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Postby Catherine9 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:29 am

 1. "Let price fly" will continue to face the problem
recently a joke insane biography in microblogging and major forum: "Following the" Let the Bullets Fly "opened a department emergency release" oil fly. "annual blockbuster prices fly" "Let the price to fly" always hit "; scripts ridicule, said it is a fact: the continuing rise in prices is a big problem for China's economy in 2011 to continue to face.
As we all know, home textile products experienced the dual pressures of rising costs. First, fabric costs. In 2010, the price of cotton fabrics rose nearly 100% silk fabrics also rose more than 30%; flakes cost. The Silk Cotton prices surged 20% in 2010, and various fillers such as cashmere, camel hair, goose down, silk prices rose also ranging between 20% to 60%. Winter home textile product is nothing more than the two parts. While living in the sales season, but because of the cost of "inside and outside" squeeze companies take in the edge of the "zero profit".
which is why many entrepreneurs worry about the future, if the prices of raw materials can not be controlled within a reasonable range, the profits of the textile industry will be difficult to remain at the same level.
as or growing, each company has raised the price from last December, is expected in 2011, the industry as a whole will also price increases of 2 to 3, the annual increase may exceed 30%, "let the price of flying will not be unconcerned about the theme of the 2011 China Home Textile,ceinture gucci pour femme- g��n��reux
 The domestic market has become the focus of the depth of development
boost of the favorable policies of the various domestic textile enterprises on the domestic market pushed to unprecedented heights, despite the difficulty of which is self-evident, has yet to even appear "foreign trade transformation domestic successful benchmark, but the potential of the domestic market has become the consensus of the enterprise, specializing amount of corporate marketing for the domestic market has reached the number of 10 billion, which can not be said for textile enterprises rely on to win a temptation.
test the water domestic market enterprises have a profound experience, domestic market is like a huge canon complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive, interpretation difficult. For single leg of foreign trade enterprises, the domestic market means opportunities. The trade risk increasing in recent years, so that they have to devote themselves to study the domestic market, in order to compensate for the loss of foreign trade may occur at any time.
3. agents will compete for the scarce resources
dependent scale profit by Join the extraordinary development of Chinese textile enterprises, regarded as a convenient way to expand their scale to attract franchisees. They know, who occupied the terminal resources, profit initiative will be the owner. Agents currency is the quickest, most important channel resources into products.
recent years, the textile company's agents Assembly session earlier than the term, purpose is to compete for agents resources. Some companies even with effective good franchisee cooperative shares, cash awards, cars gift incentives is not uncommon.
must face the fact that the increasing scarcity of quality agents, on the one hand, because very few real study of the textile industry to study the operation of the law of textile terminal franchisee, on the other hand because of the textile enterprises lack the chapter could followed, effective training system, often timid performance in training.
Therefore, the industry was once snatch agents phenomenon Costly, destroy the of industry talent mobility reasonable mechanism, resulting in vicious competition.
4. intellectual property protection and orderly competition for depth
Last year, the textile pilot brand Carolina, Fuanna network infringement, set off in the industry as a whole waves. The textile industry had been joking Property chaos "industry imitate the proliferation of the prevalence of plagiarism phenomenon of repeated infringement. Today, this situation greatly improved, the strength of the company is the first R & D strength, walking in the forefront of the design, latecomers began to focus on R & D design from the cultivation period, such as Nantong textile base also set up a copyright maintenance office, depth of knowledge patent protection work.
no doubt, designed as the textile industry, the source of life, will eventually become a thoroughfare to demonstrate competitiveness, while the design of the protection of property rights related to the vitality of enterprises bound.
5. scale Competition became trends, mergers and acquisitions will show normal
once rollei acquisition of more popular events in the industry spread uproar recently Luo Kafu staged acquisition of whinny drama began, if we do not ask the M & A success, this frequency now "olive branch" to pass a strong signal - the Chinese textile began to focus on the operation of the capital level, began to move closer to the economies of scale. Before, some analysts said, the Chinese textile yet appeared real enterprise groups, most remain in the product operational level, capital polymerization seems far away from the textile sector, and now it seems this trend has become stronger.
6. brand wins potential media advertising war flames of renewed
 Jie Ya, the
towel brand is called "ad madman annual CCTV invested more than 900 million branding, the reasons for the brand is" not to advertise certain death,cheap nba jerseys, advertising may live. "
2011, the brand wins will certainly destined to become another main theme. At present, the domestic first-line textile brands have the endorsement, many second-tier brands are pending, most of these brands poised and is brand the offensive not yet in full swing, Join simmering, therefore, focus on the image of the brand enterprise is doomed To set aside a sum of media the budgeted expenses branding, then, the central media and some of the production will benefit greatly by the media.
7. industry cutting-edge relying on technological innovation to win
other often in melee pattern FMCG industry has a significant difference is that in recent years, the pattern of China's textile industry as a whole has not change much. Can not be ignored, but a number of home textile cutting-edge power is rapidly rising, they will become the future textile industry, the most dynamic, the most representative of the creative and technological innovation will become the most important secret of these companies ahead of the competition.
2010, we see the independent research and development of aviation by these cutting-edge enterprise pillow, memory foam and so the number of new high-tech products available.
2011, the trend of technological innovation in the textile industry has been further confirmed that technological innovation will be the most effective of the new force within the industry to compete with their rivals a strategic weapon.
 Online shopping will set off home textile boom
Taobao selling bedding is not new, and in 2010, a notable trends is Bo Yang Home Textiles single-day sales exceeded 34 million yuan to create the miracle of the Internet sales. After the success of the Boyang textile network, many companies began to look devoted to e-commerce.
can predict the next few years, with the home textiles online shopping market to further expand on the Internet the birth of a number of well-known brand of textile enterprises, they can open up the market through e-commerce, mining customers via the Internet, branding activities to increase brand awareness, its bound to harvest a lot of money profit.
through the network platform can not only reduce the cost of marketing communication, but also benefit consumers "involvement" brand interaction and communication between consumers and brands.
9. foreign giants is more dependent on the Chinese market
annual Home Textiles Show in Frankfurt, the participating enterprises in China has increasingly become a landscape. Carry forward the majority of Chinese elements, so that the Chinese culture has been respected in the world, has changed the international image of China home textile weaving.
Haining the Noah textile acquisition the Italian the MDV brand, interpretation avariciousness story. As a result, many of the old international brand began to re-examine the Chinese market, while some international procurement giants such as Wal-Mart, etc., also began to re global asset allocation, and the importance of the Chinese textile market is rising.
European countries are still mired in the sovereign debt crisis, emerging markets in Asia, prosperity, therefore, in 2011, the international textile sourcing giants will be more dependent on the Chinese market, this also means that in 2011 the Chinese textile market The competition will be more intense.
10. more private enterprises to small and specialized "
for thousands of private textile enterprises, the most effective rules of survival in fact not bigger and stronger, but towards the small and specialized.
Qingdao pillow, Jie Liya towel, Xinlong flakes and many other "hidden champions" success tells us, without fanfare, to bite off more than one perfectionist, focused on a breakdown of areas, even a product rooted depth go on, the same to be the industry leader,cheap nba jerseys from china.
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