bags louis vuitton-Charlie Sheen and More Smoking

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bags louis vuitton-Charlie Sheen and More Smoking

Postby ptterlp6 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:10 am

Charlie Sheen and More Smoking Stars Fuel Online Obsession
An actress snuck one at a park. Television's formerly highest-paid actor is rarely seen without one dangling from his mouth,bags louis vuitton.
Is it 1929, or is smoking really back in style?
Last week, Kate Moss sauntered down the runway of Louis Vuitton's Paris fashion show, cigarette in hand. Not only did she break the law (in 2007, France banned smoking in public places), she also insulted her native Britain, which observed No Smoking Day as she puffed away.
Most significantly, she revived an impression that had laid latent in pop culture for years and has recently flourished online: smoking is sexy.
It would be one thing if Moss were caught with a cigarette on the street (as has happened plenty of times before). But when she lights up on the runway of one of the world's leading luxury brands, does that mean the fashion house endorses smoking too,louis vuitton canada?
"Kate Moss is a rebel and I hope this was a singular act, not one endorsed or supported by Louis Vuitton," said Marvet Britto, president of the brand architecture firm The Britto Agency. "It was disrespectful to the attendees and it was disrespectful to the models who had to follow her. Now, the attention is solely on the cigarette versus the clothes. "A thin, beautiful model or actress smoking? There's a really powerful message right there,louis vuitton lv. They didn't call Virginia Slims Virginia Chubbies."
While Moss and Thurman glamorize cigarettes, Sheen -- who, with his gaunt face, scraggly hair and gravely voice embodies many nouns but not "glamour" -- lends smoking another allure,louis vuitton bags canada, according to Spangler.
"It's shocking watching videos of Charlie Sheen chain smoking,louis vuitton canada online," Spangler said. "You don't see that anywhere anymore! It just normalizes the behavior."
A genre of online videos goes a step further and fetishizes the act. Google "smoking fetish video" and more than 1.25 million results come up,louis vuitton outlet canada. Many links lead to YouTube montages of models including Moss, Adriana Lima, Jessica Stam, Lara Stone, Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford -- some of the highest paid women in the industry -- smoking on and off the job. Others feature nameless young women in front of a camera, puffing on a cigarette and wearing not much at all.Related articles:

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