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Urban planes businessman -494

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Chapter 94 the Cloud cone Jianpai
On the ability of the two new dry open pupil breaking pieces. The Li Ming addition Ah trial; yin fire evil pupil. Outside. The other two did not test out. Which made him feel depressed.
Seeing no trial usage of two other new capabilities, Li they do not care how. After all, the other side there is a waiting own beggar.
Li eyes Fuming more people around miss them, especially want to look around the new contact person is what he looks like.
Think of here, Li is not in place too much delay, and the azimuth line towards beggar where to go.
When he saw the seat on the grass playing small White beggar. Could not help stunned for a moment.
Not not say, the saw people children and just listen to the sound does not feel exactly the same.
Do not see a beggar when Li just by the sound, that the beggar is a fifteen-year-old juvenile. But eyes and looked at the moment, the curtain into the eyes, Li is a gaunt figure.
The most crucial point, because Li just restore vision. So see carefully. Now a beggar and not male sign Adam's apple.
The beggar's see who is tory burch flat teasing Small White Li back, quickly stood up and rushed to his direction.
Li has been staring at her when she saw the beggar could not help stunned,tory burch outlet store.
Why do tory burch flat not you speak?
See Li some strange expression, the beggar tory burch sale not help opening tory burch flat said.
What are you going?
Looked a beggar smiled, and Li Ming bent down toward a small White beckoned.
After eye Fuming, Li most want to do is go home to see their loved ones and friends, there are two women, Du Gufeng children and as the door,tory burch flat, the main door Qing Ji.
Feel the eyes of a beggar at the moment the original is Nver Shen, Li Ming, but you want to hurry back to the real world tory burch flat inside. Also gave up tory burch flat many of the problems, only to have asked.
Your eye can see, '
At this time. Jue Li's eyes facial look. The beggar was somewhat taken aback, pointing to Li aloud said.
This mysterious small white pig just jump by Li Li hands into his arms.
Boss! Your eyes like black diamonds as tory tory burch flat burch bags bright! tory burch tote bag Are not to wear contact lenses?
By Li Ming into his arms the the small White Henghengjiji Ming Li Ming eyes spoke,tory burch flats.
Shut up!
Severely pulling a white pig ears, Li He Nuchi Road.
The Small White Lane honest down after Li looked across to the beggar.
Can see the face of the beggar she deliberately discredit her disheveled head and emaciated people feel her petite thin.
Before leaving when Li Ming also thinking about how to arrange this little girl.
After all, she has been here a fairy soldiers, and how the arrangements have to give this little girl later in life.
With this intention,tory burch outlet store, Li spoke and said: just to restore you here, not what family and friends I send you in the past. The TXT text cutting 2.30 National Day Special Edition of the King Eagle by the coffee Academy support. Coffee College · Coffee novel network products cup of coffee, in life, nice novels, Hand reading novels, full text novel, TXT novel download Coffee College the, phone to read wap.coffee-read.com tory burch flat.
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