Beats By Dre Studio is supreme.

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Beats By Dre Studio is supreme.

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Monster beats refining the Holy Land.
At the front of the pleasant to the eye is a majestic city, thunderous stopped, as the average gods into the city and enjoy the feel of an ordinary person.
The spirit world has changed so much, this city, at least then the main city size, but now it is the smallest city one can imagine the changes.
In the city, thunderous as ordinary people to buy a house, live down, and did not go.
Sunrise monster beats and sundown, everything seems to forget, forget that he came here for the purpose.
Three years later, the thunderous Yi Tan, shook his head and said to himself, the opportunity to give you, but unfortunately you do not cherish, it is no wonder I, the kindness of the year, I remember, not forget.
Step staggered thunderous disappeared in place.
Hey,Beats By Dre Studio, Brother Ray is gone?
A youth to go over some temptation, his thunderous acquaintance of a friend of the three years, teach the true meaning of many Road can be regarded as some met the good fortune.
Appears again, a majestic white holy city in front, extremely majestic, far beyond the rest of city, unfortunately they seem very cold, very few people inside.
This is the entire era community center as well as thunderous old kingdom of God where the gods live in the whole world is inside each one has a detached strength.
Sweep of all in the eyes, a familiar figure, confidante, parents of friends and relatives, thunderous half smile, but did not enter.
The foot of the meal, has come to the point of the City of God appears again,beats solo by dre.
God prison, where prisoners prisoners, enter the thunderous silent.
God prison is divided into 18 layers, each layer has many heinous crimes, alive in order to deter the heavens gangsters maintain the majesty of the kingdom of God.
Layer 18 world empty and deserted, as originally conceived, the area to be detained masterpiece Satan, at least half a step transcend the realm, not yet a man.
The Thunderous into staring at an open space.
How come you do not come out?
The thunderous whispered.
The eighteenth floor was empty, did not have the slightest building, surrounded by nothingness, the thunderous look to a corner of the eyes stare, Cunxu the light flashed,exposing a black void there, and distribution monster beats of a Unit Cyan breath.
Obviously, here there is another world entrance.
The inside no response, thunderous noncommittal and went inside.
This is a blue world, not creatures, but enlivened countless flowers,beats by dre, fragrant, a small river flows slowly, the lonely old He sat Diaoyutai straight hook hanging.
This person, it Hongjun.
He fled from the tracing of all people, into the small world, but also came to the thunderous Pangu epoch community,, all did not think the, the Pangu monster beats epoch community where the kingdom of God is thunderous, he found his lock Road Law, in addition to native Ji Min, the other person can not enter does not work, is supreme.
The Hongjun they hiding here.
I'll give you a chance, but unfortunately you missed,monster beats, can not blame me. Thunderous whispered.
Living there for three years, thunderous wait him three years, but unfortunately Hongjun no one has appeared.
You have Pangu blood, should be able to sense to me, and unfortunately, you missed it really gave up fails, then all it really does not want it?
The thunderous face complex.
He looked up to heaven, there is exceptionally clear, Who would have thought, when the Taoist, monster beats but others of a ray of incarnation, the so-called Pangu just one of your incarnation effort deep,beats studio, amazing, worthy old Taoist thinking between entire era sector playing sub applause between.
A word shock, thunderous tells all his study and understanding of years to feel when the slightest, vaguely saw a strange big hands to manipulate everything, and this is the person in the Road Zu Hongjun.
He directed all this, who would have thought.
I knew no hiding from you, but unfortunately, you still let me down, so long to think about, really let me down. Leisurely Yi Tan, Hongjun whispered.
A golden fish Spirit Jumping in the water, hanging in a straight hook, hanging straight hook, take the bait.
Thunderous eyes reveal a trace of bright However, when you Raytheon sector entrusted with me, they told me everything, unfortunately, was not aware of, some impact transcend the guts, and now it seems everything in your plan.
You would have perceived the arrival of the royal family who escape the heavens tracked down by the strong through his hands, and finally beheaded, be nuclei, really powerful!
Year thing, the upper bound of paying attention,beats by dre, the Pangu family with Ares family has been paying attention here, if Hongjun shot nuclei get only one waiting for the results, he has the use of the hands of others will unlock the sentence means high amazing.
Said the royal family is said to be heard the Pangu family in this treasure was over, wanted to come to you avatar Pangu to send a message. Thunderous Road.
Hongjun nodded slightly, revealing a
' monster beats.
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