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Tory Burch Outlet Online a, Zhang Lulu knows he stuffed with headphones, spade can not hear them, so desperately waved his hand upward, Muke catch a glimpse of, nodded, and then we would leave with regret.
Sunny day 005: an eye for an eye
Abada novel download update time :2012-1-20 9:42:14 this chapter word count: 4248
Summer when the parents of Chiang's troops from Bo pick him to go by car Lhasa travel, he was very excited about the invitation Chih Chih flatly refused and said to go home with the parents, Chiang remembered the red certificate not say any more. Will give her and the forest from the students did not get their ticket for a sleeper.
Come on, dinner with my parents.
Chih-yan froze for a moment, to come up with a phone call for forest not, Chiang smile forest is not is a protection card,, play out at any time to take control of him, double king poker.
The door parked cars dark green Land Rover Range Rover, his parents just bought a soon, while Chiang summer, even grind car with the travel.
It is a pair of useful capital couples atmosphere,Tory Burch Reav Flat, Chiang parent is the boss of the coal yard, tall, dark complexion, the face Hengrou, very loud voices; Chiang mother manage financial coal yard, very beautiful, very smart, Chiang The Army and the mother looked like, has inherited his father's domineering, so looked a bit afraid of people.
Find a home for a decent hotel, a few people sit down, Chiang mother at a glance the son Chih-yan favorite, also began to observe this possible future daughter-in-law of the girl.
Chih-yen is very well-behaved, did not say much, the face of the Chiang Kai-shek's parents do not know what to say.
Bo? Chiang mother asked.
Lin and Chih point not nod, My family is Bo, her home through the city.
Bo close to our car more than an hour, your parents do?
Mom, Chiang, reproachful, you ask people at home doing? Jiang mother son so said, and also a little embarrassed,
They land tax. Chih said quickly.
Oh, bite, like what,, and then to Chiang mother to Chi Introduction and forest, not sandwiched dish Chiang looked Chih,Tory Burch Outlet, know what she likes, and kept her sandwiched,, Chih-yen wrinkle brow looked at him,Tory Burch Slae, but they think the family sit down to dinner, the eyes of this blame also made him very happy.
During Tory Burch Outlet Online the meeting, Jiang parent still answer the phone non-stop, and sometimes angry rebuke, sometimes wreathed in smiles, hidden people, businessman.
To send the Chi language and Lin did not return to school, Chiang and parents directly drove away. Chi Introduction and Lin is not looking at the train,
I send you, or did you send me. Lin not jokingly say two cars the same afternoon, a six, a seven.
Why, Tory Burch Outlet Online yes, children buddies send you. Forest not Staveley, obviously she later This guy is Zuitian.
Chih round the forest is not the neck is not the first time into the campus from the north gate, but today she noticed that corner Yiming studio, the Muke studio opposite the school, did not stand out, she has been did not pay attention. Today there is replacement of the huge outdoor billboards, and she just looked unintentional bank advertising on billboards, rather abruptly to see that the door face the Pomo same Yiming word.
Look Shane?
For advertising it, take a look at Tory Burch Outlet Online ICBC ICBC.
Love the deposit does not exist, of course, is up.
Lin did not hugged her, and they laughed.
Chih-yen remembered that he still owes him 100 dollars, do not know how to back to him.
Half past four pm, intellectual Introduction and Lin did not come out for dinner, pulled Lin Chih not come a long way to the north of the canteen.
Give me parts drumstick packages, I buy a bottle of Coke. No other forest not react, Chih-yen has ran downstairs.
Coke is which. Lin not mumbled, the two drumsticks packages, two cups of Coke, not Do Coke, on the package. She directed at staff inside shouting,
Chih ran across the road, and went to the the Yat Ming studio door, she did not see the bike Cruze, hesitated, or push the door.
Liu Gang and the smile is in full swing on the sofa kissing, Chih-yen stunned for a moment, they see her, busy to sit up, the Liu Gang looked up and down Chih, can not help but sit still and the body, Whom?
Muke studio?
He went out a while back, a thing?
Oh, Chih-yen turned to leave, and turned round, pulled out a one hundred dollar bills on the back by his trouble you to help me to him,Tory Burch Flat.
She put the money on the door of the cupboard and turned away, hey - you what ah, how do I tell him that?
Chih-yan has quickly go out and Liu Gang stood up from the couch, open the door with out, watching the shadow of the road, turn back into the house.
Muke hundred dollars,Tory Burch Reav, uh - he can not help but laugh, thinking about this girl turned out to the Muke by the one hundred, Tory Burch Outlet Online she can opening Muke and she was out of hand, and they thought it was funny.
Muke car just turned the corner and saw a girl from his studio to go out, and can not help but looked more, she ran across the road, into the Jiaotong University campus, his heart can not help muttering, who? Not admiring fans.
First entered the studio, Liu Gang smiled and pointed to the door of the cupboard the Muke put down the keys, see goes one hundred notes, frowning looked Liu Gang.
One girl is sent to you, says owe you.
The Muke looked at the money stunned for a moment, searching my mind to lend money to anyone, or only a hundred. The thought of that night, before suddenly laughed.
You're *** stingy, 100 can also be checked out, or did the lady.
War Greenfield Then came, heard Liu Gang said, can not help but also ask,
More than the United States?
And that Snow White to Yipin it.
War Tao Lin Staveley, Mu Gongzai, how do you not understand Lianxiangxiyu you hanging out of hand, I listen.
Muke the money on the door cupboard drawer, only need 100
' Tory Burch Outlet Online.
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