Pijuxiangbao industry to seek partners need three verificati

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Pijuxiangbao industry to seek partners need three verificati

Postby tiffanyui » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:04 am

Some people think that Pijuxiangbao industry is a "big cake", all want to enjoy a piece of cake, reality luggage industry is indeed a big cake, but the start was not so easy, because we want so many brands to choose a cost-effective high, but also the degree of brand partners will not be easy, and is divided into three points, the following enumerate:: the size of the business, R & D number is not frequent product upgrades and research and development. Constantly updated product can be said to be operating lifeline popular thing to say, is the new, to give people brighten things is a good product, people, common or more places you can see something, you can not give people fresh feeling.And you want to join the business can not be a steady stream supplying you with the bright spots of the new product, you look at it naturally became an important indicator. : Depends on the brands leading products are not in the same brand. This point is very important, if a product is out of date and flood the market, so no matter how cheap the price, service and more good, you are likely to face failure. : Depends on change brands, product availability and price of the price for the importance of operating the largest select home accessories to join the project key is how to understand the real price of the supplier.Initial inquiry to a business to disclose all product wholesale price is unlikely, after all, the price is a very confidential corporate information.However, investors must understand that the price of some products, especially the mainstream and the market price of similar products compare products with this part of the wholesale price and the lowest selling price of similar products on the market, so that estimates the gross margin of the product .

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