Rocket Jiujiang has become Raptors leaders Calderon: I am wi

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Rocket Jiujiang has become Raptors leaders Calderon: I am wi

Postby mumu252033 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:43 pm

Rocket Jiujiang has become Raptors leaders Calderon: I am willing to make way for him

In accordance with the experience of the people who leave the guys of the Houston Rockets, last fared not how. But this summer was traded to the Toronto Raptors Kyle - Lowry perhaps, the most cost-effective players let go by the rocket. Urine less than a pot to go and coach McHale, he eventually team sent to the Raptors. Spanish defender Jose - Calderon and the Raptors have, in the past few years, he has been the Raptors starting point guard, people feel that this is bound to have the field to compete, but perhaps we are wrong.
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When the rocket, Lori (microblogging) position and the Golan - Dragic gone one, because he would not give up the first-mover. But the Raptors, he seems moderate. "Jose and I are in the field do our best guy, no matter what happens, we will be very professional." Lori said, "We're teammates, we have a common goal."

Calderon is about to usher in eight seasons in the NBA (microblogging), it is difficult to have players willing to stay in Toronto eight years, but Calderon is one of them. Commenting on the new season's starting point guard battle, Calderon seems flattering. "I am very interested in such a competitive total people very happy." Calderon said.

Signed a big contract and Raptors, Calderon seems suddenly from the Union the most cost-effective point guard into the most low-paid point guard, he's a sharp decline in the stability of people quite critical. Raptors in the summer chasing the object Lori, Jeremy Lin (microblogging), the starting point guard Steve Nash before, apparently they want to let Calderon gave way.

This Raptors coach Devon - Casey did not conceal his hope that Lori play a first-mover. Calderon great, he never complained. Stand on the position of the team because of his heart, his will to sacrifice himself for the team. "

Calderon also very pleased to prepare to make way, perhaps Lori new season, averaging 20 points, he will help us to embark on the winning road. "

Lowry has the potential to become an All-Star player last season if it was not reimbursed because the bacterial infection basic season in March, and his performance will be worth looking forward to. Obviously, for the Raptors star Lori has become their nominal leader.

"I also feel that he is the leader of this team, and I think people will listen to my command, to follow in my footsteps I just his own performance on the field, play aggressive, all a matter of course." Lori said.

About the possibility of entering the All-Star team, Lori said he was willing to challenge yourself. When a reporter asked him how to become an All-Star player, he said: "You have in the field to play, the team paid enough trust, do feel the right thing. Allow them to believe that I can be out to help team, they need my reasons.

To identity of the leader, Lori look forward led the Raptors to return to the postseason lineup.

"We have a lot of good players, you can complete the attack I need to drive them to control the game, to ensure that we play according to the way you want." Lori said, "as the engine of the team, I need to set a good example, play should be performance If we look like in the field effort, I will quite me. "
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