what things can you do in your life, apart from ed

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what things can you do in your life, apart from ed

Postby tskrug0831 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:48 am

what items can you accomplish in your life, as well as education along with work
what things can you do to help make life additional enjoyable
it doesn't matter whatever you do, all is here your attitude towards what you are doing. conquer a person's attitude and you'll do anything in making life more stimulating.
steal for finance or get married rich or anything, suck a dck, spin game a steel pole, there exists better ways in order to money than doing the job an Seven hour jobeducate yourself the way you desire over the internet. ingest, smoke, perform drugs,dre beats, along with a good amount regarding eapism like tv set. that's concerning as good as this is then you cancer plus die.
write music, play music, sketch your idols (can be athletes to be able to rockstars, i love to bring my favorite music artists), buy newspapers to read. have got relationships. locate love. maybe have a child. watch rubs. view great shows. read math comic strips. have a down comforter week. phony a sickie associated with hool to your mother and father, just for the adrenaline excitment of coming around. that it is your life, items that make your life fun is unique to you. i spend time drawing tats.
going to concertstaking baths going to a hotelwalking all over downtown with someone intending vegangoing on long drivesting a companion girlfrienddoing something great for someone worthy eating brand-new thingsgoing to a fair sexplaying on xbox live before you pass outworking available dancing viewing raywilliamjohnson on youtubekissinggoing with a partydrawingpaintingvolunteering smiling)
hobbies,dre beats, close friends a social life with people you like and also want to connect with. heck if you take it further, it is possible to fall in love, hitched, have a loved ones. fight with your new mother in legislation, or your wife or husband. the world is definitely of things to do
explore in addition to meet as much people that you can. it's an wonderful feeling achieving new persons.
sexcreatedestroysingdancesexcooksexreligionphilosophypoetrysexandstamp collecting(guarantee you assumed i was about to say intercourse again)
be natural.orange you glad i didnt say strawberry )
traveling and volunteering
traveling perfect for me!
live this! because they might not be a tomorrowthat's how i see it ) i live day-to-day like this is my continue )
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Postby Glarryhar » Thu Jan 10, 2013 7:00 am

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