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Louis Vuitton Outlet Moncler Outlet Sony's new fla

Postby Tomson759 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:03 am



Bubble net MP3 channel on November 24 to face the MP3 market now, the major manufacturers do feel fatigue, grand has not previously booming MP3 market quickly with the popularity of mobile audio sluggish domestic manufacturers who have enter the tablet or mobile phone market, foreign manufacturers have also decline, Korean series only remaining iAudio and iRiver Japan only SONY an only child, and this year, Apple also gave up on the iPod classic update, MP3 doomsday come it?



today's story from a spread of 31 years the name - the "Walkman".

the second half of this year, Sony released a new () series, S770 series and E470, E570 Series, one of the most compelling of course, is the F-series,Coach Handbags, A series of new machine does not replace A F Series The series has basically become a foregone conclusion, but the use of the Andrews system is undoubtedly the players were mixed.
in the domestic sales of the F800 series consists of two models, respectively F805N and F806N 32G capacity of 16G capacity total of black, white, pink three colors behind N letters on behalf of the noise reduction, and this function which is a real potential buyers feel helpless.
However, since it is the flagship since SONY Publisher, then, at least you can know that this guy is definitely not vulgarian, and the NWZ-F805N what skill geometry it? Here, I will bring this a little different evaluation.



In fact, as early as in the years before, in the Korean series flash player began to spread, while SONY is still sticking to the MD Walkman decline has doomed many years precarious time conversion vendors for the batch after batch, Finally, we found that only Walkman has been annually updated regularly, and we also found, Walkman With a fixed purchase crowd.
sent to the editorial department () series the F805N, pink, this little guy's arrival undoubtedly attracted editorial department while sadly, because everyone thought it was a SONY phone ..... Indeed some embarrassment by everyone's expression really can feel the people are now keen on mobile phones, as well as the indifference of the MP3.
packaging is now becoming more and more popular minimalist, even the flagship SONY NWZ-F805N same this perspective packaging apart after too many accessories.
have to admit the past year, SONY player appearance really is like a mobile phone, through F805N Andrews system view, this appearance is understandable, accessories is a necessity - NC033 noise reduction earplugs, earmuffs, data cable, warranty card, manual.
above these keys like I do not introduce the phone is basically the same, the difference is F805N have a Walkman button, click keys provide direct access to the music player interface,[url]Gucci Outlet Online[/url], in the following using the demo, I will do the introduction.

Note: F805N Andrews system,Louis Vuitton Outlet, and functionally similar to the Android phone. Shenma run sub-test the LCD screen, video player and his ilk I do not test, because the author is more concerned about its ability to play music. In fact, from a long time ago, a fact that has been placed in SONY in front of these people, the domestic real buy SONY flagship model,the majority of care is a simple music player, and video playback, graphical browsers like basic equivalent waste the application of resources, audio circle SONY machine never stopped its multi-functional development criticized, but so far, SONY still has not changed.
down the remarks of many enthusiasts,href="http://www.coachoutletonline-usa.us" target="_blank">Coach Outlet Online, you do not control SONY how to play, there will always be a group of people who support it, who criticized Sony is the group of real SONY powder children, it really is collapsing bad world!



please forgive the author above nonsense more, really really need to say! Before the start Software Tucao The the NWZ-F805N details: switch button design some tangled, if you want to press its belly with your fingers, not taken seriously is not easy, is design too soft!

above four the intent is to tell everyone, F805N indeed typical Android system, operator interface and the phone is exactly the same, in addition to not call and take pictures, has a smartphone all the features, use the Android platform means F805N has a very rich scalability, but the author of this questioning, what kind of person this year to be phones outside Andrews interested in it?
interface SONY Andrews local optimization, as audio and video products, listen to music, watch videos, but housekeeping skills FM added to enhance the playability Browse For this image .... ..
use F805N, I realized more and more SONY and Why Android system, in fact, the SONY remains when the Apple as a competitor, with two products to compete with Apple earlier Z1000 and now the F805N confront enemy is the touch. After using Andrews, these two machines have less than the application of the touch Z1000 larger screen, more adept cast audio and video entertainment, watch videos, play games, and Internet experience on the local superior to the touch (but insufficient hardware configuration makes the play of the big screen is not perfect), and SONY also has its own the proud sound quality based; Now this F805N adopt the same with the Z1000 hardware configuration screen of many compact, convenient one-handed operation, in fact, to the author's experience. F805N fluency is better than the Z1000.
other had to say one, F805N SONY first player support FLAC format decoding, can be said to be an ice-breaking trip, which will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of attracting audio players.
in use F805N process, I found that the application of named Walkman classics, there are five classic cassette machine models TPS-l2, WM-2, WM-f5 WM701C, WM-20 (none of these author Played ah! 70 should memories!)
saying that this application is not cosmetic and do yo! Button on the cassette machine can achieve the beginning of the song / pause, cut songs, and each machine switching sound imitate cassette machine, double-cassette player will appear after the second graph above, the tape inside rotation, nostalgia arises spontaneously. The idea is worth appreciation the models transform can output the unique sound of the old machine, I certainly, this will definitely be an extravaganza of SONY, and many models to Walkman decades, have a dozen crew models, while the previous annual flagship times flagship together how significant a seventy to eighty, it is worthwhile to continue the development.

to a more controversial link is noise reduction, mainstream players active noise reduction is a relatively boycott of emotions that have a noise reduction is not enough HiFi After all, the reverse sound waves emitted by active noise reduction itself is a kind of noise, and the reverse sound waves easily some of the music itself sound waves cancel out, to affect the sound quality. But I believe that this feature, we need not be so serious, SONY not force consumers to use this feature if the mind can close it. And features with the noise canceling headphones use Sony home (wife the NC033 earplugs external noise detector), the author estimated purchase Original headset F805N you should not use it!



below to For the F805N sound quality evaluation stage, many years ago, and even iPod coquettish those years, we talked about the sound quality, the most important general or the Walkman, its high-quality sound is deeply rooted,[url]Moncler Outlet[/url]. Few years ago with the decline of the MP3 market, the players suddenly playing the voice recorder (not recording, but used to listen to music), because we found the the D50 sound quality level actually higher than commercially available Walkman player! Thus, Walkman more and more embarrassing.
top left: the F805N The main page
Top right: cover view mode, you can display a number of songs, and as the leaves can be placed at random select
lower left: a single song playback mode
Bottom right: horizontal screen mode
above few pictures is the F805N this music player, the Walkman button on the right side of the machine, click Walkman plug-in mode can reach the figure above, the advantage of this model is that it can "blind operation "convenient pocket within the operation.
tell the sound quality:
high frequency: The high frequency on the front because the author sounds, high frequency F805N is its biggest bright spot, may also be the author of the high-frequency preferences used to listen to the violin, especially with the TF10, a tango crisp to the bone, mainly because of its high frequency extension smoothness very good, and very far enough amount of information, and the violin is kind of like breaking off minor performance was very good, very gorgeous.
low frequency: F805N low frequency continues SONY home mainstream style, not the amount, and perhaps this makes it more stately performance of large prepared, but as long as the distribution and some ferocious low frequency headphones you can get a good upgrade, such as listening to big preparation in IE80 do not have some flavor; relative amount of sense, F805N pay more attention to the texture of the structure, its dive and flexibility are remarkable fast reaction, no procrastination sense , used to listen to Western pop feel stiff, to create a sense of rhythm in place.
IF: relative above two, the F805N IF may be the most protruding part (not protruding does not explain the low level of Members), vocal some front listen Tsai spray sounds of human face feeling in the teeth sound of the human voice processing is not in place, lack of control.

sound field and resolving power: the F805N The sound field overall listen down is quite natural lateral wide vertical though and lateral, but gives an open feel to the whole three-dimensional feeling to create a norm-like, listen to live music good sense of atmosphere, relatively Walkman a few years ago for the old machine, the upgrading of the sound field for all to see, but like force after replacement test, the performance of a variety of headphones or , like to give you a big house, but you do not know what structure inside. As for the resolving power, the biggest feature is the high-frequency detail rich, especially for some string performance.
Summary: F805N not completely continuation of previous tuning direction, and began to clean, less coloration direction, that is, to move closer to the HiFi gives overall a fresher feel, quality has improved; Although used widely criticized the poor sound quality Andrews F805N end of the sound is very clean, the noise floor is basically inaudible, the optimization of the system is to do a very thorough;



actually mentioned the the MP3 word, I had such a as also Xiao He also lost the feeling, I remember when CDs began to fall, MD was about to rise when the emergence of MP3 strangled for sound quality pursuit (portable, cheap and trend made a compromise to give up the CD and MD), the next few years the MP3 simply be described as big waves overturned brand plethora put it firmly in the high-end market,Louis Vuitton USA, foreign manufacturers, domestic manufacturers in low-level District is crazy athletic field, the low-end MP3's price is also more and more close to the people.
precisely because the public got used MP3 of this compression format, which leads to whether foreign or domestic manufacturers in the pursuit of sound quality is not so eagerly, because no matter no matter how good your equipment,[url]Gucci USA[/url], MP3 format never bring you non-destructive feelings, based on such factors, manufacturers have begun to multifunction development, domestic manufacturers began to assault MP4 sound quality became abandoned in the corner where nobody cares about the elements.
 crazy hot
MP3 player for a few years, but the emergence of smart phones in a given year indicates the impending doom of the MP3 phone, starting in 2006, listening to music has become more and more human choice. With the development of mobile phones, the multi-functional perfect beat MP3 player from 2008,Moncler Outlet Online, the MP3 player market began to quickly withered Today, MP3 players are basically at the fringe of sight.
above I said "as also Xiao He also lost the MP3 player leads to end for a digital audio player, it is such a high quality MP3 format causing higher can alternative.
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