especially the mass media guild wars 2 gold

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especially the mass media guild wars 2 gold

Postby johnsmithku9 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:47 pm

Panda mystery, far better than the big disaster
A: This is a problem - we still also exploring how to make games the fastest piece of information? But on the other hand, we have to consider the quality of the game. Perhaps the next time (the next piece of information), we will try to faster point Q: Have you ever said, Cataclysm, players Dabian the all game content faster than your expectations. So this time for MOP how do you see?
A: I think the big disaster The problem is, we do not master the game content is difficult to adjust the problem. There are many players get stuck at a certain point of the game, and then not go, and very hard hit. So we adjusted the difficulty of the game, but we do not timely. The players in the MOP, can do things more richer. However guild wars 2 gold, in the big disaster, we spent an inordinate amount of time to re-create the contents of the old game world (Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor), however, the players are not grateful, not even how to play, direct play full level game content A: Yes, this is inevitable wow po. We believe that this time there will be more players joined. Along, we continue to strengthen the World of Warcraft gaming experience for new players the game easier to get started. But the most important thing is still to make the game more attractive to the existing players. I hope this time we win back has left the game and old players. And if they liked MOP, they will let their friends join Q: Since the end of last year, WOW renewals number of players have continued to decline. Do you think that the MOP would make the number of renewals players rebounded it?
A: A long time ago, I myself no longer predict the number of renewals players, especially the mass media, I will not similar prediction. MOP feel very good, and looking forward to hear the view of the players on this piece of information is what Q: Star Wars: The Old Republic listed less than a year, it has grown from a monthly fee game transformed into Free online games, what you think? Where they do wrong, or due to the problems of the current game market? What have you learned from their lessons?
A: It can be said that the problems they face, also encountered in other online games. This time the players will feel the MOP than any other piece of information, which can do things more richer gw2 gold; it even large scale than the big disaster content richer A: I think that the social aspect of the game the content is also very important, and you can share your game experience and experience with other players. Even playing games on you, not your friends together under a copy, you can share your experiences through social game platform and friends, and chat. Social content to let a game becomes much larger, more layered Q: Have you ever said to you at the same time in the production of Titan project, but also at the same time during the development of other games. This does not make the human resources of the company's content overwrought do?
A: It can be said, we are always in sync to the development of several projects, and we have been done the same. These years, we have been expanding the size of our development team, and to increase the number of development members. Up to now, we already have some forces strong enough and independent game development team wow gold, they are fully capable of the important task of developing multiple game projects at the same time. '
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