The media speculation Eagles coach threatens to class employ

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The media speculation Eagles coach threatens to class employ

Postby mumu252033 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:36 am

The media speculation Eagles coach threatens to class employing mistakes he mortally wounded

Philadelphia portal reports, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles - Andy Reid (Andy Reid)(cheap nfl jerseys nike From 2013 season will continue to coach the Hawks? Hawks so far worse performance than Reed expected a lot worse if the Hawks so after this season, according to the current state (6 straight) on December 30 this year after the end of the regular season, the Eagles boss Jeffrey - Lurie (Jeffrey Lurie) fired Reid, one would not be surprised.

If he returns to the Eagles offensive coordinator position, it should not be too surprised, after all, his line of work. But the bad news is the sworn enemy of the Dallas Cowboys has been coveted by Reed, still do not know the accuracy of the message, but Reed and Cowboys owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) to see how the same district are less temper .

Reid is the best coach in the history of the Eagles, Reid win streak since coached the Eagles since 1999 total of as many as 136 games, 60.9% winning percentage is also amazing. Hawks for 13 years, Reed become the head coach of the longest in the team coach, Reid led the Eagles won six division titles, and 5 iron fixed into the conference finals of the League of Nations. This year eagle massive injuries trapped, especially the offensive front line. Offensive end open, the offseason coaching staff and quarterback (Michael Vick) - Michael Vick made preparatory work lost by the wayside, so the team also lost competitiveness past.

A thought-provoking things Reed since 2008, no longer in the playoffs, won the ball. Since then, Reid has made a series of disastrous moves: the team's future and their own destiny to bet on the 2010 fantasy "bubble" Vick body; the end of the 2010 season off the long coaching service 10 defensive coach Shawn - Mike McDermott (Sean McDermott); let the end of the first six weeks of this season and then the new defensive coordinator Juan - Castillo (Juan Castillo) class; let this year from the Miami Dolphins hired defensive second-tier coach Todd - Bowles (Todd Bowles) to replace Castillo defensive coordinator. NFL tend to produce more innovative style of play to get the old mainstream play, the West Coast offense is no longer hot, Reid is no longer the head coach of the trendsetting.

Embattled Carolina Panthers head coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera), also in Reed's coaching staff to do things in the years 1999-2003, Rivera also provoke Reid reported great interest. Reid replied: "I know some people go there, but my goal is to let the Hawks get better, this is what I want to do, and it is my motivation."
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Postby TraildEnada » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:45 am

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