry to actually sighed Wei Zheng He died young

 In July of
fall Taizong issued an edict to identify the war dead carcasses, etc. carried back with the army returning. And seal down the high life extension for the Hong Luqing, high benefit really Sinong Qing.

August spy caught high bamboo from the Emperor personally asked this person who ropes untied, asked him, "how do you so thin na? "High bamboo from replied:" escape Parkway inventory, multiplied gap forward not eaten in a few days. "Emperor gave him a meal, and then said:" Since you are a spy, will certainly have to go back complex life, on my behalf to Mo from the the branch Gaesomun pass, then, to inquire about our military news sent directly to my hello, no need to quietly Mimi's so hard. "He had put it back. Went away, Taizong saw high bamboo from barefoot, but also sent a pair of shoes to him.

Ann City how not hit down, but Ann City defenders out of the city did not dare to battle. The Emperor just send more scouts reconnaissance, to camp by simply not built to the camp gate Trenches. Out of work Tangjun soldiers is single, wild casual accommodation do not have to worry about anything, and almost in China.

soldiers into the Liaodong day of counting, before and after consumption of the six months, Mo from branch Gaesomun quietly sent messengers to contact northwest family Xueyan Tuo, abetting them to attack China.

Xue Yantuo pearl Khan is quite seductive, the emissary who to spy Taizong sent them bluntly said: "Tell ye the pearl Khan, I now attack to Korea, you want to attack China, in spite of Come is! "This indeed reached ears pearl Khan, that he may be scared by quickly also sent a messenger to apologize, and expressed its willingness to send troops to help the Emperor refused.

Ann City man saw Tangjun take not confidence enough up. Whenever they saw the Emperor's driving them from the city under their standing on the wall, burst into abusive.

Taizong furious, the Shi results also angry, however, he asked, to overcome after the city people are buried alive out. City, military and civilian security heard the news, the more desperately stick.

Ann City is more difficult to be broken. Army down the high life extension and high benefits really recommend black bone straight for Ann City, behind the city, and then headed towards the Pyongyang. The ministers also think this way, and told Taizong, Zhang Liang troops to Peel Shacheng together soldiers Gongba black bone Yalu River, then ride straight to take Pyongyang. Sun loudly resolutely opposed, the reason is very simple: "Son of Heaven foreign crusades and general generals, absolutely can not take the danger fluke. Ann City and Jian'an enemies now, there are about one hundred thousand, we go around, does not exclude the possibility we after the military attack. Emperor expedition, only to be a surefire plan. Or broken safety first, and then take Jian'an, and then a long drive and into. "Emperor refute this reason can not, and then I thought anyway forces is not enough, or continue to besiege the Ann City. As a result, for the sake of foolproof, but can not be used Jones, the best way to become the unwise move.

day, Ann City people intend to multiply Tangjun Jiugong lax, attack look. I did not expect the death squads of the slaughter of chickens Treat sound with people, the Emperor heard, he judged likely to attack the enemy tight security. Sure enough, in the evening, hundreds of Koryo members of death squads out of the city with a rope hanging down. Taizong discovered, personally leading troops into the city under the engaged, killing dozens of people, the other to pull back, afraid to come out from this.

the Jiangxia Wang Li Daozong command team run up the mountain of soil, gradually approaching the southeast corner of the city of Ann City also own walls constantly heightening resist.

 soldiers of
on both sides of each other in the high ground Gongsha six, seven days, Tang Jun, a red car grind stone tower broke Ann City immediately erected large Mucha plugged the gap. Before and after the 60 days, with a workforce of about five hundred thousand, was built to the mountain of soil from the town only Jizhang scene.

Tsuchiyama breaking down the walls of overwhelm, responsible for guarding Tang Fu volts love the private departure Shou, nobody hill commanding. Korea soldiers immediately rushed out from the walls of the gap occupied territories Hill, dug a long trench garrison with.

Taizong Seeing such a good chance White lost, and my heart is very annoyed, to kill Fu volts love the military before. Li Daozong barefoot to the Army's confessing his sin, Taizong serious told him: "Your sins are indeed damn. But since, like Han Wudi did kill the king humorous and loss general, it is better to re as Qinmu Gong Ming Meng, as can win, not to mention you still have broken cover Mou, the Liaodong credit, this particular spare you. "


is said the actual mistakes Li Daozong, he forgot to alert
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