Jining leather renovation business good brand package mainte

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Jining leather renovation business good brand package mainte

Postby tiffanyui » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:07 am

"Beauty" refurbished a few dozen yuan to 1,000 yuan to buy a pair of boots.Shandong Jining some leather care shop business recently quietly fire up.Which leather renovation of more than half of the business of its business. The leather maintenance 300 yuan once, refurbished 60 yuan a pair shoes.The 10th Avenue near a leather care store to see the shoes "beauty", fitted with plastic bags neatly placed on the counter next renovation has just finished leather, designer handbags.According to the store leather technician Zheng Lu Jieshao, now the store every day received more than 30 pairs of shoes maintenance business, which leather renovation business accounted for more than half. 'Sent maintenance of multi-brand leather goods, maintenance of designer handbags to a few hundred dollars. 'Zheng technician said after holding just "cosmetic" a Coach designer handbags. 12:00, East Gate Avenue CCB quarters Ms. Wang, holding a pair of brown boots brand over renovation.She said, the shoes ahead worn bit bleaching, followed by a scratch, would like to renovate continue to wear. 'Boots in mid styles are similar, refurbished basically can not tell, and spent only a few dozen dollars. 'Smart Ms. Wang said that her spring and autumn days wear high-heeled shoes are refurbished the Bubu color, and new almost.Reporter saw filled the shoes on the shelves to be maintenance. 'General boots maintenance, are more than ten pairs together to do maintenance.Generally two days can be recycled lap.Business more than doubled over last year. 'Zheng technician said. The maintenance of more than just shoes, leather sofas, leather bags, leather care business also increased a lot.Shop the other a master, he is primarily responsible for cleaning up the hotel, public house leather sofa and boss seat, clean up the maintenance price around $ 300, a half-day maintenance can be finished. 'General summer maintenance season of the sofa, and now with the improvement of people's living conditions, the business a year ago and more nearly half. '

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