Nike Free do not know how long time

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Nike Free do not know how long time

Postby jaillFabraise » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:14 pm

But Kong Yu wanted to inquire about the world five lines fine 魄 news, after all the four seas Dragon King is also a big power, should still know that some world five lines of fine 魄 the message, but if any news about less than in the palace, so Kong Yu is going to leave, Christian Louboutin Sale and don't want to be a lifetime here when the miners. Quietly self-discipline, do not know how long time, the guard Kong Yu Sea Patrol Yaksha over rude will wake up Kong Yu, and then hurried to Kong Yu left here facing to outside walk, it seems that the end of the day, Christian Louboutin Sale is caught the boat again, toward the dragon fly away, to the Dragon King's palace is closed again after the cell inside, but it is worth saying is, everyone is divided into a fingernail-sized Lingshi. Lingshi is small, but the energy is not small, this let Kong Yu very happy, in Christian Louboutin Sale absorption of heaven and earth five lines of strength of the speed, if the full absorption of words, will naturally cause trouble, but the energy absorption of Lingshi won't have to worry about so much, you can rest assured that bold absorption.
This let Kong Yu is satisfied, took the Lingshi is beginning to cultivating cross-legged, but after the day after a month, hole body within the skill is finally all recovery, and growth, but also on the Dragon King's palace has a general understanding, so Kong Yu is trying to escape the miners life began to inquire, and five rows of fine 魄 news. Because of the need to restore power and physical strength, Kong Yu swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load when a month of miners, is finally back up to full power, and also to understand some of the situations in the Dragon Palace in daily observation Nike Free, so he decided to leave the miners day, prepared in the Dragon Palace. Five spirit world news Isabel Marant Shoes. Once again came to the Kong Yu this month to mining in Lingshi cave, Kong Yu took a hoe is mined, the guard Kong Yu Sea Patrol Yaksha guards to Kong Yu in the beginning is very strict, but later found out that Kong Yu's luck was excellent, always can quickly mining to Lingshi, and worked out just ease of cultivation, and will not cause trouble, so also gradually relaxed the guard Kong Yu Kong Yu. In the mining of ore Sometimes, the Sea Patrol Inuyasha will actually aside doze off.
This time is no exception, while holding the hoe mining in Lingshi Kong Yu, the Sea Patrol Inuyasha is to find a comfortable place to sleep, but this time Kong Yu is no longer mining in Lingshi, in the Sea Patrol Yaksha became drowsy and fell asleep, Kong Yu is ready to escape from here. Look at the hands of the chain, Kong Yupa startled the Sea Patrol Yaksha, then just use physical force began to tear up GHD. Originally bore jade now reach nine turn a Xuan fourth turn body strength, even if is a mountain can be punched broken, but let Kong Yu didn't think his use of all physical strength unexpectedly is not able to give to the chains. The chains under Kong Yu tear was suddenly from a finger as thick, become full adult arm rough, weight moment is increased by hundreds of times, already accustomed to the weight of the Kong Yuyi chain suddenly is become very does not adapt, the action becomes some difficult.
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