The Coach Romma series handbags

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The Coach Romma series handbags

Postby tiffanyui » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:13 am

Romma series handbag is Coach (MATZO PARIS) inviting famous photographers, visual artists, the famous luggage design guru launched a new limited edition handbags Film Festival, this series handbags retain touching charm of the original brand with unique details above The traditional process based on the fusion of wild elements, classic handbag with a gorgeous revolution opened a new handbag artistic journey. Coach (MATZO PARIS) Romma handbags launched a new series models showing the charming beauty of the creative, imaginative color match with the details of the design and attractive.Exquisite appearance and adequate capacity, two no-flap pockets, a metal seal design flexibility to meet a variety of needs, and to protect its superior functionality.Fine tassels more both practical and aesthetic styles add a little more modern flavor.And multi-layer inner bag can be, incorporating all the belongings in order.Color matching forge ahead with an endless supply of creative inspiration, unique artistic taste and perspective for modern urban women fashion items for both aesthetic and practical.Color hit the color interpretation of the rich artistic atmosphere, the Baoshen colors of pink and purple bags Founder silhouette increase women's mellow atmosphere.In addition, in the material mix and match refreshing, Baoshen chosen the lambskin to build both aesthetic while also enhance practicality combined with leather texture of the handle and carry with.Rare expensive leather multi-processing, and to achieve the unparalleled luxurious texture.From France plus exquisite workmanship, meticulous implement each step, including border decorative line hand-stitched leather, perfect heritage of the old bags craftsmanship, reveal comparable works of art so that bag inside OK quality. It is understood that this Paris Film Festival, this package will be packaged as a main Coach MATZO PARIS appear during the film festival, Coach MATZO PARIS witness with the stars of the art and culture of the feast.Cikuan handbags will be used for special prize award to someone who made outstanding contributions to Sino-French film, then will be handed to representatives of Coach MATZO PARIS, expressed thanks to promote Sino-French cultural exchanges.Coach responsible for specifically down who temporarily disclosed.

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Re: The Coach Romma series handbags

Postby BrianMitchell1 » Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:53 am

This brand is very popular in the market and you can easily take this from any wholesale shop.
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