Shoe Yearcon of 12 reserve cadres training camp

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Shoe Yearcon of 12 reserve cadres training camp

Postby iinject » Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:32 am

Spring in March. Vientiane update. March 15 of 12 reserve cadres training camp camp ceremony was held at the Group's headquarters. Reservoir dry their spirited with warmly lit morale. With will of polished alpine. Challenge themselves. Breakthrough self. Early become a qualified new students, speaking on behalf of the Shen Yang resounding expression of the 86 trainees struggle together. Along with the desire to dream of flying. Of 12 reserve cadres training camp camp camp ceremony simple and dignified. The reservoir dry representatives gloriously took the banner of the training camp. Means that training camp duty, honor, spirit of collective heritage; When the reservoir dry their proudly wear the badge of training camp when they solemnly declared under oath. means they will practice the solidarity means that they will adhere to the poly a fire out a sword. scattered Gypsophila belief;, tense, serious, lively style of work and adhere to reasonable requirements training. the unreasonable demands hone creed. strict demands on themselves learn from an early talent. Of 12 reserve cadres. Late last year, the Group's recruitment team set sail in sail. The shared growth campus special will and talent Shuangxuan Hui recruited. They will get physical, technology, and management training and training in the training camp. The the Group reserve cadres training camp has been held 12. Trained a lot of talent for the Group. They are active in the Group headquarters and terminal. Plays an important role. Editor: Li Xiaoxia

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