The gold processing Aung jewelry throughout sponsoring CCTV

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The gold processing Aung jewelry throughout sponsoring CCTV

Postby iinject » Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:34 am

Core Tip: CCTV Model Contest northeast breakout concern has finally entered the finals stage management Aung jewelry full sponsorship events. Concern CCTV Model Contest northeast the breakout finally entered the stage of the finals. Situation of management Aung jewelry full sponsorship events. Competition process. Competitive and exciting spectacle. Caused by higher local and even national attention. Created a wave after wave of viewing orgasm! The gold processing Aung official said. Model Contest is the spread of a "beautiful" and carry forward the cause of it is not only expressed concern and love beautiful cause also aired the pursuit of "both inside and outside" Beautiful Life. 's Jewelry is also a spread of a beautiful and romantic career. Management Aung people have been committed to Western exotic romantic perfect blend of Oriental dignified and elegant. Carry forward the Chinese culture of jewelry ultimate hope more beautiful dedicated to the people. Carry forward the beautiful culture happens to coincide with the central purpose of the model contest coincided with Jin Li Ang spread. Gold management Aung responsible person also said. The gold processing Aung also continue to participate more in love and "beautiful" related cause. More beauty sprinkling to the world!

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