Yunnan Shigeo landslides believed to have caused a

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Yunnan Shigeo landslides believed to have caused a

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:49 am

Original title : Yunnan Shigeo landslides believed to have caused the rain and snow soaked earth and rock
中广网Zhaotong , January 12 news ( reporter Jia Yi Chao ) Voice of China " CNR News" reported yesterday (11 ) morning . 8 pm 20 minutes , Yunnan Province,Longchamp UK Sale, , Xiongxian fruit beads Township high Pocun Zhao , town Ravine villagers group king landslides , 46 people were buried by a mountain . According to the news this morning , after a night of intense search and rescue search and rescue to the 44 bodies of the victims , there are two people unaccounted for .
reporters by telephone treatment in hospital with stable vital signs , according to the survey , the landslide landslide is 120 meters long , 110 meters wide and 16 meters thick , clearly continue to enhance the rescue force headquarters this morning by locking the missing persons , the approximate location of the original residence concentrate our efforts to speed up the rescue of speed and efficiency . At present , according to a preliminary investigation of the Expert Group on the scene , believed to have caused the disaster meltdown high on the steep slopes of earth and rock to form accumulations After ten days of rain and snow soaked penetration , water saturation resulting from landslides .
local strengthening the monitoring and prevention of secondary disasters ,Longchamp Bags, landslide hazard related to 136 629 people have been transferred to safe areas , the fringe of the landslide arrangements on call 24 hours inspections and monitoring ,Longchamp Bags UK. Zhenxiong villagers group has decided to relocate , and will promptly start location and relocation preparations . The bodies of the victims have been organized unclaimed after another , and to carry out a burial about the aftermath .
according to the weather forecast , of Zhaotong of Zhenxiong fruit beads Township - affected areas last night and during the day today will be snow sunny, temperatures of minus 3-9 degrees .
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