Casualties began to appear, and some bad situation. .

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Casualties began to appear, and some bad situation. .

Postby sweety » Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:09 am

The coach outlet online Guyan Hu tired at this time, shoulder pain, the mind is coach factory outlet online exhausted.

The most team leader, he must be in command of their own men soldiers accurate knockdown variability within the marking beast. The four of them defensive line of defense of one meter, but the meters, but like one hundred meters coach factory outlet long.

A variation only look caracal hideous beast stop rushing, Guyan Hu only kept shouting their comrades, concentrate their firepower.

Although the 15-style powerful, but they experienced a variation of the nuclear radiation beast of terror. Who is no longer a block tough fur, but a coach purses outlet piece of hard scales.

Tough and hard, while only one word, but the actual effect is really bad days to do.

Guyan Hu can not be said battle-hardened, but is also a veteran. Before encountered variation beast difficult to play, but at least be able to injuring them. Variability beast it is difficult to be injured.

Only the firepower together, so that more bullets hit the same site, in order to break their scales to let bullets into their body.

To this step, Guyan Hu Their coach store online task is complete, because not far away is a wider, deeper moat, as long as the the Injured variation beast enter the water, stop adding river of corpse powder will come soon put them into a pool Beach liquid.

Defensive distance of only one meter foot four combat soldiers. Average second shot to have more than a dozen bullets. Is Guyan Hu also feel fighting more and more difficult to hit.

On the one hand is more than an hour of intense shooting, soldiers exhausted, on the other hand is more powerful variation beast rushed to

Not bad

That mysterious command zombie weakest variation beast on the front, and the relatively strong variation beast on the behind.

Cannon fodder tired enemy, use of crack break line of defense. And the other remote combat effectiveness was cut to near-no, but after all, there are some.

From time to time there is a mass of black coach purses water or a few purple spears stabbed over, most of the "ammunition" fell above a meter thick bunker some hapless soldiers, but coach factory online also be a long flight from the east and west through the coach factory outlet online a meter long shooting holes.

Casualties began to appear, and some bad situation. .

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