Shop Louis Vuitton Jackfruit nutritional value and

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Shop Louis Vuitton Jackfruit nutritional value and

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value of
jackfruit - prior to the appointment of the local young people will treat it as chewing gum to chew a few bites, you can change the mouth odor; There are also fitness longevity role. The greater the age of the tree, the larger fruit, more hard wood, called "healthy and strong".
Hainan jackfruit eat: knife cut from the middle white with mucus cut with a plastic bag or plastic bag to stick out above the mucus, stripping each yellow flesh out the inside nuts stripped out, eat that yellow flesh. Chilled sweeter. Nuts inside,Louis Vuitton Handbags, which is its seed, like boiled peanuts cooked you can eat,Gucci Online Store, add some salt,Gucci Handbags, taste good. (Bogey: jackfruit and honey is not the same food, the combination would eat cause flatulence, serious life-threatening!)
Tip: hands stained mucus, take peanut oil wash, such as mucus easily washed off, wash the knife.
modern medical research has confirmed,?tid=601481&extra=, jackfruit contains rich carbohydrate, protein, B group vitamins (B1, B2, B6), vitamin C, minerals, fatty oil. Its main therapeutic substances from jackfruit juice and peel extract substance of the jackfruit protein called. Jackfruit in carbohydrate, protein, fat, oil, minerals and vitamins to maintain the body's normal physiological function.

taking jackfruit After can enhance the hydrolysis of fibrin in vivo effect can be blocked in the tissue and blood vessels within a fibrin clot lysis, so as to improve local blood, fluid circulation, the inflammation and edema absorbed and dissipated on brain thrombosis and other thrombotic diseases caused by a certain role of adjuvant therapy. Jackfruit, pineapple extracted proteins with antibiotics and other drugs and used to promote the penetration and diffusion of the drugs on the diseased tissue for the treatment of a variety of causes inflammation, edema embolism,Louis Vuitton Online Sale, such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, acute pneumonia, pharyngitis , retinitis, mastitis, postpartum breast congestive, postpartum thrombophlebitis, inflammation, arthritis, inflammation around the joint, cellulitis, leg ulcers and other diseases are effective. In addition, the jackfruit sap directly treated with topical treat lymphangitis, hemorrhoids and other diseases.
Hainan jackfruit flesh - fruit on the tree trunks, built countless golden bun, fruit pulp contains sugar, fat, protein, flavor deep sweet hypertrophy soft, sweet and delicious, rich flavor. The the the jackfruit fruit fruit pale yellow varieties were mainly divided into two categories of wet pack and dry package, the wet package jackfruit peel hard, meat, flesh hypertrophy, juicy, sweet, special aroma and thick; less dry package jackfruit juice, soft and sweet slip, the beauty of fresh sweet aroma medium; mature skin yellow-green or yellow-brown, skin hexagonal tumor protruding, hard with soft spines; flesh yellowish white, sweet and juicy flavor, hence the name jackfruit. Jackfruit fruit thirst quencher,Gucci Outlet, pass milk, Buzhongyiqi, efficacy, quality dry package jackfruit fruit is better in Leizhou Peninsula, mostly sporadic planted in the courtyard, jackfruit package big delicious and famous. The jackfruit Spring flowering, fruit ripening in the summer and autumn, mature fragrant, exceptionally attractive; the fruit big if melon shaped like tripe, skin like serrated, the goes Huangcan flesh Luzhou delicious!
high nutritional value, of the
jackfruit contain carbohydrates, sugar, protein, starch, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium, and contains a certain amount of vegetable fats and various minerals useful to the human body. At the same time, the of jackfruit high medicinal value, the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "jackfruit Ganxiang, ...... the thirst quencher Solutions trouble Xingpi, Qi" In addition it also has fitness and longevity of the role also is effective for weight loss,Shop Louis Vuitton.
food jackfruit should be taken to avoid allergic reactions. Method is to eat jackfruit ago, the first flesh on light salt water soak a few minutes, this method avoid allergic reactions, but also the taste of the flesh more mellow. Xuwen County in the Leizhou Peninsula, people often use the fruits of jackfruit and honey Soak a jackfruit wine, this golden liquid liqueur called Xuwen liquid; locals with rice soup bubble on jackfruit leaves dubbed prescriptions to treat abdominal pain, and other diseases.

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