Shoe O'Connell went to college recruiting terminal marketing

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Shoe O'Connell went to college recruiting terminal marketing

Postby rreported » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:22 pm

Graduation for many students. Facing the problem of looking for a job. Yongjia vocational secondary schools, the students should be much easier. Combining production mining newborn terminal talent. Consolidate school enterprises mutually beneficial win-win cooperation model .5 March 24. Was invited to the 2009 Yongjia vocational secondary schools students internships job recruitment site and selected 82 outstanding students they subsequently will participate in the new pre-service training. went to college recruiting terminal marketing talent The internships the employment recruitment will be taken on-site registration on-site interview scene allocated. interview is divided into two processes: self-introduction and interviewer Q & A session. aims a different perspective of the students the basic qualities and ability to cope. Q & A session mainly on the students' self-awareness, for understanding and future planning. Interviewer to uphold the principle of fair and impartial. Give an objective evaluation of the performance of the candidates.

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