louis vuitton sale-Asylum seekers bound for South

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louis vuitton sale-Asylum seekers bound for South

Postby ptterlp6 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:51 am

Asylum seekers bound for South Australia
A group of 85 Sri Lankan asylum seekers have told of a horror 45-day journey at sea trying to reach Australia,louis vuitton sale, during which three people died,louis vuitton for sale.
The group, all Tamils, almost reached their destination of Christmas Island when the boat's GPS system broke down, the engine failed and they ran out of fuel.
They believe they drifted back into Indonesian waters, before running aground on Panaitan Island near Krakatau Volcano, from where they were eventually rescued.
Two young men drowned as they tried to swim from their vessel to a fishing boat to get help. Another woman died when the boat ran aground and she was crushed on rocks. The group, which includes children aged two to 14 years, was rescued and brought ashore by Indonesian police,louis vuitton outlet online.
The Advertiser was allowed on to the water police vessel to interview the group before they were taken ashore at Merak, in West Java, and then to a detention centre in Jakarta.
One woman showed a terribly scarred arm which she said was the result of a bomb attack in her native land and the reason she decided to flee with her husband and two children. Another boy said he and his mother had come on the boat. His father was killed in bombings.
Another man with a prosthetic leg said he too had been the victim of a bombing.
Banten water police chief Budi Hermawan said the police had already co-ordinated with Australian Federal Police based in Jakarta about the asylum seekers and the AFP would co-ordinate further when the group was taken to Jakarta.
He said when the people were found by his men they were very weak,louis vuitton online outlet. Another boat with 88 asylum seekers of unknown origin was stopped yesterday north of Christmas Island.
Yet another boat, with Afghans, Iraqis and Iranians on board,louis vuitton on sale, was stopped on the weekend after breaking down near Yogyakarta.
Mr Hermawan said initial investigations revealed the Sri Lankan group had left their country on August 31.
They are believed to have paid $US2000 to a Sri Lankan people smuggler called Shiba and the children's passages had been free, he said.
No one in the group would confirm how much they had paid for their journey or how they organised it.
The boat left from Mannar in Sri Lanka and the crew were, according to them, asylum seekers themselves.
Rajavarman, 29, who was driving the boat, said they had been told the journey would take 15 days from Sri Lanka to Christmas Island and that for the first 15 days everything went smoothly.
He believed they were close to Christmas Island and Australian territory when the GPS broke down, the engine had trouble and eventually they ran out of fuel.
The only water they then had was when it rained, which was not every day. "The second day after we missed Christmas Island we ran out of diesel and we were just drifting," Rajavarman said.Related articles:

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