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Hong Kong jewelry industry Cooperation and Development Forum

Postby iinject » Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:32 am

A few days ago from the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers will understand. "In 2008, the Hong Kong Jewelry Industry Cooperation and Development Forum" with the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers Exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on December 5 held at the same time. Forum activities will focus on the jewelery industry in Hong Kong and how to achieve better integration and joint development of the jewelry brand in Hong Kong to enter the mainland market development model, strategy and development status issues and focus on the priority of the mainland and Hong Kong Jewelry the shortcomings comparison and cooperation development requirements, ways. jewelry retail market history, status quo and development trend. L Lai Ting, Hong Kong Co., Ltd. speech the natural gemstone business manager of the Mr. Fan Bihao will "Swarovski Elements is how the Chinese jewelery industry development Joybo and emerging jewelery market contribute". Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers 'Association Fair the afternoon of the first day will also be held at the Convention Centre, the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association 20th anniversary celebration reception and dinner in Hong Kong jewelery industry and trade media are invited to attend. 14 years of hard work has painted the perfect symbol. Jinye will definitely be more passionate attitude to meet new challenges. "Sitting on a party the National Radiation determination in the end. Believe that the tenth five-year The gold leaf will be more glorious and more beautiful. The growing prosperity of the modern town. The gold leaf jewelry joining settled Shek Pai town not only the gold leaf join the work of another upgrade also marks a strong marketing network in the Golden Leaf Group on a new level. Opening day atmosphere was very grand. Attracted by consumers flocked to the Lunar New Year is the Year of the Ox gold bullion is more a celebration of the darling of the day. The reporter interviewed said consumers are buying gold bars: Year of the Ox New Year Lunar New Year gold bars to give friends and family the top grade.

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