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Louis Vuitton Online Outlet Do housework skills Da

Postby Tomson759 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:06 am

do housework skills Daquan
1. wooden chute will be issued after a period of time "astringent" If this happens can be wrapped around a layer of aluminum foil on a hanging curtains stick, it will slide freely, unhindered.

if not raw eggs accidentally dropped on the floor, you can not rush to clean up, or will be busier and more chaotic, you can sprinkle some salt in beaten egg contamination at over 15 minutes to 20 minutes after cleaning, can be easily swept away.

3. is accidentally broke incandescent bulbs headache thing, the most troublesome is the lamp is not easy to take down, then first turn off the switches, and then with a sponge rubber ball or large stature potato into the broken bulb rotating, the lamp can be transferred out.

4. room smoke-filled, free towel soaked in diluted vinegar and waving in the room, the effect is no less than the role of the air regulator. Mop mop the kitchen floor, pour a little vinegar. The vinegar acts cleaners help to get rid of the grease on the ground.

5. put of an amoxicillin Virginia water or a vinegar indoor day to remove indoor paint fumes. Case of onions, can also be sliced ​​bulb into a bowl filled with water, placed in the room.

6. because the incident a few days away from home, nor someone else to water the flowers, the available cotton twist deliberately children, after to dip enough water in the water at one end into the tank, the other end put into a pot, to make flowerpots in a few days kept moist.

tips is a key to solve the family a lot of trouble, a lot of tricks and is accumulated in life, to do a heart can make very troublesome thing seems to be solved.

1, can use the the Family Services products, household appliances, household equipment, household cleaning agents, all available with money to buy time, to maximize the household electrification, with a minimum of effort, the shortest time to complete the most onerous,Louis Vuitton Online, complex housework.

2,Louis Vuitton Online Outlet, stage and can be accumulated domestic work together to complete. Such as home cleaning, can agree on a day the whole family together dry quickly completed. Clothing, laundry, can plot to a certain number, put into the washing machine, once completed.

3, sporadic housework must attack all broken. Those scattered household chores, such as folding clothes, sew on a button, wipe the table, and so on, plug the gap in the bulk of the housework or reading block of time for work, study or entertainment.

4, the effective use of the units housework time. In a unit of time, try to make arrangements, at the same time to complete a few pieces of housework, and to improve the utilization of time. Such as the side of the laundry, washing machine discharge water also can mop the floor.

5, like a good do it again, to avoid duplication of effort. Chores at home before the first overall planning to do a few things, and then discharged to a reasonable order, this can be an effective and reasonable.

6, and cans pull ring nail the back of the frame can be picture frame hanging on the wall.

7, beverages bottles of mineral water,Louis Vuitton Outlet, cola orange cut at different lengths, can be made into a pen holder, soap box, funnel.

8, a few slices of orange peel into the trash, can remove garbage smell.

9, pool with a long of scale can sprinkle a salt, after a while you can rinse with hot water.

10, whitewashed walls brush, soak in soapy water overnight, and the next day brush clean.

11, hands stained with paint, first cabbage leaf repeatedly Cuochu juice to wash their hands, then wash hands with soap, the paint will soon be washed off.

12, Shaorong the rosin trickle loose shank cracks, after cooling, the tool holder is fastened.

13, clothes stained with soup, can be used a towel dipped in soft drinks wipe, and can be removed.

14, the meal not careful clothes stained with the soup, available handkerchief dipped in soft drinks, wipe the soup stains can be removed.

15, not easily boiled boiled mung beans, soybeans and other beans, it is best to lay up the night before, put the beans on the thermos soak overnight, so beans become soft, you can save Zhulan time.

16, scrambled eggs with rice and sprinkle with white wine, so it does not clump, soft and delicious.

17, hands stained with paint, just need to stick some yellow sand by hand, repeatedly rub, and can be washed with water.


adhesive tape to remove the wall to try to tear off the tape with a fingernail, and then use the back of a knife scraping down a little bit sticky glue. If this method does not work or could not clean, you can use a hair dryer blowing against the viscose on a minute, wait until the glue begins to melt and then with a knife scuffing and effort more. Dedicated sol agent can be used to wipe out the traces of tape left in the supermarket, just before use to carefully read the instructions to prevent the paint off.

19, cleaning beautiful poker

all the cards are placed in a paper bag, which sprinkle in a few tablespoons of flour, talcum powder or corn starch, shaking the paper bag sub,?site=forum_topic&topic=11, are coated with powder, so that each poker cards and then with a paper towel wipe on it. Advanced Plastic playing cards, you can also be diluted with a rag dipped in soapy water license clean, and then placed in ventilated place to air-dry brand. In addition, ordinary white bread can be used as a "rag" to wipe the grease, but some waste nothing.

20, to disperse the pills only to discover in the microwave; microwave cooking food must stand on the side to keep an eye on, it will easily burn. Can with microwave ovens bowl Sheng half a bowl of water, which added four tablespoons of white vinegar or four tablespoons of lemon juice (in fact, orange juice, grapefruit juice and acidic juices can be), then heated in a microwave oven for 5 minutes, wait until after the mixed liquid is boiling, turn off microwave But do not rush to open the door, but to wait for about 15 minutes and then the mixture to remove. Let the microwave door has been open, maintain ventilation, such pills only to discover it will slowly dispersed.

21, collecting bottles trademark

soak the bottle with a pot of hot water, wait until the glue to soften and become sticky, gently peel the logo can. If the adhesive paste was very strong, you can drop some white vinegar in hot water or to advance the trademark rubbed a little colorless vegetable oil. Trademark peeled, tiled dry on a piece of wax paper, then caught in a thick book to remain flat.

22, to dredge drains

If the drains to water seepage, no chunks of something stuck in the inside. Is usually caused by grease and hair and stuff gets on the pipe slow seepage. Two small bowls of sulfuric acid can be poured into a gutter mouth, and keep the room well ventilated. After about eight hours, the hot water is poured into the gutter, washed away the remnants of sulfuric acid, to avoid injury to the skin. In addition, it is best to drains the placement of a device with a filtration system, this will prevent things fall into blocked drains.

23, the elimination of mothballs smell

In fact, the method of ventilation or basic. Can open the fan, the air flow faster. In addition,Louis Vuitton USA, the clothes drying under the sun can also accelerate the clothes above Guaiwei the dissipated. Save the clothes in the closet to put a few pieces of activated carbon can prevent excessive absorption of clothes smell of mothballs. If it is a blanket of thick clothing smell and can not be dispelled if the clothes alone put into a plastic bag, to easily absorb the smell of cotton also put the bag closed a few days, then a chance ventilation drying , would be better.
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