Zhejiang the shoe BaoTuan pioneering ASEAN market, (b)

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Zhejiang the shoe BaoTuan pioneering ASEAN market, (b)

Postby outlooko » Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:33 pm

Zhejiang enterprises faced with domestic rivals in Europe and the United States have used a variety of barriers to the implementation of trade protectionism. Pioneering emerging to become the inevitable choice of many domestic export enterprises. In the the ASEAN competition. Zhejiang enterprises facing competition from other domestic provinces and enterprises. Shoes, for example. Wenzhou gathered, but by the impact of anti-dumping duties.

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Wenzhou shoe exports to the EU have declined for two consecutive years. Wenzhou to ease the pressure on the EU to increase ASEAN's efforts to open up. Like Xsara Group exports the number of safety shoes in ASEAN growth rate of 30% per annum. At the same time. Fujian Shishi, Quanzhou and other places have also introduced policies to increase exports to ASEAN's efforts to encourage local. Quanzhou actively organize local businesses to participate in Malaysia Merchandise Show the Singapore Hokkien Merchandise Show. Encourage enterprises to set up marketing agencies or offices in the ASEAN. Native of lions, Chinese in the Philippines. Shishi textile enterprises have used these overseas relations. Cooperation to carry out a more deep-seated. Is located in the South China Economic Circle, Southwest Economic Circle and the ASEAN Economic Circle junction, Guangxi, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of ​​the frontier.

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