Coach Outlet Online The expectant mother vigilance

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Coach Outlet Online The expectant mother vigilance

Postby Tomson759 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:19 am

X-ray radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

X line is a very strong ability to penetrate a very short wavelength electromagnetic waves may produce excessive amount of contact with the X-ray radiation reaction, and even a certain degree of radiation damage.

However, if the amount of X-ray shot, usually with minimal impact within the allowable range. Bulletin boards, such as excessive for X-ray irradiation, in the early stages of pregnancy can cause serious fetal malformations, miscarriage and fetal death. Under normal circumstances, the chest or limbs irradiation, X-ray is a relatively small effect on the fetus. The closer the pre-production period, the smaller the impact.

Love Tip: Bulletin boards away from the X-ray, but it does not mean that 孕妈咪 absolutely can not X-ray, if necessary, according to an abdominal X-ray, the fetus is not sufficient to require pregnant Mommy do abortion.

the electric blankets radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

electric blanket energized will generate electromagnetic fields produce electromagnetic radiation. This radiation may affect cell division of the mother of her unborn child, to cell division abnormal changes, fetal bone cells are most sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Bulletin boards, if you use the electric blanket for a long time in which these electromagnetic radiation, most likely to adversely affect fetal vital organs such as the brain, nerves, bones and heart tissue.

Love Tip: the Bulletin boards sleep Do not use electric blankets.

hair dryer radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★

When it comes to home appliances radiation, we tend to ignore smaller hair dryer, in fact, that it is "radiation king" . The hair dryer is really high radiation household appliances, the maximum radiation especially in the opening and closing, and the greater the power the greater the radiation. Closer from the head, the main cause of the dysfunction of the central nervous system and mental system, mainly as dizziness, fatigue, weakness, memory loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms of sub.

Love Tip: Although the hair dryer radiation, because the usual frequency, short duration, has little effect on the Bulletin boards,Moncler Outlet, is still a very safe electrical.

microwave radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★
microwave radiation household appliances topped the list, but is often overlooked, impact of 孕妈咪. Note: use the microwave oven is not on the bedroom when the microwave is turned on, people do not stand next to, when dealing with food in the past, has stopped running, disconnect the power to the microwave without,Moncler Outlet. Bulletin boards do not use the microwave cooking of food, because the cooking food to be prolonged close contact with microwave, accept the maximum radiation.

Love Tip: Although the microwave radiation is large, but can be anti-Bulletin boards use is still relatively safe.

computer monitors and host radiation index: ★ ★ ★

computer monitors and hosts the two largest components of computer radiation, most mothers who talk up, focus on prevention electrical one,, basically a little talk about the taste of the "brain" pale. Computer radiation have much effect on the fetus in the end not yet conclusive, but it can minimize contact, after all, to ease a little.

Love Tip: keep a safe distance with a computer, wearing radiation suits, radiation control the use of time.

phone radiation index: ★ ★
mobile phone in working condition, the phone will transmit radio waves to the transmitting station, and any kind of radio waves more or less will be absorbed by the body, thus changing the human tissue, and the possible impact on human health. Cell phone radiation,Celine Shop Online, but with close ties Bulletin boards have their hands frequently used equipment, improper use may have adverse consequences. Phone signal just connected, at the maximum output power of the state, the largest mobile phone radiation, so should instantly connected to the phone away from the head.

bad signal radiation also increases.

Love Tip: It is recommended that the Bulletin boards use the dedicated headphones and microphone to answer the phone, try to reduce the talk time, promote the use of program-controlled telephone.

TV radiation index: ★ ★

traditional TV display by the electron beam strikes the phosphor display, a moment of the electron beam hit the phosphor will produce electromagnetic radiation, the traditional picture tube, LCD TV and plasma TV's radiation is much smaller. Bulletin boards addicted to television would be the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Love Tip: When watching television is best to keep a distance of 2 meters,Moncler Spaccio, indoor appropriate lighting, continuous TV watching time not more than two hours, wash your face and watching TV, timely clean facial skin absorption of radiation substances.

keyboard and mouse radiation index: ★

controversial problem of the radiation of the keyboard and mouse, network to vibe keyboard and mouse is the largest of the two components of the computer radiation, but experts considered unscientific, because the higher the probability of electromagnetic radiation theory, the greater the power of electronic products. In four of the keyboard, mouse, monitor, host, apparently is the host and display more power,Coach Outlet Online. So you can not think that the keyboard and mouse radiation, Bulletin boards.

Love Tip: as long as the control is good use of time, and how to use are safe.

copiers, printers radiation index: ★

current will produce electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves on the existence of the problem of radiation. For copiers, radiation is not a major problem, generally in the range allowed by the state,Canada Goose Parkas. Printer's electronic coil and fan sites of maximum radiation.

Love Tip: the both electrical 孕妈咪 occasionally use issues, the office owners often use is necessary to maintain a distance of more than 30 cm or wearing radiation suits.

security radiation index: ★

many mothers who have to travel by air experience, do security checks will be uneasy, concerns about the security of the radiation will not affect the fetus. Security mainly through the radiatio
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