Gucci Outlet Online Genius and millionaire dialogu

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Gucci Outlet Online Genius and millionaire dialogu

Postby Tomson759 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:56 am

once a wit and a rich man to drink,Moncler Outlet, when of Jiuhan , for some thought-provoking quarrels :

wit municipal calligraphy competition won awards , and the article is often seen in newspapers ; resignation raw millionaire , engaged in construction , there are millions of assets . The rich man said : " like you ? Extraordinaire Temptress Moon , sat ; hurt spring flowers , autumn sorrow leaves floating ,Gucci Outlet Online; youth for Fu , Hao first poor through if the development is the disadvantage it has been since I resign , in gap in survival , in seeking development , accepted more than 300 laid-off workers , turned over to the state every year profits of no less than one million ,Gucci Outlet, the man before me on , but can only earn some royalties , any idea ? "

wit : " knowing the ignorant, text can not set the country , Wu can not Anbang ; practice as early as grass scribe Xingkai , evening tea Surusumi away from manic City , aloof , Seiitsu serene . unlike big you yo , pay local officials,Michael Kors Handbags, the next junction wealthy businessmen ; anything they want , feasting, live in a mansion sitting Cool Car , Families with small secret outside the Stepford Wives , I can have any idea you ? "
millionaire annoyed Road : "Like you do not Jia gather in harvest , not providers not Jia ; Rotary hoe hands , the shoulder is not weight-bearing ; rhetorical exercise , cynical me when the daytime , a Tale , in order to save a few money , their own loading and unloading , Contact Engineering Qu Xiwan back . Dude you can Shen Qu freely ? what not eat handout , mighty and not music , not obscene wealth , Zimingqinggao , Shicaiaowu live in shabby homes wearing clothes of mourning , no power to reason ? "genius said: " the shabby homes Pomo ,Burberry Outlet, since Wyatt scholarly ; Gouquan residual life , not seeking Wenda ; although no luxury , stay up late three feet ; and not heavily living Enron . like Dude wealthy , may be taken away ? home Jinshan mansion , children and grandchildren do not show , rest on its laurels . " Finally , the rich man said: " I give you a word,?site=forum_topic&topic=4, not a scholar rebel decade hundred no one was a scholar sitting on the argument no one can compare , to look for a job pragmatic no one can ,Moncler Outlet Online. still put you illusory reality , precisely : unrestrained foot , Xingyunliushui soil for the root wit , said: "I send you one : Rong Lu bustling places , Chennai my sense of balance . Peerage and who have seen ? neglected cemetery flying crow .
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