2013 spring and summer shoes specially recommended Chaoliang

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2013 spring and summer shoes specially recommended Chaoliang

Postby tiffanyui » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:02 am

Winter is about to end, think about what shoes to wear it, in fact, the development of the fashion industry is particularly fast in the spring, the spring and summer shoes fresh market, do not know these styles of shoes, you will not feel very good, and the network Xiaobian go and see the special design of the new shoes, good-looking shoes with the dress would look nice. Blue shoes handmade rhinestone skull decoration, pointed flat shoes, shoes very positive, above the skull rhinestones great personality, sparking, and the styling is very realistic, the skull is one of the elements of the trend.The shoes are very tide.Wear a lot of flavor and is very good with.Metal Europe and the United States British style the decorative rivets plum red the rivet the plum red flat-bottomed singles shoes, pointed flat singles shoes, flat-bottomed design ultra conform to the structure of the human body, super comfortable, your foot will never feel the vitality of the shopping and the like tired.Pink color, always bright spots, the rivet embellishment looks more beautiful. Bow level with single shoes enough of high heels to bring you the tedious than try under the flat-bottomed comfortable sense of temptation.Metal stitching, double bow embellishment, very gorgeous, the texture of the metal itself gives a very comfortable feeling, pink and gold crash, the evolution of a strong impact.Fluorescent green eyes instant mobile mix and match to your body, and dress is very elegant, and pants with a very capable flat shoes.So beautiful colors really suck eyes, super-charming, minimalist design highlights big style, the toe at special decoration, a layering simple beauty. Retro round head single shoes follows Peas shoe design, joined the popular wave point printing, black primer, tiny white dots, look cute cute, the toe at metal design and tassel decorative accessories, always have a special kind of beauty, so flat shoes can be fashionable.

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